25 Coolest Stan Smith Outfits in 2024

Do you need some inspiration for a Stan Smith outfit? If so, here are the 25 coolest Stan Smith outfits for guys to try out in 2024!

Throughout this list, you’ll find a variety of outfits, ranging from the classic tee and jeans, to the more elegant and sophisticated button-down shirt outfit.

Whatever look you’re going for, you’ll be sure to find it here!

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Let’s dive in!

Elevated Casual

Stan Smith outfits

Being comfortable can still look elevated, especially if you wear the right sweater and joggers.

This upscale casual stan smith outfit for men is perfect for the colder Fall and Winter days when you have to run errands.

Everyday Stylish Stan Smith Outfit

Outfits to wear with Stan Smiths

If you want a simple and stylish everyday outfit to rock with your Stan Smiths, this Henley and fitted chino look is for you.

This Stan Smith outfit can be rocked in all different colors but the black and gray combo is one of our favorites.

Sophisticated Stan Smith Outfit

Adidas Stan Smith outfits

Dress shoes aren’t the only shoes to rock with a sophisticated white-button down outfit.

A crisp, fresh pair of Stan Smiths can easily be the perfect pairing, especially in the warmer Summer months. Definitely one of our favorite Stan Smith outfits.

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All Black Casual Fit

all black Stan Smith outfit

You can never go wrong with an all black Stan Smith outfit.

This is an easy and simple look any man can put together with clothes already in the closet.

Shirt and Jeans Outfit

best men outfits with shoes

Leave it to Idris Elba to drop a great Adidas Stan Smith outfit for men.

The pink t-shirt paired with the blue denim jeans makes for the perfect outfit combination to go with a crisp pair of white Stan Smiths.

Oversized Dress Shirt

Stan Smith outfit ideas for men

Styling Stan Smith outfits becomes easy and simple with the simple choice of an oversized dress shirt.

Put it on top of any outfit for a classic elevated look. 

Cuffed Linen Pants

Best outfit for men inspiration

Cuffed linen pants, especially in great, make for the perfect compliment to your green accented Adidas Stan Smiths.

Paired with a simple sweatshirt and t-shirt, you’ve got yourself an easy and relaxed all-year round outfit.

Fitted White Shirt Stan Smith Outfit

Stan Smith outfits

A fitted white shirt is one of the best additions to any outfit.

They look crisp, make you look sophisticated, and pair beautifully with a fresh pair of Adidas Stan Smiths.

Fall Inspired Stan Smith Look

Simple Stan Smith outfits for men

This Stan Smith mid outfit is not an outfit that every guy can pull off, but when the right guy does, it looks awesome.

The Fall colors make the perfect pair to the navy Stan Smith mids.

Work Pants Outfit

Outfits to wear with these shoes

The Dickies work pants have come and gone in style the past few decades but we’re loving that they’re back in 2024.

These work pants, accented with cool graphics, are a great pair for this black Stan Smith mid outfit.

Out of Office Style

Stan Smith outfit ideas for men

Who knew presidents would look so cool once they left office?

Barack Obama is killing the fashion game with this simple Stan Smith outfit that works for any man, no matter the age.

Tuck a polo into a pair of Lululemon ABC pants and voila, your president inspired outfit is complete.

Chino Short Stan Smith Look

Best outfit for men inspiration

For the warmer Spring and Summer days, get ready to grab your favorite pair of chino shorts, because this is an outfit you should definitely try.

This sophisticated and classic look is great for any man trying to look nice, while still rocking casual Stan Smith sneakers.

Cool but Comfortable

Adidas Stan Smith outfits

This outfit is exactly what we think of when someone wants a cool, but comfortable outfit for men.

This black graphic hoodie paired with matching sweatpants and beanie is an outfit we’re definitely taking note of for 2024.

Who said being comfortable can’t be cool?

Layered Sweater Outfit

Simple Stan Smith outfits for men

When planning Stan Smith outfits for men, a layered sweater should always be a go-to.

An ankle length trouser is also a perfect compliment to this look.

Athletic Look

Stan Smith outfits

For the soccer players, coaches, or athletes that want a more athletic Stan Smith outfit, try rocking your favorite dri-fit polo paired with your trusted cargo pants.

This outfit is easy, comfortable, and gives off the sporty vibe you’re wanting.

Winter Warm Outfit

Stan Smith low outfits

If you thought you couldn’t rock your Stan Smiths in the winter, think again.

Just like Kanye West, you too can wear your trusted Stan Smiths in colder weather by rocking an oversized trench coat on top of your outfit.

Jason Statham Inspired

Adidas Stan Smith outfits

If there’s anyone to pull outfit inspiration from, it’s the man, the myth, the legend, Jason Statham.

This is an easy outfit to wear with Stan Smiths for the warmer Spring and Summer months.

All you need is a polo and a pair of shorts.

Bomber Jacket Outfit

Stan Smith outfit ideas for men

Celebrities are always easy go-tos for fashion inspiration for a few reasons, but mainly because it all comes from a stylist who knows what they’re doing.

We love how Jake Gyllenhaal brought his Stan Smiths to the Netflix red carpet but kept it cool and casual with a simple bomber jacket.

Light Wash Skinny Jeans

simple and stylish outfit for shoes

Don’t let the words, “skinny jeans,” scare you, they’re not all skin tight.

These relaxed skinny jeans make for the perfect pairing to the white stan smiths and tucked in t-shirt.

Talk about a cool and easy everyday Stan Smith outfit for men.

Cargo Outfit

Outfits to wear with Stan Smiths

2024 is the year of the cargo trend, we’re telling you now!

One of our favorite cargo Stan Smith outfits idea for men. Going from the work jacket to the baggy cargo pants.

Business Casual Stan Smith Outfit

simple and stylish outfit for shoes

We’re all about a business casual look for men, especially if you’re headed to an important meeting but don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

Just add a simple blazer to your Stan Smith outfit and you’re good to go.

Turtleneck Men’s Outfit

Stan Smith outfits

It’s not easy to pull off a turtleneck but when you do, it looks really good.

This turtleneck Stan Smith outfit is great for the guys who want to show off their muscles, even in the Winter.

Lazy Day Uniform

Best outfit for men inspiration

Your lazy day uniform should consist of three things: a simple t-shirt, a pair of chino pants, and your favorite Stan Smiths.

Those three things are all you need for a quick and easy one minute outfit.

Cuffed Dark Denim

Stan Smith outfit ideas for men

We’ve been loving the cuffed denim trend for men, especially when it looks as good as this outfit from Jonah Hill.

The coordinating navy shirt and dark denim jeans take this Stan Smith outfit idea for men to a whole new level.

Summer Sweater Outfit

simple and stylish outfit for shoes

Our last celebrity inspired Stan Smith outfit for men is another from our favorite, Idris Elba.

Even in the Summer it can get breezy, so throw on a simple knit sweater on top of your shorts and you’ve got a Stan Smith look everyone will love.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite Stan Smith outfit after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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