25 Simple August Nail Designs in 2024

August nail designs

Need some help finding a cute nail idea for this month? If so, here are 25 simple August nail designs in 2024!

Our nail design list includes ones that focus on bright colors to complement the summer season, as well as trendy patterns and intricate designs to add flair and style to any look.

Whatever look you’re going for, you’ll be sure to find it here.

We’ve also included some links below if you’re looking for a nail design for a specific event or holiday.

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Let’s dive in!

Limoncello Nails

August nail designs

We can’t think of any better way to enjoy the last full month of a sunny summer than with limoncello-inspired nail art.

Yellow is one of our favorite colors for August nail designs, and with the addition of the cute lemon nail art, you’ve got yourself the sweetest manicure for the summer.

Pink Watermelon Nails

Simple nail designs

If lemons aren’t your thing but you still want a sweet fruit inspired August nail design, try this watermelon manicure.

The pink French tip is perfectly accented by the cute watermelon nail art, and it doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

Pink & Orange Floral Nails

Best design for nails

This pink and orange August nail design is such a unique and creative way to make a floral manicure.

We love the idea of a clear nail base underneath vibrant flowers for a fun summer contrast.

Pink & Orange Ombre Nails

Cute nail art

Summer is the season for tequila sunrise inspired nails, fashion, and drink-choices.

This pink & orange ombre nail design reminds us of the perfect summer sunset while we’re on vacation somewhere tropical.

Yellow Chrome Nails

modern nails for summer

As we said earlier, yellow is easily one of our favorite go-to colors for August, and we can’t think of a better way to rock it than with the chrome nail trend.

This manicure proves that you can rock any color with the chrome nail trend, but yellow might just be our new favorite.

Orange & Green August Nails

August fingernail designs

Talk about the perfect summer nails.

This colorful, fun, and vibrant orange and green August fingernail design is true summertime perfection. 

Duotone Pink Nails

Simple nail designs

One trendy nail design we’ll always love, especially in the summer, is the use of duotone colors.

Duotone just means using two shades of the same color, one light and one dark, to create a beautiful and eye-catching contrast.

Baby Blue Almond Acrylics

Best design for nails

There are so many different shades of blue to rock for your August nail design, but we’re in love with this baby blue color paired with subtle hints of gold.

Whether it’s the hue of blue we’re loving or the perfectly shaped almond acrylic set, all we know is that we’re definitely going to be trying this August nail idea in 2024.

Ballerina-core August Nails

August nail designs

The latest movement to hit social media, if you haven’t already heard, is the ballerina-core trend.

These types of pink and purple August nail designs are the epitome of ballerina-core nails.

Butterfly Nail Art

Cute nail art

We’ve been obsessed with all of the creative nail art ideas to come out of 2024, but butterfly nail art might be our new favorite.

This might just be the perfect fairy-core manicure we’ve ever seen.

Lisa Frank Inspired Nails

August fingernail designs

We might be aging ourselves here, but the second we saw this August nail design, two words popped into our heads: Lisa Frank.

If you’re a 2000’s baby, not only will you know this reference, but it’ll make you love this manicure that much more.

Purple Cloud Manicure

modern nails for summer

We don’t want to be dramatic here, but these might be the cutest purple nails we’ve ever seen.

The lavender cloud nail art and purple glitter color are a dreamy match made in heaven.

Baby Blue August Nails

Best design for nails

Having unique and creative nail art is always fun, but sometimes it’s nice to just go back to a simple single-color manicure every once in a while.

This easy and simple baby blue August manicure can be done with regular polish at home or with gel at a salon. 

Baby Pink Almond Acrylics

Cute nail art

We will forever be obsessed with classy, elegant, and modern, single color almond-shaped acrylics.

Not only is this a modern and mature way to bring color into your manicure, but it’s easy to do and won’t break your bank at the salon.

Strawberry August Nail Design

August nail designs

One of our personal favorite fruits in the summer is a delicious and juicy strawberry.

Strawberries aren’t just great for eating; they also make for the perfect cute summer nail art.

Pink & Gold Heart Manicure

Simple nail designs

The micro-heart nail art trend has taken social media by storm, and for good reason.

This simple, modern, and classy nail art proves that you don’t have to go overly complicated with your nails to have a gorgeous manicure.

Colorful Groovy Nails

Best design for nails

Nothing says summer more like a colorful, groovy August nail design.

This trendy retro-inspired nail art has been popular for years, but we especially love it during the summer when you can get creative with the different colors you use.

Neon Star Nails

Cute nail art

Summer is the perfect season to get fun and colorful with your nail designs, so don’t hold back!

This neon star August nail art idea can work on long almond shaped acrylics or on your short natural nails.

Colorful Abstract August Nails

modern nails for summer

The perfect summer nail idea has arrived.

The second we saw this photo, we saved it immediately because this is one August nail design we’re definitely going to be trying in 2024.

Blue Duotone French Tip

August fingernail designs

This August nail design combines two of our favorite summer nail trends: bright blue colors and a perfect French tip.

Glitter & Stars French Tip

August nail designs

Leave your boring and simple white French tip manicures in 2023.

2024 is the year for creative, classy, and colorful August nail designs, and we’re starting the month off right with this pink glitter and star studded French tip manicure.

Simple Striped Nail Art

Simple nail designs

So you want a simple and easy August nail design, but want it to be unique? We’ve got you.

This might just be the easiest nail art idea you’ll ever try, but we can bet you’ve never seen it done before.

White Short Nails

modern nails for summer

A lot of people forget that you can have classy and elegant nails without going to a nail salon and spending a ton of money.

These short white nails are the perfect example of how beautiful an at-home manicure can be.

Bright Red Nails

August fingernail designs

Red has become the “it” girl trendy nail color of 2024.

But red doesn’t have to be dull and boring, it can be bright and vibrant, like this nail inspo.

Yin & Yang Nails

August nail designs

Life is all about balance, the yin and yang, if you will.

But yin and yang isn’t just a great guiding force and motto; it also makes for a great nail design!


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite nail idea for the month after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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