7 Ways to Increase Productivity – How to Become More Productive

Whether it’s school, work, or business, you need to get into productive mode. Losing focus in your work can affect the outcome of your grades or even money. The amount of work you get done during the day is important in life. Here are 7 Ways to Increase Productivity:


  1. Light

Get as much light in your area as you can. There is a direct correlation between light and productivity. It naturally makes us more focused in our work. Open your windows to get natural lighting and turn on the light in your room or desk lamp. That’s why opening your windows right after waking up makes you feel more energetic.


  1. Sleep

It’s no doubt that being exhausted doesn’t help with your productivity. Get enough sleep every night to give yourself enough energy to get through your busy day. Darkness will also make you sleepy and that’s why you need tip #1. If you need to fix your sleep schedule, click here.


  1. Exercise

Exercising, especially in the morning, really gets the blood flowing and enhances your reflexes. Exercise keeps you more focused which in turn boosts your productivity too. Do it in the morning so you have a positive mood, energy, and enough room for your priorities during the day. If you want to get into fitness check out this post!


  1. Take Breaks Often

Taking breaks is crucial to stay focused in your work. You will retain information much more efficiently during studying and research with breaks. They also give you a second to eat, stretch, or go to the bathroom when you normally would forget to. If you want a good routine for breaks, check out the Pomodoro Technique which I discussed in the College Life Hacks post!


  1. Don’t Multitask

Multitasking splits your mind’s focus into different parts. This means that you aren’t putting in as much energy into the work as you could be. Prioritize your tasks from easiest to hardest or vice versa (which ever one makes you more comfortable). This way you can either warm up to the harder stuff or get the hard stuff over with. Put all of your focus into one thing and get it done the right way.


  1. Prepare a Schedule

You have to do this if you have busy days. Make a schedule every night for the next day so you don’t have to worry about it when the day arrives. Again, order your tasks from hard to easy or easy to hard. Leave room in the schedule for breaks and manage your time efficiently. Don’t lie to yourself either. If you’re not going to get it done in time, then fit it in somewhere else.


  1. Avoid Electronics

Turn off your phone or put it on “do not disturb”. Notifications can really get to your head when you’re working. Humans naturally want to be distracted when they’re doing something they don’t want to be doing. Get that distracting factor away from your work space. Really think about how much you need the phone next to you and make your decision.

Blue light (the light that comes from electronics) is very bad for the eyes too and can cause your eyes to get tired once you get back to work. Keep it away from you.


Use these tips and start increasing your productivity. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below!

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