6 Shoes Every Teenage Guy Should Have – Men’s Shoe Essentials

shoes every teenage guy should have

It doesn’t take a lot of shoes to complete you wardrobe as a teen. These are 6 shoes every teenage guy should have to complete his list of essentials!

White Sneakers

If you have never tried wearing white sneakers, you’re missing out. They work so well with almost everything. You can dress them up or down.

If you’re wearing them with jeans, the darker the jeans the better. It’ll make the shoes stand out so much more and match better with the colors.

They are difficult to keep clean, so clean them right when they get dirty so it doesn’t build up.

Dress Shoes

Essential for anytime you need to dress up more than usual. Go with oxfords for your first pair of dress shoes. They are the most versatile to match for any outfit.

You should also go with black if you’re going to buy just one. The more minimal design, the more versatile it will be. Plain toe oxfords are the most minimal dress shoes out there.

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If boots are not your thing, you probably just haven’t found the rights ones yet. Or you might not be sure what to wear them with.

Boots can be worn with any long pants and are usually for colder conditions. But we aren’t talking about rain boots. We’re talking about casual boots.

Chukka and Chelsea boots are your two best options for picking a good pair. Chukkas are slightly more casual than the Chelsea, but are not far apart. Black and beige are great color choices for these.

A valuable pair of boots can also last you 2 or 3 years, so keep that in mind when looking at prices and quality.

Colored Sneakers

You can’t wear the white ones every day. You need to add a little color to your footwear. This is where you can go out of the minimal color options and choose what you like. Random shapes, patterns, and too much mix of colors is not recommended however.

Sticking with a solid color is still key to look sleek with your outfit and make it versatile enough for wearing them often.

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At Home Shoes

A good pair of sandals to walk around the house or wear to the beach is just as necessary as your sneakers.

Go shoes rather than flip flops. They just aren’t healthy for your feet and are not as versatile as a pair of sandals.

These usually aren’t that expensive, so pick something you can slip on fast and keep moving.

Workout Shoes

These Adidas Ultra Boost shoes are one of the most popular shoes for teenage guys in 2021.

If you workout, you need workout shoes. If you’re not working out, you should be. These can be used for other outdoor activities like hiking, running, longer walks, and more.

Just don’t wear the same shoes you use to go out as you do to go to the gym. Wear different shoes for the gym and for daily activities.

You’re ruining the lifespan of your sneakers and missing out on comfortability.


There you have it, 6 Shoes Every Teenage Guy Should Have. Turn your wardrobe into a masterpiece! If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below!

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