24 Easy Fourth of July Hairstyles in 2024

Fourth of July Hairstyles

Looking for a simple and cute hairstyle for the Fourth of July? Here are 24 easy Fourth of July hairstyles in 2024!

From the simple glittered braids to the more stylish hair bows, you’ll be sure to find a hairstyle that matches your sense of style. 

You’ve probably never seen these hairstyles before, and this Fourth of July would be the perfect time to try them out.

We’ve also included some links below to help you with your search for the perfect hairstyle.

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Let’s dive in!

Glitter Space Buns

Fourth of july hairstyles

Fourth of July is the perfect holiday to rock glitter space buns.

Wrap your space buns super tight, add in red, white, and blue bow scrunchies, and throw on the festive glitter.

Fourth of July Braided Pigtails

cute Hairstyle with braids

For girls with long hair, we love the look of braided pigtails secured with red and blue scrunchies for Fourth of July. This is one of the cutest Fourth of July hairstyles out there.

The braids are a great way to pull your hair back and keep them secure for a day, and night, of fun.

BFF Braids

Simple cute hair for holiday

If you’re planning on spending the holiday with your BFF, you’re going to want to save this Fourth of July hairstyle idea.

Spend the morning braiding each other’s hair and adding in red, white, and blue star clips.

Red & Blue French Braids

Best Fourth of july hairstyle ideas

Who doesn’t love French braids for Summer?

Add in blue and red faux hair and you’ve got yourself an easy and fun Fourth of July hairstyle

Fourth of July Braided Hair Bows

Fourth of July Hair

If you didn’t already know, bows have become the biggest trend in 2024, so why not make them with your hair?

This Fourth of July hairstyle for long hair will be the most popular style at the party.

Part Pull-Back Hairstyle

Simple cute hair for holiday

Keep it simple with your Fourth of July hairstyle with an easy pulled-back look.

The added Fourth of July beret brings the festive Holiday touch this hairstyle needs.

Fourth of July Waves

Best Fourth of july hairstyle ideas

We love a good set of waves for Summer, especially Fourth of July.

With the added Fourth of July ribbon, this is an effortless look anyone can rock.

Fourth of July Messy Ponytail

Fourth of july hairstyles

If you need an easy and simple Fourth of July hairstyle, try a messy ponytail.

For medium and long hair, a messy ponytail can be a great way to keep your hair out of your face throughout the warm and sunny day.

Low Long Ponytail

Cute hairstyle with braids

A low simple ponytail is a favorite hairstyle of ours for long hair.

Add a Fourth of July hair scarf and you’re good to go for the Holiday in seconds.

Festive Fishtail Braid

Simple cute hair for holiday

For a fun and festive Fourth of July hairstyle that brings the “wow” factor, try this fishtail look.

Add in as many, or as little, Fourth of July accessories to customize this hairstyle.

Hair Scarf Loose Braid

Cute hairstyle with braids

The loose partial braid is a boho chic hairstyle any girl with long hair can rock for Fourth of July.

Just twist in a cute Fourth of July hair scarf and you’re good to go for your next party or family gathering.

Semi-Permanent Dipped Hair

Simple cute hair for holiday

Semi-permanent dipped dyed hair is easily one of our favorite Fourth of July hairstyles.

The red and blue colors help make this an IG-worthy hairstyle everyone will wish they had done too.

Blue & Red Ombre Hair

Best Fourth of july hairstyle ideas

Another great way to add Fourth of July colors to your hair is by using temporary colored spray.

Have a friend help you spray this on if you want a perfectly colored look.

Matching Hair Ribbons

Fourth of July Hair

A fun Fourth of July hairstyle for you and your BFF is color coordinating with red and blue matching hair ribbons.

Pull a section of curled back hair and tie these into little bows.

Boho Fourth of July Bandana

Simple cute hair for holiday

Another boho chic hairstyle we love is when you separate the front and back of your hair with a bandana.

This can work for any time of the year but works great for Fourth of July with a red, white, and blue bandana.

Fourth of July Accessories

hairstyle with accessories

It doesn’t take much to get a cute Fourth of July hairstyle.

You can even just add in Fourth of July themed accessories like red and blue bobby pins and silver star stickers.

Low French Braid Buns

Best Fourth of july hairstyle ideas

French braid buns are a super cute variation on the classic French braid hairstyle.

This Fourth of July hairstyle is more unique and you can add in red and blue ribbons for that touch of festivity.

Fourth of July Bubble Braids

Fourth of july hairstyles

If you haven’t already tried bubble braids in 2024, what are you waiting for?

Bubble braids are such a cute and simple way to get a braided look, without actually having to know how to braid.

Add in red, white, and blue mini elastics and you’ve got a variety of cute Fourth of July hairstyles.

Festive Messy Bun

Cute hairstyle with braids

A high messy bun is an easy boho look any girl can rock for the Fourth of July holiday.

Just throw up your hair and add on a red, white, and blue bandana for one of the more simple Fourth of July hairstyles that you’ll love.

Wavy Waterfall Braid

Simple cute hair for holiday

All you need for the perfect Fourth of July hairstyle are a few waves and a waterfall braid.

You can accessorize this hairstyle as much as you’d like but we love the look of the patriotic hair scarf.

High Short Ponytail

Best Fourth of july hairstyle ideas

A high ponytail is a great option, not only for long hair, but short hair too!

The short high ponytail is a fun look you can rock all day long.

You can make this look festive in seconds with a Fourth of July hair wrap.

Red & Blue Split Braids

Cute hairstyle with braids

We are loving the red and blue split hairstyle for Fourth of July in 2024.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, you should definitely try rocking this Fourth of July hairstyle.

Fourth of July Micro Braids

Simple cute hair for holiday

If there’s any hairstyle you should try this Fourth of July it’s adding in micro braids to your curled hair.

You can even weave in red, white, and blue faux hair into the micro braids to really make this hairstyle more festive.

Fourth of July Rose Bun

Fourth of july hairstyles

We’ve never seen a braided bun that looks like a rose but we are completely in love.

This creative take on a bun is perfect for the holiday, especially with the added red and blue colors.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite hairstyle idea for Fourth of July after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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