15 Best Apps for College Students (That Are Actually Useful!)

best apps for college students

Being a college student isn’t easy. You’re going to need some help along the way. Here are the 15 best apps for college students!

All of the apps that are going to be listed below are divided up into different categories including finance, discounts, and productivity!

Be sure to stick around until the end for a full list of all the apps after reading the benefits of each one in detail.

Let’s get started!

Study & College Apps

These apps are best for helping you study and manage your class assignments. Anything directly college-related will be found below…

1) Quizlet

Quizlet is a fantastic resource for students to utilize digital flashcards to help them study or review course material.

Here are some of the different topics available on Quizlet:

  • Languages
  • Science
  • Math
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Social Science
  • Computers
  • Economics

Those are just a few of the subjects that you can learn while you’re in college. The best part is, your study material might already be available on Quizlet!

Pro tip: If you’re in the middle of an unproctored online exam, open Quizlet in a new tab and copy/paste the quiz question into Quizlet. You might just find the correct answer 😉.

2) Chegg Study

Chegg is one of the best apps for college students who need help with their homework assignments and studying.

This amazing app offers expert help on hundreds of subjects! You’ll find help on questions in almost any textbook.

For example: Search for your engineering textbook name on Chegg Study and find the problem you’re working on. You’ll be shown step-by-step instructions on how to solve it.

A lot of the advanced features come with a monthly fee of around $15, so this isn’t ideal for everyone.

Luckily, there are a few more study apps that can help you for free…

3) Slader

If you haven’t heard of Slader, you’re missing out on a homework lifesaver! This app has literally gotten me through all of high school and college.

Slader is a homework assistant that shows you step-by-step solutions to any textbook problem you may have.

It’s not just limited to math either. There are countless amounts of subjects available on their app. 

Most of the textbook answers are completely free, but there is the occasional college textbook that costs a small monthly fee to get access to.

4) Rate My Professors

Rate My Professors is the app that can make or break your college class experience!

The app is essentially a public rating system on professors from every college you can think of. It’s extremely useful when you’re about to register for new classes.

Find your school on the app, search for a subject, and look at all the professors who teach that subject. Each professor will have a rating that was given to them by previous students!

The idea is kind of evil, but hey, I’d rather be less miserable with a good professor than to be tortured by a terrible teacher!

You can also search for professors’ names straight away if you already have a list of classes and the professors teaching them in the upcoming semester.

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Productivity Apps

These apps will help you stay productive and keep you away from procrastination for all your years in college!

5) Google Calendar

As a college student, there’s nothing you need more than a little bit of organization and Google Calendar will give you just that!

It’s essentially a calendar that allows you to schedule in meetings, work, class times, and whatever else you include in your day.

You can set alerts to be reminded when something is due (or about to start) and you can invite other people who use Google Calendar to accept meeting times or schedule calls.

Definitely use this app as your go-to for organizing your entire life on campus!

6) Google Drive

Another fantastic invention created by google is Google Drive.

Think of it as a digital hard drive that allows you to store up to 15GB of files, videos, documents, and more for every Google account you have!

It’s extremely valuable for college students because of the amount of assignments written on Google Docs or other software that needs to be stored online.

You can share files with your friends easily and even work together on certain projects without going back and forth.

7) Productive – Habit Tracker

Productive – Habit Tracker is one of the best apps for college students who need help getting back into good habits.

It essentially allows you to stay on track with new habits that you’re working on and remind you to complete certain tasks everyday.

It even has features like adding Siri shortcuts, getting useful feedback, and providing daily challenges to keep a healthy lifestyle!

Some students swear by this app to make their to-do list and plan out their goals.

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Networking & Job Apps

These networking apps will help you advance in your career while you’re still in college and even after you graduate!

8) Handshake

Handshake is quite possibly the coolest job searching app for college students!

Here are a few features that Handshake offers:

  • Personalized Job Recommendations
  • Apply to Jobs in 2 Clicks
  • Connect with Employers Virtually
  • Explore Jobs Related to Your Major
  • Get Recruited by Employers Hiring Specifically at Your School
  • Learn About Jobs Through Student Reviews

There are endless amounts of features available on top of the ones listed above! You’re missing out on a ton of open doors by not downloading this app.

Other job searching apps are great and all, but why wouldn’t you sign up for the one that only wants to hire students?!

9) ZeeMee

If you want to make friends quickly in college, then you should definitely check out ZeeMee. It’s a social app for college students that connects people at the same college.

Here are a few features offered on ZeeMee:

  • Meet Other College Applicants
  • Learn About Your College from Other Students
  • Get Questions Answered Quickly
  • Vibe with Other Admits (see who you get along with)
  • Find a Roommate (through personalized quizzes!)
  • Figure Out Who’s in Your Classes
  • Join Clubs and Chats
  • Get Updated on Events and Parties

I wish I knew about this app before I started college! I would’ve made friends a lot faster and get close to them much more easily.

Make sure to check if your college is partnered with ZeeMee. 

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Finance Apps

These apps will help you through your darkest times of money. Hopefully you’ll be able to keep all your finances in check!

10) Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a personal finance app that allows you to track everything related to your money life.

Here are the tools offered on Credit Karma:

  • Manage Credit Score
  • Save Money
  • Manage Student Loans
  • File Your Taxes (for free)
  • Apply for Credit Cards
  • Take Out Loans (student, auto, and home)
  • Personalized Tips to Build Credit

If you want to get started building your credit because you read somewhere that it’s important, download this app and it’ll tell you everything you need to know!

I raised my credit score by over 100 points after following the useful tips that Credit Karma has to offer!

11) Acorns

Speaking of things you should be doing… Acorns is one of the best investing apps for college students.

The earlier you invest, the more you can build your wealth in the future!

I know what you’re thinking… investing seems complicated and takes too much work. I agree, and so does Acorns.

They handle all the investing for you by putting your hard earned money into stocks that have an average growth of 6-12% per year.

Plus, college students get free access to the Acorns app by signing up through this link and using your .edu email to create the account.

P.s. – You’ll also get $5 for free after you invest your first dollar!

12) FedLoan

Something most college students have to deal with upon entering university is student loans.

FedLoan is an app that helps you manage and pay off your student loans. It has a modern layout and is extremely easy to use.

A lot of other student loan apps are complicated and don’t help you see the bigger picture. FedLoan has made it so simple, that even a dummy (like me) can actually understand what’s going on.

Check out FedLoan if you want to take control of your student loans!

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Discount & Cash Back Apps

These apps will help you save a ton of money whether you’re shopping online, in store, or are actively searching for hot deals!

13) Rakuten

Rakuten is a free cash back rewards app that automatically applies cash back earnings when you make a purchase through eligible stores.

It’s the largest cash back app on the market and for good reason. Here are a few stores and discounts offered on Rakuten:

  • Adidas (13% cash back)
  • Taco Bell (1% cash back)
  • DoorDash (2% cash back)
  • Macy’s (1% cash back)
  • Verizon (up to $150 back)
  • Banana Republic (6% cash back)
  • Target (1% cash back)
  • Ulta (4% cash back)

There are thousands of stores to shop at! Plus, you can add Rakuten as a browser extension to help you save when you’re shopping on your computer.

Sign up for Rakuten with this link and earn $20 back immediately after you spend your first $20! It’s like your first purchase is practically free.


UNiDAYS is the largest student discount app for college students out there!

Shop through their app or on their website and you will earn special discounts just for being a student. Here are the categories offered on UNiDAYS:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Sports & Media

Some discounts offer up to 50% off at certain stores! Why would you not sign up for that?!

Unlike other discount apps, this one has more exclusive deals that are only for your age range. You won’t find these deals anywhere else!

Make sure you have your student email ready when you sign up.

15) Drop

Drop is a free rewards app that allows you to earn extra rewards at your most shopped at stores.

The idea is simple… sign up, shop at eligible stores, earn rewards, redeem for gift cards, or cash out.

You’ll earn much higher cash back compared to other rewards apps because you’re limited to a few stores. You essentially choose your top 5 places and only earn from them.

Here are a few eligible companies on Drop:

  • Uber
  • Grubhub
  • Sephora
  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • Lulu Lemons
  • Nike 
  • Postmates
  • Apple 
  • Walmart

Definitely check out Drop so you can maximize the amount of rewards you earn when you shop at the places you already love!

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Full List of Apps for College Students

Now that you know how to get started with each app and the individual benefits to them, here is a quick summary list of all the best apps for college students:

  1. Quizlet
  2. Chegg Study
  3. Slader
  4. Rate My Professors
  5. Google Calendar
  6. Google Drive
  7. Productive – Habit Tracker
  8. Handshake
  9. ZeeMee
  10. Credit Karma
  11. Acorns
  12. FedLoan
  13. Rakuten
  14. UNiDAYS
  15. Drop

Give each app a try and see for yourself how useful they all are!


Hopefully you’re able to study easier, save some money, or be more productive in college with the help of these amazing apps.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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