25 Cute Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair

prom hairstyles for curly hair

Trying to find your curly hairstyle for your prom and need some help? Here are 25 cute prom hairstyles for curly hair in 2024!

From the natural and simple looks, to the classic ponytail, and a variety of updo’s. You’ll be sure to find a prom hairstyle look that matches your sense of style. 

Plus, we’ve added some creative hairstyle ideas that include some accessories that will surely spruce up your hairstyle look for prom.

Let’s dive in!

Best Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair

1) Princess Updo

Prom hairstyles for curly hair

Feel like a princess from the fairytales with this picture-perfect curly updo.

We’re especially obsessed with the few pieces of strands hanging out from the bun. This is definitely one of our favorite prom hairstyles for curly hair.

2) Floral Beret

black long curly hair

What better way to accentuate your natural curls than by adding in a gorgeous floral beret?

Pull back your front strands of hair and secure them with a clip that matches your prom dress for an easy and cute hairstyle.

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3) Large Low Bun

short curly black hair

For the girls with long and thick curly hair, this is an updo that you’ll definitely want to try as your prom hairstyle.

By gathering all of your hair into a large low bun and adding in a few sparkly berets, you’ll instantly get an effortless look that’s easy to wear all night long.

4) Creative Mohawk Updo

creative updo long curly hair

We’re obsessed with the super cool mohawk updo trend of 2024, especially for girls with long, black hair. 

This look only needs a bit of mousse and a flat iron, and will definitely grab people’s attention.

5) Hair Vine Updo

prom hairstyles for curly hair

If you’re someone with thick curly hair that’s black, long, or of medium length, then you know how hard it can be to style.

This hair vine updo is an easy way to throw your hair in a messy bun but still get an elevated look with the help of a gorgeous hair vine.

6) Slicked Back Claw Clip Updo

short curly half up hair

Claw clips are such a great way to create an effortless updo without the need for tons of gel, hairstyles, or hours of styling.

This slicked black claw clip updo is one of our favorite prom hairstyles for curly hair.

7) Add a Headband

long curly black hair medium length

If you want to keep your hair down for prom and show off your gorgeous naturally curly hair, but still want to do something to it, add in a headband!

Headbands are a great way to accessorize your curls and they can even match your prom dress for an overall cohesive look.

8) Natural Long Curls

long naturally curly brown hair

We’re obsessed with these natural long curls, and if we had this hair, we’d also keep it simple.

Sometimes, just adding in a bit of gel to tame flyaways is enough to create a gorgeous prom hairstyle for curly hair that lets you embrace your natural self.

9) Satin Scrunchie Ponytail

medium length easy formal black hair

It can be tough to get your thick curly hair into an updo for prom, so try something a little bit easier.

Adding in a satin scrunchie ponytail is an easy way to pull your hair back and enjoy your night!

10) Half Ponytail

long thick curly black hair

We’re obsessed with half ponytails in 2024, especially for girls with medium length or long curly hair.

This simple prom hairstyle can be achieved in minutes and will look great all night long.

11) Hair Pearls

prom hairstyles for curly hair

Having short curly hair can be tough to style since it might be too short for a classic prom updo, but have no fear, hair pearls are here.

Adding in hair pearls is such a unique and fun way to style your short hair for special occasions like prom.

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12) Side Pull Back

long thick curly black hair

If you’re asking yourself how to wear curly hair for prom, then we’ve got the answer for you.

A simple side pull back is a simple, cute, and easy way to wear curly hair for prom without having to spend hours trying to style it.

Getting a rhinestone, pearl, or sparkly bobby pin can also help accentuate dark, black hair.

13) One Sided Braid

long down brown hair

If you love the look of the side pull back but want to elevate it even more, try the one sided braid.

We’re obsessed with the look of the one sided braid and can officially say it’s one of our favorite prom hairstyles for curly hair.

14) Short Half Up Half Down

half up blonde curly hair

You might not be able to do a full updo with short hair, but you can definitely rock the half up half down hairstyle.

Prom wouldn’t be complete without you in this fun hairstyle.

15) Half Up Space Buns

long wavy cute simple hair

If there’s one thing to know about us, it’s that we love a good space bun!

This half up space bun prom hairstyle is an instant favorite for a cute, fun, and simple look.

16) Half Up Pigtails

how to wear curly hair for prom

Another fun and unique prom hairstyle for curly hair is the half up pigtail look.

This hairstyle is so universal and works for girls with short, medium, or long curly hair.

17) Front Bubble Braids

down thick black hair

We saw bubble braids rise in the hairstyle trends in 2022 and they’re here to stay in 2024.

Our pro tip for this look is to use hair ties that match your prom dress for a cohesive and picture-perfect look.

18) Full Space Buns

prom hairstyles for curly hair

Go all out for prom with a full space bun hairstyle that is out of this world.

The thicker the hair, the more full these buns will be, so we definitely recommend this hairstyle for girls with medium length or long curly hair.

19) Braided Ponytail

simple half up medium length hair

Braids are a classic go-to for prom and you can never go wrong with them, but they can be boring.

So if you want something a bit more fun and playful, try the braided ponytail trend.

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20) Half Up High Bun

half up cute blonde prom hair

The half up high bun is an instant classic for anyone who wants to show off their highlights and curls.

No prom hairstyle list for curly hair would be complete without this look.

21) Super High Ponytail

long simple curly hair brown

Being able to pull your hair back for a night like prom is such a game changer in terms of having a fun, stress-free night.

The super high ponytail can make you feel like you’re having your hair down but helps to pull all your hair out of your face.

22) Mermaid Braid

how to wear hair for prom

We’re all about the mermaid braid trend, especially for a special event like prom night.

This hairstyle looks difficult when looking at it, but it’s even easier than a traditional braid!

23) Boho Side Braid

wavy curly blonde hair simple

Get that boho chic look for prom with this beach inspired hairstyle.

If you have light or blonde curly hair, this is definitely a hairstyle you’ll want to try.

24) Micro Braids

long brown cute simple hair

Being able to pull your hair back for prom, especially if you have thick and curly hair, can be such a life saver.

Dance the night away without a care in the world with this micro braid prom hairstyle.

25) Clean Girl Ponytail

up cute thick hair

If you’ve been on social media the past year you’ll know that the clean girl aesthetic is in.

You can achieve that look, even with curly hair, with this super slicked back half ponytail.

How Do You Wear Curly Hair for Prom?

How Do You Wear Curly Hair for Prom?

One of the best ways to wear curly hair for prom is with a high ponytail.

It keeps your curly hair managed for the night, allowing you to look formal and be able to dance at the same time!

Definitely consider a high ponytail if you need a quick, stylish, and curly prom look.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you found your next curly prom hairstyle in this list.

Which one is your favorite?

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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