25 Simple February Nail Designs in 2024

February nail designs

Need some help finding a nail idea for this month? If so, here are 25 simple February Nail designs in 2024!

In this list, you’ll find nail designs ranging from elegant pink aura nails to elegant and sophisticated mauve-colored nails. Whatever look you’re going for, you’ll find the nail design in this list.

We’ve also included some nail designs below if you don’t find yourself in this list or if you need a nail design for a specific event.

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Let’s dive in!

Pink Aura Nails

February nail designs

What’s your aura this February for Valentine’s Day?

These types of aura February nail designs are telling us one mood and one mood only; in love.

Simple Valentine’s Day Nails

Simple nail designs

This stunning and simple Valentine’s day nail idea is an easy go-to choice for absolutely anyone.

The red gel polish and heart nail art create the perfect pairing for the holiday.

Hot Pink French Tip

Cute design for nails

Bring some color into your Winter nails with this vibrant hot pink French tip February nail idea.

Rock this nail design on Valentine’s day or really any day throughout the month if you’re needing that extra spark of color.

Pink Chrome French Tip

Best elegant nails

What better way to celebrate the month of love than with this pink and red chrome French tip nail design?

These trendy February nail designs will be the picture-perfect complement to any Valentine’s Day outfit.

Strawberry Milk Nails

Easy nail ideas

The milk nail trend is taking 2024 by storm and we’re totally here for it, especially when it looks this cute.

This strawberry milk inspired manicure is one we’re definitely trying in February.

Mauve Nails

Simple nail designs

For a simple, easy, and classy February nail design that won’t break the bank but will still look gorgeous, try this inspiration out.

Just add this mauve-pink gel color to your natural nails and you’ll have the perfect Winter manicure in minutes.

Baby Pink Gel Acrylics

Cute design for nails

We love a simple and stunning gel acrylic nail design for 2024.

Complicated doesn’t mean better, and these baby pink gel acrylics are a testament to how stunning a simple manicure can be.

Rock the baby pink on long almond acrylics for that wow factor.

Red Chrome Nail Art

Winter nails

We love the chrome nail trend but we love this unique take on it even more.

Rather than painting your entire nails in the chrome color, use it for nail art accents, like these red hearts for Valentine’s Day.

White & Gold Heart Manicure

Best elegant nails

White and gold is an elite color combination for nail designs, period.

The white heart nail art really pops with the gold outline, especially on the neutral pink gel color.

Long Pink Chrome Acrylics

February nail designs

For a classy, elegant, and stunning February nail design that you won’t want to take off, we recommend trying this pink chrome color out.

Add it on top of perfectly shaped, long almond acrylics and you’re all set.

Winter Acrylics

Simple nail designs

Just because February is the month of Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can only rock red or pink nails.

These blue acrylic Winter nails with glitter are a sign to branch out in February and try other colors.  

Pink Rainbow Chrome Nails

Cute design for nails

You’ll definitely look pretty in pink with this February nail design!

There is nothing better than a pink rainbow chrome manicure to kick off the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Glitter Acrylics

Best elegant nails

These gorgeous long, almond shaped acrylics are instantly elevated with glitter added on top.

The pink and orange glitter are truly a perfect pairing to the simple white gel nail base.

Dreamy February Nails

Cute design for nails

Are you dreaming of a love-filled Valentine’s Day this February?

If so, you’ll definitely want this cute and dreamy February nail art idea for the holiday.

Pink & Red Floral French Tip

Easy nail ideas

When in doubt, always go for a French tip nail design.

French tips are a classic for any girl and can be easily enhanced with colors or small nail art designs like these little flowers.

Baby Blue Winter Nails

February nail ideas

A simple baby blue gel color for our Winter nails, now that’s what we’re loving.

Get this done at home with a baby blue nail polish or go to a salon for an elegant short acrylic manicure.

Rainbow Micro-Nail Art

Cute design for nails

There are a few things happening in this February nail design we’ve never seen but are loving.

The rainbow duotone colors on micro-heart nail art, shaped as a French tip manicure.

Sounds like a lot but somehow it all works together!

Black & White Micro-Hearts

Simple nail designs

There’s a way to be festive for Valentine’s Day without having to rock the classic pink and red colors.

This black & white micro-heart manicure is the perfect example.

Pink & Gold Foil Nail Design

Easy nail ideas

Gold foil is one of the most classy and elegant ways to add color to your February nails.

It instantly elevates your manicure, plus it’s surprisingly easier to use than standard gold polish.

Pastel Polka-Dots

Cute design for nails

There’s never a wrong time to rock a pastel polka-dot nail design.

Choose your favorite colors or go for this simple pastel color combination instead!

Pink & Red Inverted French Tip

February nail designs

There is something so mesmerizing and unique about this pink & red inverted French tip nail design.

We highly recommend everyone trying this stunning February nail design in 2024.

Matte Baby Pink Nail Art

Simple nail designs

If there’s one nail trend we will always be obsessed with, it’s the matte finish.

Matte takes any manicure from a 6 to a 10 in seconds.

Is this not the most perfect Valentine’s Day nail design you’ve ever seen?

Kiss Kiss Nails

Cute design for nails

Send kisses to your lover this Valentine’s Day with this stunning lip adorned February nail art idea.

Use a pink and red color combination or just stick to one color.

Sweetheart Nail Design

February nail designs

You didn’t think we’d have a list of February nail designs without a Valentine’s Day Sweetheart example?

We’d never leave you hanging like that!

Asymmetric French Tip Nails

February nail designs

There is no wrong way to do a French Tip but there is definitely a great way, and this is it!

This pink asymmetric French tip with the mini heart detailing is unique, creative, and oh so cute.


Hopefully these 25 nail ideas gave you some inspiration for what nails to try this month!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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