25 Simple May Nail Designs in 2024

May nail designs

Looking for a cute and stylish nail idea for this month? If so, here are 25 simple May nail designs in 2024!

No matter what nail design you have in mind, you’ll be sure to find many to your liking throughout this list.

From simple rainbow colored nails, to stylish and elegant French tips, there’s something here for every taste and occasion.

In this list below, you’ll find links to different nail polish colors or sets that go with that specific idea.

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Let’s dive in!

Pink & Red Heart Manicure

May nail designs

Nothing says May more than a vibrant and colorful manicure!

This pink & red trendy heart nail design is the best way to kick-off the summer season and say your official goodbye to spring.

Pastel Colored Acrylics

Simple nail designs

spring is our favorite season for a gorgeous, classy, and modern pastel manicure.

This is truly a May nail design that can be customized however you want.

Use gel polish on long acrylic nails, or order a pack of pastel nail polish from Amazon and rock it on your short, natural nails.

Pastel French Tip

Best design for nails

Looking for a cute, trendy, but simple Easter nail design?

Try this easy and modern pastel French tip for your May nails. This is definitely one of our favorite May nail designs from this list.

Blue Floral French Tip

Cute nail art

Blue for spring? Sign us up!

This blue French tip manicure with flowers has easily become one of our favorite May nail ideas in 2024.

Garden Flower May Nail Design

Elegant nails for summer

Headed to a springtime garden party or garden-themed wedding?

Then you have to try this beautiful, modern, and unique take on a floral manicure.

Speckled Egg Easter Nails

Simple nail designs

If you ever told us you found a cuter Easter nail design than this, we wouldn’t believe you.

It just can’t get any cuter than this speckled egg nail art idea for Easter.

Easter Micro-Nail Art

Best design for nails

Another cute May nail design for Easter is this holiday inspired micro-nail art with little bunnies and speckled eggs.

So if you want a trendy manicure for the holiday, you’re going to want to try this spring nail design.

Cinco de Mayo Floral Nails

May nail designs

If you love Cinco de Mayo as much as we do, you’re going to really love this May nail design.

This hispanic floral inspired nail art idea is a great way to honor Spanish culture for the holiday.

Blue & White Cinco de May Nails

Elegant nails for summer

One of our favorite forms of art from Spanish culture is this iconic blue and white patterned design, which just so happens to look incredible on nails too.

This is one of our favorite Cinco de Mayo nail ideas, so you know we’ll be rocking it in 2024.

White Micro Heart Nails

Cute nail art

May is filled with holidays, including Cinco de Mayo, Easter, and one of our favorites, Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is filled with love, happiness, and appreciation, and what better way to get into that spirit than with a cute white micro heart May nail design?

Wear this on long acrylic nails or do it yourself at home on your natural, short nails!

Pastel Pink Chrome Nails

Simple nail designs

These pastel pink chrome nails are a classy, elegant, and beautiful go-to for either Mother’s Day or Easter.

This is a versatile and trendy nail design that can work at any time in the month of May.

Yellow Chrome Nails

Best design for nails

With chrome nails being as trendy as they are, it’s only fitting to have a few different color options in this list of May nail designs.

We are especially loving the yellow chrome trend for Easter and spring nails.

Modern Sunflower Nails

Elegant nails for summer

We love a bright yellow sunflower nail design for spring, specifically in the month of May.

May is a time of blossoming and a reminder to always look on the bright side of things, and how could you not with this cute and inspiring May fingernail design?

Pastel Cherry May Nails

Cute nail art

May is the start of our favorite season, cherries!

If you love cherries as much as we do, you are going to have to try this super cute and fun cherry inspired nail art idea.

Red Heart Roses

Simple nail designs

We are suckers for a unique nail design, and this one takes the cake!

We would’ve never thought to replace roses with little red hearts, but we are absolutely loving it.

Lavender Graphic Nail Art

Best design for nails

If you want a May nail art idea that’s unique and stands out from the rest, you might want to add this to your Pinterest board.

The white and lavender color combination is perfect for spring.

Pink & Orange Ombre Nails

May nail designs

Pink and orange have become one of the trendiest color combinations in 2024, according to social media.

The tequila sunrise-inspired combination has been everywhere, from fashion to art to stunning May nail designs like this.

Coral & Blue Floral Nails

Simple nail designs

Now here is a color combination we are absolutely loving for a May nail design.

We don’t often see baby blue and coral paired together, but when it looks this good and comes with flower nail art, we can’t resist wanting to try it.

Pink Duotone Nails

Best design for nails

Simple and easy nails don’t have to be boring, they can still be fun, bright, and vibrant, just like this pink duotone inspiration.

Use pink gel nail polish from Amazon or go to a salon to get these done if you want them to last for Mother’s Day and beyond!

Pastel Ombre French Tip

Cute nail art

Looking for an elegant and classy May nail design for your almond shaped acrylics?

Then you have to try this beautiful pastel ombre French tip manicure ASAP.

Pastel Tie-Dye Nails

Elegant nails for summer

There is something so unique and special about pastel tye-dye nails for spring.

We can’t really explain it, but something about these spring nails just makes us feel bright and happy.

Bright Green French Tip

Simple nail designs

Want a colorful May nail design that most people wouldn’t be bold enough to try?

Next time you head to the salon, ask for this bright and vibrant lime green French tip manicure on top of trendy almond shaped acrylics.

You’ll be thanking us later.

Yellow Glitter Ombre French Tip

Best design for nails

We are dying over how beautiful this modern yellow ombre French tip manicure is.

And with glitter added on top? Incredible.

Spring Nails with Flowers

Cute nail art

We’ve been saving one of the cutest May nail designs for last; this adorable yellow and green manicure with flowers.

Whoever said simple was boring clearly never saw this nail inspo.

Vibrant Floral May Nails

May nail designs

There’s nothing better than a vibrant floral manicure for spring.

We’re especially loving how cute this specific floral nail art looks on top of a simple white base.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite nail idea for the month after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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