25 Simple January Nail Designs in 2024

January nail designs

Struggling to find a cool nail idea for this month? If so, here are 25 simple January nail designs in 2024!

In this list, you’ll find some cute nails featuring intricate and detail oriented designs, as well as, elegant and simple nails for the new year. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in this list.

We’ve also included a couple more sophisticated yet chic nail designs that anyone could go for and pull off for the new year.

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Let’s dive in!

Blue Celestial Nails

January nail designs

Inspired by the stars and heavens above, this blue celestial January nail design is leaving us in awe.

This manicure is truly out of this world.

White & Blue Cloud Nails

Simple nail ideas

Our heads are in the clouds with these types of January nail designs.

There’s something so cute and sweet about cloud nail art, especially for Winter.

We will absolutely be rocking these clouds for our January nail design.

Black Heart French Tip Manicure

Easy design for nails

We’re suckers for a gorgeous black French tip nail design!

With the addition of the micro-heart nail art, this January nail design is true perfection!

Black & White Floral Nails

Classy manicured nails

A simple black and white nail art idea can be so much more than meets the eye.

This January nail idea with flowers is a great manicure for any girl who wants something simple, cute, and unique.

Blue Crocodile Nails

Classy manicured nails


Now this is a unique and one-of-a-kind January nail design we’ll bet you’ve never seen.

The crocodile print for nails is slowly becoming one of the most trendyx nail designs in 2024.

Green Airbrush Nails

Best winter nails

Airbrushing is no longer just for art or makeup; it has now entered the 2024 nail community group chat.

This style seamlessly blends colors and gradients to create a mesmerizing and unique nail design you’ve never seen before.

Blue & Black Nail Flames

January nail ideas

Heat up the cold winter month with this flame inspired January nail design.

The blue and black flames are a creative take on a French tip manicure.

Blue Glitter Swirls

January nail designs

The 70s-inspired nail designs are back and here to stay in 2024.

With glitter and different shades of blue, this is a January nail idea I think we can all get behind.

Holographic Star Nail Design

Simple nail ideas

We give these types of January nail designs a five-star rating.

The holographic nail art on top of the baby blue nails is a match made in heaven for the winter month.

You can either try this with holographic nail paint or make life easier for yourself and grab these as easy to use nail stickers.

Rainbow Dream Nails

Easy design for nails

We don’t know how else to describe this January nail idea other than a rainbow dream inspired by the 2000’s brand, Lisa Frank.

Even though we don’t have the exact words for it, you bet we’re going to be showing this inspirational pic to our nail tech.

Smoke & Stars Nails

Classy manicured nails

One thing we love about nail designs is just how creative you can get with them.

There is no limit to creativity in what you do with your nails, and this smoke & star Winter nail set is one we will absolutely be trying in January.

Best winter nails

For a stunning, elegant, and classy January nail idea, try rocking a simple navy gel polish.

This nail idea screams, “old money,” in all the ways you want!

Plus you can save money and do this at home all by yourself.

January nails

Navy and silver will forever be our favorite color combination for the cold winter months, including January.

The colors remind us of the dark Winter sky and the silver twinkle of stars at night.

White Simple Nails

Classy manicured nails

Rock a snow inspired nail design with this simple and easy white manicure.

Just use a milky white gel color on short or long nails, and you’re all set!

Brown Ombre Chrome Nails

Simple nail ideas

For a neutral winter nail, we will always recommend a brown chrome color.

This ombre chrome design is neutral without being too boring or plain.

Silver Glitter Accents

January nail designs

Elevate your natural nail look with silver glitter accents!

Your January nail design can be as simple as adding silver glitter on top of thick clear nail polish.

Chrome Wave Nails

Simple nail ideas

We’re super into the new tech-inspired nail trend of 2024, especially when it looks this cool!

This is a chrome wave we’re definitely going to ride in January.

Glitter Gray January Nails

Cute nail designs

January is practically a month made for the color gray.

This specific gray color with glitter is simple without being boring or dull.

And we love how it elevates a natural nail; no need for acrylics here!

Best winter nails

If you can’t decide between just choosing a single color for your manicure or going with a floral nail art, why not do both?

This navy floral nail design is a great example of how each hand can be used for a different design and have it not look odd.

Elegant Floral January Nail Design

January nail designs

Floral nails can range from cute, elegant, to abstract, but if you want one that’s classy, this is the one for you.

The blue flowers pair perfectly with gold foil accents on top of a neutral base. Definitely one of our favorite January nail designs from this list.

White Glitter Ombre Nails

Simple nail ideas

A January nail design that reminds us of snow falling from the sky? Check.

If that’s what you’re looking for then you will fall in love with these white glitter ombre nails just like we did.

Rain Inspired January Nails

Cute nail designs

We absolutely love when it rains, especially knowing that when it ends there will be a rainbow and sunny day to look forward to.

These rain inspired nails are a cute reminder to always look at the positive of every situation you might be going through.

Neutral Abstract Nail Art

January nail ideas

January is the perfect time to bring out the neutral nail design, but it doesn’t have to be so simple.

Add a fun abstract pattern on a few of the nails to elevate your Winter manicure.

Silver Chrome Nails

Simple nail ideas

We’ve saved our favorite January nail design for last!

Nothing can beat a sleek silver chrome manicure in our books.

Mint Green & Gold

Easy design for nails

Mint green and gold has easily become one of our favorite 2024 color combinations, especially for nails.

We’re loving how the color combo looks on these almond-shaped acrylics for January.


Hopefully these 25 nail ideas gave you some inspiration for what nails to rock this month!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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