24 Simple Easter Nail Ideas in 2024

Easter Nail Ideas

Struggling to find some ideas for Easter inspired nail designs? If so, here are 24 simple Easter nail ideas in 2024!

In this list, we’ve included nail designs that showcase everything related, from pastel shades and bunny rabbits, to Easter eggs and spring flowers.

Whatever nail idea you’re looking for to try during Easter, you’ll be sure to find it here, as well as many designs that you might not have seen before.

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Let’s dive in!

Pastel Bunny Ears

Easter nail ideas

Nothing says Easter nails more than pastel bunny ear nail art.

These pastel bunny ears are the cutest touch to the perfect short Easter nails.

Easter Nail Daisies

Best nails for spring

Flowers are a classic go-to nail design for the perfect Easter nail set.

We love the look of these daisies on the light pink almond shaped acrylics.

Pastel Floral French Tip

Best Easter nails

These types of Easter nail ideas combine our two favorite nail design trends: a French Tip and flowers.

You truly can’t go wrong with these Easter nails this year.

Easter Chick Nails

Best Easter nails

Easter-chic is out and Easter-chick is in.

These are the most adorable Easter nail designs we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a ton of cute nail art.

Pastel Mini Hearts

Cute nail inspiration

If there’s one nail design trend we’re obsessed with in 2024, it’s the mini heart trend.

This Easter nail trend is perfected by the cute pastel colors.

If you don’t want to go to a salon to get these done, consider getting a pack of pastel nail stickers from Amazon.

Pastel Stars

Best nails for spring

Stars have become more and more popular in the nail art world, especially for Spring.

With the pastel colors on top of the light pink acrylic nail, you are going to want to wear these Easter nails all Spring long.

Easter Rainbow French Tip

Nail art for the holidays

No list of Easter nail ideas is complete without a colorful rainbow French tip.

What we love about this French Tip is how slim it is, which just adds the perfect pop of color.

Puff Pastel Nail Art

Easy and long nail art

Get creative with your Easter nails with a 3D puff pastel paint.

You can have as much fun with this Easter nail idea as you want.

Make a French tip, add in a ton of mini flowers, the options are endless!

Cute Easter Nail Art

Easter nail ideas

Have some fun with your Easter nail art with cute and fun graphics and pastel colors.

This Easter nail inspo just proves that you can have a cute Easter manicure on short nails too.

Pastel Gel Nails

Cute nail inspiration

Pastel gel nails are a simple, easy, and cost-effective Easter nail idea.

In fact, you don’t even need to go to a nail salon to get perfect gel nails, you can actually order a gel nail kit on Amazon!

Pink Bunny Nails

Easy and long nail art

Nothing gets cuter than this bunny nail art on top of pink glitter acrylic nails.

With nails this cute, you can truly rock it all Spring long, not just for Easter.

Pastel Striped Nails

Best Easter nails

Pastels, stripes, and gold, does it get better than this trifecta for an Easter nail idea?

You can easily do this at home with a few pastel colors and metallic gold nail tape.

Easter French Tip

Easy and long nail art

The recipe for a perfect Easter nail set is simple: just add pastel colors to a classic French tip.

On top of almond shaped acrylics, these subtle Easter nails are perfect for the entire season. 

Dreamy Easter Nails

Best Easter nails

Talk about a heavenly nail idea for Easter, this dreamy nail inspo is one we can’t stop obsessing over.

The bunny ears add the subtle hint of Easter these pink and white dreamy nails needed for the holiday.

Easter Waves

Nail art for the holidays

Have you ever seen a cuter set of wavy nail art? We sure haven’t.

These are truly the perfect Easter and springtime nails for any girl in 2024.

The orange, pink, and gold color combination is one you’re going to want to take note of this year.

Pastel Graphic Art

Easter nail ideas

Holidays are a great time to be creative with your nail art and go above and beyond what you might usually do.

For Easter, we highly recommend trying this graphic pastel nail art.

White Bunny French Tip

Cute nail inspiration

Another subtle, and super cute, Easter nail idea for you to try is this white bunny French tip.

We highly recommend trying this nail art on long almond shaped acrylic nails.

Any other shape or style nail and you won’t get the same effect.

Heavenly Nails

Easter nail ideas

Talk about cute nails, this might just be the most heavenly Easter nail inspo we’ve ever seen.

How have you not already saved this Easter nail inspo to your Pinterest board?

Pastel Polka Dots

Easter nail ideas

Keep it simple this Easter with this easy pastel colored polka dot nail design.

Anyone can do this, even you!

All you need is pastel colored nail polish or gel and a tip of a pen.

Gold & Pastel Pattern

Easter nail ideas

A messy variation of the polka dot design, this gold and pastel patterned nail art is such a unique Easter nail idea.

This is another Easter nail art that you can do at home with the right colors and tools.

Blooming Flowers

Easy and long nail art

There are so many ways to make floral nail art but this might just be our new favorite.

The blooming flowers against the soft yellow nail color are a combination we’re now officially obsessed with.

Speckled Egg French Tip

Easter nail ideas

If you’re just as obsessed with Cadbury eggs as we are, you should definitely try this Easter nail idea.

The speckled pastel French tip is a cute and creative take on a classic manicure for Easter.

Pastel Rainbow Art

Easter nail ideas

Spring is notorious for rain but you know what rain means? It means at the very end you can be expecting a rainbow. This is one of our more unique Easter nail ideas.

This pastel rainbow nail art is a cute reminder to find the happy silver lining in every situation.

Holographic Speckled Nails

Best nails for spring

Last but definitely not least are these stunning holographic pastel speckled nails.

These one of a kind nails are not as complicated as they might seem.

All you need is holographic nail paper speckled on top of a pastel colored acrylic set.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite nail idea for Easter after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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