How to Style Yeezys 350 (15 Best Yeezy Outfit Ideas)

Are you looking to upgrade your look with the Yeezys 350 shoes? Check out how to style Yeezys 350 with these 15 awesome outfit ideas!

These Yeezy outfits include street wear, casual, trendy, and affordable ideas for any guy trying to look sharp.

So, if you don’t know what to wear with Yeezys, hopefully these ideas give you a bit of inspiration!

Let’s dive in!

15 Best Yeezy Outfit Ideas

Take a look at some of our favorite ways to style Yeezys 350 to help you gain some inspiration for your next outfit!

1) All Black Yeezy Outfit

all black outfit with yeezys

If you’re looking for an easy and trendy way to wear your Yeezy 350 shoes, then look no further than the most simple and easy to wear outfit of them all: the all black look.

Pair your Yeezys 350 with a trendy black tee (graphic or plain) and black pants to create a simple yet super effective outfit for looking fresh and fashionable.

2) Coordinating Outfit

how to style yeezys 350

One of the best ways to style Yeezys 350 is the full coordinating look. 

By matching all of your clothing items to your Yeezy 350 sneakers, you get a trendy, stylish, and super cool outfit without trying too hard.

So grab your Yeezys, a matching tee, and a simple hoodie and pair of jeans to create the look you’ll be wearing all season long.

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3) Bomber Jacket

best yeezy outfits for guys

If you’re wondering how to wear your Yeezys 350 for Fall and Winter then we’ve got the answer for you, the Bomber Jacket.

Pair your Yeezys with a trendy and cool Bomber Jacket to create a look that everyone will want to replicate this Fall/Winter season.

This outfit is cool, stylish, and super trendy, plus the Bomber Jacket will never go out of style.

4) Neutral Colors

yeezy outfit ideas with neutral colors

There’s no better way to wear your Yeezys 350 than with an all over neutral outfit. Just ask Kanye himself.

Neutral colors are the trend of the year so there’s no way you can go wrong with pairing your Yeezys with this look.

So grab your favorite neutral colors and your Yeezy 350 shoes to create an outfit that you’ll love all year round.

5) Paired With Joggers

best casual style yeezy outfit

The weather is getting colder, which can only mean one thing… jogger season.

A great way to wear your Yeezys during the Fall/Winter season is with your most comfortable joggers and a coordinating hoodie.

This outfit is comfortable, seasonal, and will make you look fashionable without people thinking you tried too hard. So basically, this outfit is perfect for Winter.

6) Styled With A Winter Coat

how to style yeezys 350

If you’re looking for how to wear your Yeezys 350 with jeans, then look no further than this perfect Winter outfit. 

Grab a trendy coat, your favorite black jeans, and a matching hat to create a trendy and stylish Yeezy outfit.

This look is cool, trendy, and will make you look like an easy 10/10.

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7) Athletic Shorts & Hoodie

how to wear yeezys with shorts

If you’re asking yourself how to style Yeezys 350 with shorts, then just take a look at Kanye West for inspiration.

We love how Kanye pairs his Yeezy 350 v2 with a simple, easy to wear hoodie, and some comfortable athletic shorts.

This outfit is easy, cool, and would make anyone look super stylish.

8) Coordinating Sweat Suit

how to style yeezys with a sweatsuit

There is simply no better way to rock white Yeezys than with a coordinating grey sweatsuit, just look at Kanye.

If you’re wondering why we’re pulling so much inspiration from Kanye, it’s because he sets all the trends on how best to wear your Yeezys, and this sweatsuit look is truly the outfit of the season.

This outfit is comfortable and perfect for the Fall/Winter seasons. So grab yourself a simple gray sweat suit and you’ve got yourself your next favorite outfit.

9) Matching Pants and Yeezys

black yeezy outfit ideas

A great outfit idea for Yeezys 350, especially if you have any of the basic white, tan, or black colors, is to match your pants to your Yeezys.

Just by matching your pants to your Yeezy shoes, you create an elevated outfit, and all it took was a little bit of matching.

This outfit is easy to wear with any type of shirt or jacket on top, and can easily be done with any pair of jeans already in your closet.

10) Paired With Ripped Jeans

what to wear with yeezys

If you’re looking for a more skater/street style way to wear your Yeezy 350 sneakers, then a pair of ripped jeans might be your best bet.

By pairing your Yeezys with a pair of ripped jeans, you immediately get the street style look you’re going for.

The distressed pair of denim easily gives your outfit the aesthetic skater feel you’ll want to rock with your Yeezys 350 or Yeezys 350 v2. 

11) Cuffed Pants

how to style yeezys

One of our favorite ways to style Yeezys 350 is with a pair of simple and nice cuffed pants.

This look is definitely a bit more elevated and refined than some of the other Yeezy outfits you’ve seen, and that’s why we love it.

Just by cuffing the bottom of your pants, you get a trendy, fashionable, and sleek look that pairs well with your Yeezys.

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12) Pop of Color

how to style yeezys with joggers

One of the best outfit ideas for Yeezys 350 is adding in a pop of color to a seemingly colorless outfit.

By adding in the pop of color, whether it be through a hat, jacket, or tee-shirt, you immediately make your outfit stand out, but without it being too much.

The subtle addition of color helps to elevate your Yeezy outfit and can work all year round, no matter what season it is.

13) White on White Socks

how to style yeezys with jeans

Whether you’re wearing cuffed jeans, joggers, or tailored pants that end at your ankles, try pairing your white Yeezys with a pair of white high socks to create a more hipster and low-key cool outfit.

This look is great because it adds an extra something underneath your pants without it being too much of an addition to your outfit.

This is a great Yeezy outfit especially if you’re rocking the white socks with white Yeezys 350.

14) Layered With A Denim Jacket

best yeezy 350 outfits for guys

Nothing says cool for Fall and Winter more than a denim jacket.

A denim jacket is a great way to make your outfit look stylish and trendy without trying too hard.

So the next time you’re wondering what to wear with your Yeezys 350, just grab a blue or black denim jacket to match the rest of your outfit and sneakers.

15) Oversized Shirt

oversized shirt yeezy street wear

There are so many ways to wear your Yeezys 350 and on the warmer days, your Yeezys would look best with a cool oversized shirt.

Oversized shirts and hoodies have been the trend for the past few years and they’re not going anywhere. 

All you have to do to rock this look is grab a fresh pair of white or black Yeezys, your favorite tighter fitting jeans, and a cool plain oversized shirt.

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Yes, Yeezys 350 are still extremely popular and stylish in 2022.

Guy are still wearing them around with their street wear outfits all the time.

So, don’t worry about Yeezys going out of style, because they’re here to stay for many years to come.

What Can I Wear With My Yeezys 350?

What Can I Wear With My Yeezys 350

A popular outfit that you can wear with your Yeezys 350 is black jeans, a hoodie, and a denim jacket.

It is a common streetwear style that most guys can pull off easily with items they already have in their closet.

This outfit pairs especially well with lighter-colored Yeezys, making them more versatile for most styles.

Which Yeezy Shoe Color Is The Best?

which yeezy shoe color is the best

The best Yeezy shoe color is easily the cream/white color (as shown above). 

It’s the most versatile of all the colorways, making it the easiest to pair with the most amount of outfits.

Here’s a list of some of the best Yeezy colors:

  1. Cream/White
  2. Triple Black
  3. Oxford Tan
  4. Zebra Yeezys
  5. Beluga (Grey/Orange)

These colors are more popular and therefore much easier to wear with just about anything!

Can I Wear Yeezys With Jeans?

Jeans are arguably the best thing you can wear with Yeezys! I like to pair Yeezys with either black or dark blue denim jeans.

Short can go well with Yeezys too if the weather allows for it, but jeans are way more popular to wear with the 350s.

Try to keep the jeans well-fitting and not too baggy because this can take away from the style of the Yeezys in many cases.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ve understood how to style Yeezys 350 for your next outfit idea when you go out!

If you’ve got some extreme design on your Yeezys, making outfits might be a bit harder.

However, if you have a simple color design, you can style Yeezys with just about anything!

Remember, when in doubt, just keep it simple and follow a similar style to the images in this post.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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