10 Activities That Keep Your Mind and Body Active for Teens

activities to keep your mind and body active

Let’s face it… From social media to streaming videos to gaming, there’s always something to keep you inside the house and sitting on the couch.

But that can leave you feeling exhausted, out of shape, bored, and mentally dull. The good news, though, is that there are lots of fun and interesting things you can do to regain your pep.

Here 10 activities that keep your mind and body active.


Rocking out to your favorite tunes is a terrific way to loosen those muscles and work up a sweat. But dancing doesn’t just get your blood pumping.

It’s also been shown to boost your mood and increase productivity and focus.


Skateboarding seems to be a favorite pastime of teenage boys around the world. But it’s a fun hobby for any gender.

It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Plus, skateboarding helps increase your balance, flexibility, and muscle strength.


If you like the thought of getting outdoors but wheels aren’t really your thing, why not enjoy a nice nature hike?

Hiking is a terrific way to get your body moving while enjoying the beauty of nature. 

And, with hiking, you can challenge yourself as much as you want.

From a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood to an ambitious hike on a secluded mountain trail, there’s always somewhere to go and something to see for novices and experts alike.


Hitting yard sales, flea markets, and thrift shops in your area is a fantastic way to give both your mind and body a little exercise.

And thrifting isn’t just a great hobby for young girls — anyone at any age can get their thrift on. 

When you thrift, chances are you’re going to do a lot of walking, bending, stretching, and carrying. That’s going to check the box on physical activity. 

But thrifting is also the perfect mental activity. After all, you’ll have to do your research to learn what’s a great find and what’s not.

And, you’ll have to be alert and observant to spot those super steals and negotiate the best bargain.


When you think of activities that keep your mind and body active, gardening might not be the first thing that springs to mind.

However, gardening is a perfect way to get your body moving and your mind working.

After all, gardening involves a lot of walking, bending, stretching, lifting, and carrying. That means it’s a full-body workout in itself. 

Plus, you have to plan your garden. Research your plants and their needs, and remember what needs to be done to help your little plant babies thrive.

That takes strategy, focus, and problem-solving.

Here’s the kicker: If you decide to grow fruits or vegetables in your garden, you get to eat your work.

For those who live in a food desert, a home garden can be the perfect way to feed your body healthfully without breaking the bank.


One of the most important ways to keep your body healthy and strong is by stretching.

From yoga to pilates to everything in between, stretching will improve your circulation, increase flexibility, and strengthen your muscles.

It’s also a great way to avoid sports and exercise injuries.

Plus, slow, gentle stretching has important mental benefits. It can help you relieve stress, boost your mood, and improve your concentration.

Team Sports

You don’t have to be a member of your school’s varsity team to engage in a team sport. All you really need to do is get some friends together and decide on something fun.

It might be a quick game of basketball, an afternoon of softball, or a night of bowling. 

What matters is that you’re out of the house and moving your body. And, above all, you’re hanging with your friends face-to-face rather than through a digital screen.

That’s a benefit for your mind and spirit, as well as for your body.

Whether this is through an organization like a school or church, a rec league, or a pickup game, team sports come with numerous benefits.


If you’re looking for a way to get some low-impact exercise and feel great doing it, swimming could be just the ticket.

Whether you hit the indoor pool at your school or spend a summer afternoon in the sun-warmed waters of your local rec center, there’s nothing like a good swim to relax and rejuvenate you.

Outdoor Water Sports

Maybe you love the water but you’re looking for something a little more adventurous than a swimming pool.

Well, the odds are you’ve got a lot of great options for hitting the water while also enjoying the great outdoors. 

Depending on where you live, you might try surfing, paddle boarding, waterskiing, white water rafting, or kayaking–to name only a few possibilities.

And when you take up an outdoor water sport, you’re not just going to challenge your body. 

You’re going to cultivate your powers of focus, concentration, and observation — and that’s going to help you be more attentive and productive in all aspects of your life.

Survival Challenges

If you want to develop skills that don’t just exercise your body but also help you develop your mind, why not give survival challenges a try?

Survival exercises call on you to use your physical skills as well as critical thinking, problem-solving, and endurance to tough it out in the wild.

Survival challenges can involve everything from building your own shelter and finding your own food to learning how to operate ham radios or communicate in Morse code.

And it’s not just a cool hobby for the guys — anyone can benefit from learning how to survive off the grid.

The Takeaway

Just because we live in the great age of digital technology doesn’t mean we have to spend our lives tethered to a screen.

There are tons of ways to get your mind and body moving and inject more than a little fun and excitement into your life.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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