25 Simple June Nail Designs in 2024

June nail designs

Need some help finding a cute nail idea for this month? If so, here are 25 simple June nail designs in 2024!

Our nail design list includes ones that focus on unique and stylish designs, as well as sophisticated and detail-oriented ones to get ready for the summer. You’ll be sure to find a design to your liking.

We’ve also included some links below if you’re looking for a nail design for a specific event or holiday.

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Let’s dive in!

Teal Floral Almond Acrylics

June nail designs

June is one of our favorite months for nail designs because you’re in between two seasons: spring and summer.

For an early June spring-inspired manicure, try this teal pastel floral nail art on top of almond-shaped acrylics.

Glitter Pink Nails

Simple nail designs

Can it get any cuter than this?

These baby pink nails with glitter have officially become one of our favorite June nail designs for 2024.

Pastel Polka-dot Nail Art

Best design for nails

Whoever said polka-dots can’t look good on nails clearly hasn’t seen this picture.

This is such a creative use of polka dots for your June nail design, especially with the flower detailing.

Orange French Tip

Cute nail art

June is the start of summer so why not start the season off right with the perfect colorful nail design.

This vibrant orange French tip manicure is simple, easy, and can work on long almond acrylics or even your short natural nails.

Lime Green Ombre French Tip

modern nails for summer

What we love most about French tip nail designs is how creative you can get with them, especially when it comes to color.

Lime green is an underrated color for nails that should absolutely get used more often in the summer months.

Pink & Blue Ombre French Tip

Best design for nails

Another fun variation on an ombre French tip for your June nails is to use bright and vibrant colors like pink and blue.

And if you can’t decide on one color, just use both!

Simple Rainbow Manicure

Simple nail designs

This simple, colorful June nail design is an easy manicure you can do right at home, especially if you prefer to keep your nails short and natural.

You can either use standard nail polish or get a colorful gel nail color set from Amazon.

Pink & Green Floral French Tip

June nail designs

If we had to pick one nail design from this list that we’re completely obsessed with, it would be this pink and green floral French tip.

This is easily one of the cutest June nail designs we’ve seen in 2024.

Long Colorful Almond Acrylics

Best design for nails

We love having long, almond shaped acrylics, but sometimes we just want a simple nail design to go with it.

This modern and classy June manicure idea is just the simple design we’re looking for when we want to save money but still have fun and colorful summer nails. 

Cute Froggy Forest Nails

Cute nail art

Okay, this is seriously the cutest and most adorable nail design we’ve ever seen.

How can you not love this forest inspired nail design with the little frogs and mushrooms??


Blue & White Checkerboard Nails

modern nails for summer

Checkerboard nails might just be one of our favorite manicure prints in 2024.

You can do this print with just about any color variation, but we’re partial to baby blue and white.

Vibrant Purple June Nails

Summer nails

Who said a simple single-colored nail design had to be boring?

We are loving this vibrant purple color and how incredible it looks on this short manicure.

Pink & Black Micro-Hearts

Simple nail designs

Pink and black isn’t a color variation you see too often, but when it’s done right, it’s a crowd favorite.

Simple Gel Nails

June nail designs

When in doubt, gel it out.

Going for a simple gel nail manicure is always a safe bet if you’re stuck deciding on what type of nail design to get.

Strawberry Checkered Nails

Best design for nails

We’re suckers for a cute fruit-inspired manicure, and then one has stolen our hearts.

This combines some of our favorite nail trends: flowers, fruit, and a checkered print.

Baby Blue Spring Nails

Cute nail art

Although June is the start of summer, it’s also the end of spring, and this is the perfect transitional June nail design.

The little bumblebees with flowers are the cutest pairing with the blue checkered print and French tip design.

Lavender Chrome Nails

modern nails for summer

You can never go wrong with chrome nails, no matter the season.

In June, we recommend simple and bright chrome colors like lavender, pink, and blue

Pink Aura Nails

Best design for nails

One of the latest 2024 nail trends that we’ve seen all over social media is the aura nail trend.

This is supposed to replicate the look of an aura ring that tells you what mood you’re in at any point of the day.

White Milk Nails with Flowers

Simple nail designs

Another trendy nail design we’ve been loving for summer is the milk nail trend paired with flowers.

This is a simple nail design that takes a color, like white or pink, and makes it look glassy and liquidy with a shiny top coat.

Abstract Brush Stroke Nails

June nail designs

Talk about a nail design so beautiful it could be a painting.

This is an elegant, classy, and beautiful nail trend using gold and pastel colors to represent the brush strokes you’d see on an expensive painting.

Seashell Nails

Simple nail designs

This might be one of the most unique and creative June nail designs we’ve ever fallen in love with.

Who knew you could make a simple seashell nail design using a thick, clear gel polish?

Dried Floral June Nails

Best design for nails

Don’t let this simple and beautiful June nail idea fool you: it’s much more complicated than meets the eye.

But even though it has complicated detailing to pull off the dried flower look, the time spent creating this will be well worth it.

Pastel Flames

modern nails for summer

We love pastel nail art for spring, but summer is all about vibrant colors.

So enjoy one last pastel manicure in June with this French tip flame June nail design.

Micro-Nail Art for Summer

June nail designs

Want a trendy nail design for the start of summer?

Go all in to the micro-nail art trend with this fun and colorful manicure idea.

Abstract French Tip Nail Art

french nail art

There are thousands of different ways you can do a French tip manicure but this one might just be our new fave.

Customize this abstract French tip with different colors and make it unique to your personal style.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite nail idea for the month after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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