6 Chest Workouts – Best Chest Exercises for Beginners at the Gym

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It’s time for everyone’s favorite day at the gym! Growing a big chest will help you look much bigger on top. Here are 6 Chest Workouts to do at the Gym:

Bench Press

chest workouts

One of the most common and important chest workouts of all time. High reps and changing the weight is recommended for this workout to really get a burn

Focus on bringing the weight down slowly to get the most out of this lift

Your lower back should not be touching the bench and the bar should be inline with your nose before you take it off the rack

(5 Sets) (15 Reps) (1 minute rest)

Incline Dumbbell Press

incline dumbbell chest press

Set up your chair so that your body is at a 45 degree angle and keep your elbows at 90 degrees when you bring the weights down

This workout will hit your upper chest, but if you feel it too much in your shoulders, then take your chair down a little

Start with a slightly heavy weight and slowly work your way down every set

(5 Sets) (12 Reps) (1 minute rest)

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Machine Chest Flys

chest flys best chest workout for men

Align the machine so that the handles are positioned right under your shoulders. You should be able to put your arms straight out to the side and grab the handle

Find a weight that will make you reach muscle failure at around 12 reps

Puff your chest out and make sure you’re sitting up straight

(5 Sets) (12 Reps to Failure) (30 sec rest)

Smith Machine Decline Bench Press

chest workout for beginners at the gym

This is a great opportunity to work on your lower chest, which rarely gets worked out properly. The smith machine will keep your bar controlled while you perform the lift

If you have a bench that allows it, angle it downward so that way your body will be on a decline

When you bench press on a decline, your lower chest gets activated by the lift

(5 Sets) (15 reps lighter weights) (1 minute rest)

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Cable Flys

cable flys chest exercises

Cable workouts are very effective in getting that stretch at the end of the pull. You will find it easier to do the cable fly by placing one foot in front of the other and keeping your chest puffed out

If you go too heavy you will end up swaying back and forth which can do more damage than good

Squeeze your chest at the bottom and let it slowly stretch when you go back up

(5 Sets) (15 reps) (30 sec rest)

Push Ups

push ups chest workout

Push ups are a great chest workout to cool down and finish off everything on a high note.

Have your arms shoulder with apart, keep your butt up straight, and focus on the squeeze at the top.

If you want to upgrade your pushup game while you’re at the gym, I highly recommend getting a push up stand to switch up your positions.

(3 Sets) (As many reps as you can) (30 sec rest)


There you have it! Six different chest workouts to choose from the next time you go to the gym. Remember to switch up your workouts once in a while to keep things interesting. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, be sure to leave them down below! Thank for reading!

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