15 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Teenagers in 2024

New Year's Resolutions for Teenagers

Want to make changes to your lifestyle as a teen? Here is a list of the 15 best New Year’s resolutions for teenagers in 2024!

Some teens hate New Year’s resolutions. They either think they won’t last or that they should be improving all year round.

However, if you haven’t made any changes that you’ve wanted to make yet, now’s the time to do it!

These ideas will be ones that you’ll actually want to keep. Don’t forget to write down your goals for the year and to make a plan on how to achieve them.

Let’s dive into the New Year’s resolutions!

Get in Shape

It might have been a goal of yours to lose some weight, build some muscle, or cut back on some of the unhealthy stuff.

Here are a few ways you can get in shape as a teen:

  • Workout
  • Eat healthier
  • Buy your own food
  • Avoid eating out
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Track your calories

There are a ton of simple life changes you can make if you want to get fit as a teenager.

Take your motivation for the new year and run with it! When you feel like giving up, just remember why you started.

Don’t want a gym membership? Try out this full body workout for teenagers at home!

Start making the change today. You’ll be so happy that you did!

Find a New Hobby

sport hobby for New Year's resolutions for teenagers

An activity that keeps you busy is always great for making new friends and enjoying your free time.

Join clubs in school, do sports, find classes, or whatever else you need to do to get a new hobby.

Hobbies will not come hopping over to you. You have to actively seek them.

If you don’t know where to start, check out these hobbies for teenage guys and teenage girls!

They will make you happier, keep you from making bad decisions, and ultimately fill in your schedule with healthy activities.

Reduce Your Stress

Reducing your stress is one of the best New Year’s resolutions for teenagers in 2024!

We all know how stressful life can be as a teen, so figuring out ways to reduce it should be on top of your list.

Here are a few short term ways to reduce your stress:

  • Drink tea (Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, etc.)
  • Take a hot shower
  • Exercise
  • Get more sleep
  • Develop a daily routine
  • Organize your life
  • Write out your stresses
  • Have a breathing technique
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and drugs

Everyone will have a different way of handling their stress. Find ways that have worked for you in the past and write them down.

When you’re feeling extra stressed, refer back to your list and start applying some of those practices!

Get Better Grades

If your grades were a bit underwhelming in the past year, a good goal would be to improve your grades this upcoming year.

Find a bit of extra time to fit in more studying or start organizing your school agenda to have a clear head.

There are a ton of practices you can implement to get better grades, whether you have a genius level IQ or not.

Getting better grades really boils down to putting in the extra effort to really nail any material you need to cover.

Compliment More People

You’ll be surprised what a simple compliment can do for someone’s day. Not only that, but you’ll feel better too.

When you see a friend, give them a genuine compliment. Meeting someone new? Tell them that you like their (insert clothing item here).

People will find you more attractive, easy to talk to, and as an overall kind person!

Have a starting goal of at least 1 compliment per week. From there, work your way up to complimenting people more often.

By the way, complimenting yourself is another fantastic New Year’s resolution. Everyone could use a confidence boost!

Make a Daily Schedule


Feel like your life could be a bit more organized? Start creating a daily schedule to keep track of everything you’ve got going on.

Writing down your goals are proven to help you achieve them faster. This applies to same-day goals or year-long ones.

I highly recommend getting a planner to keep track of your schedule. It organizes everything for you in sections and creates a habit of productivity.

The difference you’ll experience when you realize you could have been accomplishing so much more is insane!

Drink More Water

Water is literally medicine for every single thing in your body.

Here are a few magical benefits to drinking more water:

  • Helps clear your skin
  • Keeps you hydrated (aka more energy)
  • Higher brain function
  • Better physical performance
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Prevents headaches

It takes about 21 days to develop a new habit. If you can drink at least 64 oz of water every day for 3 weeks, you could continue that habit for a long time!

Practice Better Hygiene

As a teenager, it’s common to slack off when it comes to taking care of your hygiene.

Here are a few things to keep in order:

  • Brushing and flossing twice a day
  • Washing your face twice a day
  • Taking a shower every day
  • Applying moisturizer
  • Cutting your nails
  • Shaving 

There are a bunch more ways to stay on top of your hygienic health.

Practicing better hygiene is one of the best New Year’s resolutions for teenagers that actually helps!

Make New Friends

New Year's Resolutions for Teenagers make new friends

Making new friends can tremendously improve your social life. A better social life leads to a better life overall!

If you’re accustomed to hanging around the same people everyday, make it a goal to branch out and meet others.

You can make more friends as a teenager in school, clubs, sports teams, extracurriculars, and other hobby related places.

Another fun thing you can do this year is reach out to old friends. Sometimes connections get broken with people that were really good to us.

Go through your contacts and text someone you haven’t spoken to in a while!

Ditch the Drugs and Alcohol

Who are we lying to? Tons of teenagers do this. Just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean it never happens!

If you’re a teenager who’s been smoking, vaping, drinking, or doing any other drugs, this is the year to give it up and move on.

Try to replace those urges with a different stimulus such as going to the gym, taking a run, playing video games, or writing your thoughts.

Even texting a good friend is enough to get your mind off all that bad stuff. The point is, find things to do instead and turn those good things into long term habits.

Go Outside More

Going outside is actually proven to increase your mood and give you more energy!

Such a simple thing can make such great changes to your body everyday.

Take breaks from homework outside or designate an hour a day to just chilling outdoors. A little bit goes a long way.

Another way to get outside more is to hang out with friends more often or join a sports team. As long as you’re not glued to homework or long hours on screens, you’re on the right track!

Reduce Your Screen Time

Reducing screen time is one of the best New Year’s resolutions for teenagers in 2024. Here’s why…

Teens have a habit of being on screens more than any other age group. It can cause eye strain, sleep issues, and harmful long term problems.

I get it… going on a computer or phone is almost mandatory nowadays (even for school and work).

At the very least, get yourself a good pair of blue light glasses to reduce some of that harmful light. They can help relieve headaches and improve your sleep!

Learn Things That School Doesn’t Teach You

We’ve all sat in class before and thought… “When am I ever going to use this stuff in the real world?”

You’ve probably also thought… “Shouldn’t I be learning about money, taxes, relationships, time management, and more?”

Yup… we’re all nodding in agreement right now.

Check out these 15 things school doesn’t teach you to get a head start as a teenager! There are also tips on how to get started learning them.

The later you learn these subjects, the further behind you’ll be on your path to success.

Give Back

New Year's resolutions for teenagers volunteering

Giving back will always find its way back to you.

Do it out of the kindness of your heart and watch how grateful you become. There are a ton of ways to give back:

  • Donate money
  • Give clothes
  • Support a charity
  • Do volunteer work
  • Help food drives
  • Participate in fundraisers
  • Intern at a hospital
  • Donate blood

As a teenager, you might also need to fulfill a certain amount of volunteer hours for your high school.

Use this time to complete requirements and support a cause all at once!

Capture More Moments in Life

If you’re not someone who takes a lot of pictures and videos, make 2024 the year that you capture more moments.

Your time as a young teenager doesn’t last forever. It will go by faster than you know.

Those special moments you have with friends are ones to remember. You’ll regret that fact that you don’t have any memories to look back at in school.

Take this New Year’s resolution with you past your teen years and continue capturing moments for as long as you live!


Hopefully these 15 New Year’s resolutions for teenagers have given you some inspiration to develop better habits in 2024.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

  1. Love this list of New Year’s resolutions for teenagers! As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to help my teenager grow and develop into a responsible and compassionate adult. These resolutions are practical and achievable, and I can already see my teenager showing interest in some of them, like volunteering and learning a new skill. Thanks for sharing!

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