25 Cute Fourth of July Makeup Looks in 2024

Fourth of July makeup

Looking for a themed makeup look for the Fourth of July? If so, here are 25 cute Fourth of July makeup looks in 2024!

Throughout this list, you’ll find ideas that could take time to do but are worth it in the end, while also finding simple makeup looks that will still draw people’s attention.

Whatever makeup look you’re going for, you’ll be sure to find it in this list. We’ve included some links below with more makeup ideas, if you need.

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Let’s dive in!

Star Spangled Eyeshadow

Fourth of july makeup

Nothing says Fourth of July makeup more than red, white, and blue eyeshadow adorned with little silver stars.

If you’re looking for a patriotic, and cute, makeup look for Fourth of July, you’ve found it.

Glitter Firework Face Paint

Fourth of july makeup looks

What makes the Fourth of July so special is the spirit and energy that comes along with it.

This glitter firework Fourth of July face paint is definitely hitting the mark of spirited, patriotic, and energized.

Fourth of July Makeup Stars

Fourth of july makeup ideas

Red, blue, and stars, oh my!

You can’t go into the holiday without adding a few stars to your Fourth of July makeup look.

Fourth of July Dramatic Eyeshadow

4th of July face paint

One thing we love about Fourth of July makeup ideas? It’s how bold and creative they can be!

This dramatic red and blue Fourth of July eyeshadow is just the right amount of bold you want for your patriotic party.

Confetti Fourth of July Eyeshadow

Best makeup for 4th of july

You’ve seen confetti at parties, on the ground, in the air, but have you seen it in makeup?

This is a creative way of making red, white, and blue makeup dots and turning them into a fun Fourth of July makeup idea.

Red, White, and Gold Makeup

Cute face look

There are so many different ways to do holiday-themed makeup but this might be one of our favorite ideas.

We love how the gold adds the perfect break between the red and blue eyeshadow.

Talk about a patriotic eyeshadow!

American Flag Eyeshadow

Cute face look

This might be one of the coolest, and most complex, Fourth of July eyeshadow inspiration we’ve seen.

If you’re wanting to achieve this look we highly recommend watching a few (dozen) makeup tutorials and tons of practice.

Firework Face & Body Paint

Fourth of july makeup

Don’t just leave the Fourth of July makeup to your face, bring in your body as well!

This firework face and body paint is a creative way to get in the spirit this holiday and stand out from the crowd.

Two-Tone Fourth of July Eyeshadow

Fourth of july makeup looks

Just when we thought we’ve seen all the creative ways to create a Fourth of July makeup look, we stumble upon this gem!

Having each eye be a different color is a creative and simple way of incorporating both red and blue without getting overly complicated.

Red & Blue Winged Eyeliner

Cute face look

If you didn’t already know, we’re obsessed with winged eyeliner, and this Fourth of July makeup inspo is officially our favorite.

We definitely recommend trying this winged eyeliner makeup style for your holiday party.

Bold Fourth of July Eyeshadow

Cute face look

Go big or go home, those are the famous words of America.

There’s nothing more patriotic than going big and bold with your holiday makeup look.

Silver Stars

Best makeup for 4th of july

Your Fourth of July makeup look doesn’t have to be overly complicated to be creative and fun.

If you aren’t good at makeup, or just starting out, this is the perfect Fourth of July makeup inspo for you.

These silver star stickers are an easy way to get a patriotic makeup look in seconds.

Blue & White Eyeshadow

Cute face look

If red isn’t your color, don’t use it! You don’t need red to be patriotic.

This blue and white star adorned eyeshadow makes for the perfect makeup idea.

Three-Tone Fourth of July Eyeshadow

Cute Fireworks makeup

Don’t let looks fool you, this three-toned Fourth of July eyeshadow is much easier than it may look.

In fact, this is a great makeup idea for beginners who are just starting on their makeup journey but want to feel festive for the holiday.

Gold Mini Stars

Red, white, blue makeup

We can’t help it, we will always be obsessed with mini gold stars, no matter the occasion.

Lucky for us, and you, the gold mini stars are an amazing choice for your makeup idea.

Blue Under-EyeLiner

Cute face look

Have a hard time doing a winged eyeliner? We’ve got you covered with this Fourth of July makeup inspo.

Just use a baby blue shimmer to create a winged under eyeliner.

When paired with a bold red lipstick, you’ve got a makeup look in minutes.

Simple Fourth of July Makeup

Cute Makeup styles

Complicated isn’t always better, sometimes keeping it simple can be a better option for you.

This simple makeup look brings in all three patriotic colors without it feeling overwhelming or difficult.

Blushed Red

Cute face look

There’s something about this Fourth of July makeup look that we can’t stop obsessing over.

From the hint of blue eyeliner, to the white shimmer highlighter, and to the extra red blush, this makeup look is absolute perfection.

Firework Makeup Dots

4th of july eyeshadow

An easy way to make firework makeup is to use red, white, and blue makeup dots all around your face.

With only a few minutes needed, you can create a fun Fourth of July face paint everyone will love.

Red, White, and Blue Eyeshadow

red white and blue eyeshadow


The elite color combination for the Fourth of July? Red, White, and Blue of course.

This color combination makes for the perfect makeup look for the Fourth of July, regardless of what your plans are.

Patriotic Winged Eyeliner

Fourth of july makeup ideas

We’ve officially found our new favorite Fourth of July winged eyeliner of 2024.

This combines two of our favorite things in makeup: winged liner and glitter.

Fourth of July Makeup Stripes

Fourth of july makeup ideas

Fourth of July might just be the very best time to break out the makeup stripes.

These eyeshadow stripes are the easiest way to make your makeup look like the American flag.

And the silver eyebrow? Incredible.

Two Tone Blue

4th of July face paint

Adding two colors of blue for your Fourth of July eyeshadow? Genius.

This is one Fourth of July makeup idea you don’t want to skip this year.

Super Subtle Fourth of July Makeup

Cute Fireworks makeup

This might be the most subtle Fourth of July makeup we’ve seen, but it works!

With red in the blush and lipgloss and hints of blue in the eyes, this makeup just barely passes for a subtle patriotic makeup look.

Red & Blue Eyelashes 

Cute face look

Not a fan of eyeshadow or heavy makeup? No problem, just grab some mascara.

This red and blue mascara proves that even simple Fourth of July makeup can make a big impact.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite fourth of July makeup idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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