50 Cool Skater Haircuts for Guys in 2024

skater haircuts

Are you a skater boy looking for some inspiration for your next haircut? Here are 50 cool skater haircuts for guys in 2024!

These ideas include long hair, short hair, wavy hair, and curly hairstyles.

With so many hairstyles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a haircut that matches your style.

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Let’s dive in!

Messy Surf Vibes

messy skater haircuts

If you’re trying to get the California skater/surfer haircut, then you have to go for the grown out messy swept-to-the-side cut, paired with a few sun-kissed highlights.

Subtle Wave

wavy skater haircut

If you’re looking for the trendy 2024 skater haircut, then look no further than the cut that’s just barely long enough to create the subtle wave right in the front of your face. 

Curly Skater Undercut

curly undercut hair for skaters

Rock your curls in a cool and trendy way with the longer curls on top and a simple undercut on the bottom.

Subtle Blonde Highlights

middle part skater boy haircut

Really nail those 90s Skater haircuts with the subtle blonde highlights all around your hair. 

90’s Long to Short Skater Haircut

90s skater haircut

Get the perfect 90’s inspired Skater haircut with a cut that starts with longer hair on top, and slowly tapers shorter and shorter at the bottom, but never into a buzz. 

80’s Skater Waves

80s skater haircut

The 80’s called and they want to let you know that the highlighted middle-part waves are back and here to stay in 2024. 

Mid-Length Cut

long skater hairstyles for guys

Rock the skater haircut with a simple and easy to achieve mid-length messy cut, perfect for anyone with light or dark hair. 

Bleached Waves

curly bleached skater cut

A classic haircut for skaters is just bleaching your hair and keeping it in it’s true wavy, messy form. 

Curly Shoulder Length Skater Hair

curly shoulder length skater haircuts

Nothing says skater hairstyle more than the grown out shoulder-length curly hairstyle.

Long Straight Hair

long skater haircuts for guys

The quintessential skater haircut for guys is obviously the super long, messy, and slightly highlighted hair paired with a black beanie. 

Tony Hawk Style Bleached Bangs

tony hawk bleached bangs hairstyle

Don’t just listen to us, get inspired by Tony Hawk’s 80’s senior picture haircut and rock the bleached swept-to-the-side bangs for the skater hairstyle you want. 

Shaggy Bowl Cut

messy bowl haircut

Bowl cuts are only cool if they’re messy, curly, and have the shaggy skater look to them. 

Super Curly Bowl Cut

curly perm undercut

If you have super curly hair, try to rock it in a bowl cut with a shaved bottom half to rock a cool and simple skater hairstyle.

Classic Long Skater Curls

long curly skater haircuts

Nothing evokes the skater style more than a super grown out and ultra-curly haircut, especially if you’re rocking the multiple highlight look. 

It’s one of the most popular skater haircuts for guys!

Long Braids

braided skater haircuts

Keep your hair out of your face when you’re skating by keeping your long hair pulled back into simple braids. 

Shaggy Grown Out Look

cool skater haircuts

Haven’t gotten a haircut in awhile? No problem – just rock the shaggy grown out look and you’ll get that skater hairstyle in seconds.

Blunt Micro-Bangs

bleached micro bangs

Although a bold choice, the blunt micro-bangs is quite the cool-guy skater haircut, especially with the bleached blonde hair. 

The Bleached Buzz

bleached buzz haircut

A 90’s inspired skater hairstyle wouldn’t exist without the bleached blonde buzzcut, simple yet effective.

Edgy Colored Buzz

colored buzz cut for guys

Don’t be boring, have fun with your buzz cut and ask for a pop-of-color the next time you hit the barber. 

Side Part Buzz

side part skater hairstyles

If you don’t want to commit to a full buzz, rock the skater inspired half-buzz hairstyle with longer hair on top, and a buzz on the sides. 

Hair Art Designs

fire design haircut for skaters

We’re not going to lie, putting colored, graphic designs in your buzzcut is a bold move, but it’s definitely a cool move. 

Modern Mullet

modern mullet haircut

I know when you hear mullet you think of the old-school 80’s country hairstyle, but you’re wrong.

The new modern mullet is simple, cool, and has that skater vibe written all over it.

Undercut Fringe

undercut fringe with shaved line

Get your skater haircut inspiration from Taylor Holder with a shaved line going through your undercut.

Super Straight Side Part

straight side part hairstyle

If you have thinner, straighter hair, try the simple side-part with the addition of a few loose strands to get a cool and trendy skater inspired haircut for 2024.

80’s Inspired Mullet

80s skater boy haircuts

The 80’s is coming back thanks to Stranger Things and we’re all on board with the business in the front, party in the back mullet.

Undercut Mullet

undercut mullet

The modern-day mullet wouldn’t be the same without a cool and trendy undercut. 

Shaggy Bob

shaggy bob haircut for guys

The 90’s brought the shaggy bob hairstyle to life but we’re keeping it going in 2024 as the perfect haircut for skaters. 

Messy Middle Part

messy middle part haircut for teenage guys

Get the iconic skater inspired messy middle-part the next time you go to the barber and watch how it instantly makes you look that much cooler.

Chopped Up Hair

cool skater guy haircuts

If you really want to achieve the skater aesthetic, then you have to go for the super choppy haircut that gives off the care-free and messy skater guy vibes.

MGK Pink

mgk pink hairstyle

Take a page out of Machine Gun Kelly’s playbook with a cool and skater inspired pink hairstyle. 

Modern Fohawk

modern fohawk

Although the mohawk started in the 90’s, the new modern-day 2024 mohawk is one of the coolest hairstyles we’ve seen in awhile.

Colored Mohawk

colored mohawk skater haircut

If you’re looking for an edgier skater look, try the straight from the 90’s colored mohawk trend.

Beanie Style Straight Haircut

beanie hairstyles for skaters

Get the classic skater hairstyles with the haircut that’s just long enough to flow freely underneath your favorite beanie.

Skater Man Bun

skater man bun haircut

If you’re rockin super long hair, throw it up in an effortless and easy skater inspired man-bun.

Long Hair Curls

long curly skater hairstyles for guys

If you have naturally curly hair, try growing it out to just pass your shoulders for a haircut made for any skater. 

Super Curly Afro

curly afro hairstyles for teenage guys

Having a super curly afro can be a blessing and a curse but in the skate community, it’s one of the coolest haircuts you can rock.

Long Wavy Carrot Top

long wavy carrot top haircut

If you have red hair then you have to try the long Shaun White inspired carrot-top haircut at least once in your life.

The Skater Hat Hairstyle

skater haircuts for teenage guys

Skating means you probably wear a lot of hats, so get a hairstyle that’s made specifically with your hats in mind with a cut that just barely hangs out of your favorite cap.

It’s one of the best skater haircuts you can rock in 2024.

Wavy Layers

wavy textured layers for guys

Get a textured haircut with short, wavy layers to really nail the 90’s inspired skater hairstyle.

Dark 90’s Cut

90s skater boy haircuts

Stranger Things is bringing the 90’s back, especially the blunt, skater inspired hairstyles. 

The Jay Alvarez Cut

jay alvarez haircut

Jay Alvarez was the king of Tumblr, especially by coining his signature brunette & blonde super curly mid-length haircut.

Greaser Style Middle Part

greaser style middle part

Get some inspiration from the 50’s greasers with skater haircuts all the 2024 skaters are rocking. 

Braided Ponytail

braided ponytail hairstyle for black skaters

ASAP Rocky is the king of rap, and the sole reason you should be rocking the braided ponytail in 2024. 

Blonde Dreads

blonde dreads hairstyle

If you have darker hair, try adding in some blonde dreads for a look you can rock all year long at the skatepark.

Cool 80’s Rockstar

80s rockstar hairstyles for teenage guys

Channel your inner rockstar with this 80’s inspired haircut, perfect for any guy with long, wavy hair.

Short Spikes

short spikes haircut for skaters

The Short spiky hair is a classic 90’s skater haircut that’s making its way back into the trends in 2024.

Swept-Up Bangs

swept up bangs haircut for teenage guys

A great way to make your hair look fuller, and to keep it out of your face, is with a long front bang but swept up and out of the way.

Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs skater haircut for guys

Curtain bangs aren’t just for women, they’re for the guys too, and we can guarantee they’re an absolute hit in 2024.

Slicked Back Fade

slicked back fade hairstyles

If you’re going to the barber anytime soon, try a fade with slicked back straight hair for a haircut you’ll love all year round.

Skater Dreads

cool skater haircuts for guys

Rock the shorter length, Rasta skater inspired dreads for a new 2024 haircut.


Hopefully these 50 cool skater haircuts gave you some inspiration for your next hairstyle!

Which one are you rocking with?

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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