18th Birthday Ideas for Girls That Are Actually Fun and Unique

18th Birthday Ideas for Girls

Just because you’re an 18 year old now, doesn’t mean your birthday has to be boring. These 18th birthday ideas for girls are unforgettable ways to have fun!

You’re a legal adult now, which is all the more reason to throw an epic birthday bash before you have to get started on your grown-up responsibilities– whatever that means.

Keep reading for some ideas on how to make your 18th birthday party the best it can possibly be!

Road Trip 

Take advantage of your newfound independence and find adventure by going on a road trip. Assign a friend to play DJ and another to provide snacks from the backseat.

Head towards the beach, the mountains, or a nearby city. If those don’t speak to you, you could always set out without a place in mind. Sometimes the journey is even more fun than the destination! 

Escape Room 

Going to an escape room is an excellent test of you and your friends’ survival skills. 

You’ll be essentially trapped in a room and given a series of puzzles and riddles to solve to work your way out. Even if you don’t end up as winners, the fun is in playing the game itself.

Break Room

Take an escape room to the next level with a “break room”. When you enter the break room, you’ll see computers, plates, and other electronics.

Then you’ll get handed a bat so you can destroy everything! If you’re holding onto any anger from the past 18 years, here’s your chance to let it go. 

Themed Party 

Adding a theme to your party can take it from totally basic to a night to remember. Once you pick your theme, all you have to do is make sure the decorations, food, and outfits fit in.

Here are a few options for your themed 18th birthday party:

  • Toga party
  • Pizza party
  • 80s throwback party
  • Meme party


Not much of a party girl? Hiking is one of the best 18th birthday ideas for girls who would prefer something more calm.

Spending your birthday hiking or going outdoors lets you chill out with a few close friends.

Fresh air and exercise will clear your mind for a calm and peaceful 18th birthday.

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There’s a reason this party is such a classic. It’s hard to beat the warm and cozy feeling of curling up on the couch with your besties to watch a movie or two.

Pop some popcorn and settle in for a rom-com or chick-flick like The Notebook or Mean Girls

Professional Photoshoot 

You only turn 18 once. Why not commemorate the occasion?

Getting all dressed up with your friends and getting your pictures taken by a professional will make you feel like the most glamorous celebrities on the red carpet. 

Plus, you’ll have killer Instagram pictures for the next day. 

Group Sleepover

Just because you’re a legal adult now doesn’t mean you’re too old for sleepovers. No matter your age, sleepovers are an awesome way of having fun with a big group of friends all night long.

You can watch movies, do your makeup, and stay up way too late talking. Everything except actually sleeping! 

Get a Massage

It’s your birthday… you deserve to pamper yourself! Go in for a massage by yourself or with your best friend to de-stress and start your adult life off on the right foot.

Try a New Food 

A birthday dinner with friends or family is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the people you love.

Instead of going back to your old favorite, consider trying something new for your 18th to celebrate the start of your new adventure.

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Rock out to your favorite artists at a concert for your birthday, and enjoy being able to get into 18+ venues!

Feel the beat, dance around, and sing as loudly as you want. 

Ice Skating 

If you’re lucky enough to be born in the winter season, embrace the chilly weather at your local skating rink.

Even if you have two left feet, it’s fun to slide around like a penguin on the ice. You can heal your wounded pride afterwards with a delicious, toasty cup of hot chocolate.

Beach Day 

Summer babies, take advantage of the beautiful weather and spend a day at the beach! There’s no better way to spend a summer day than lounging in the sun or cooling off in the ocean.

You can even combine this party with the first idea on this list and make it a road trip. Whatever you do, just make sure it includes lots and lots of ice cream. 


Chances are, your local lake or river is more than just a scenic view. Kayaking on the water is fun, relaxing, and not as difficult as it looks!

It does require a lot of teamwork, so choose your partner carefully. Spice things up and hold a race between you and your friends for an extra bit of friendly competition.


Almost like a combination between a sleepover party and a hiking party. Camping is one of the best 18th birthday ideas for girls.

If you’re not too scared of mosquitos, you’ll have an amazing time stargazing and roasting marshmallows with your friends. 

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Hotel Party

Rent out a hotel room in your city for a fun sleepover with a very fancy upgrade! Go for a swim in the pool, order room service, and enjoy a night in with the girls. 

Amusement Park 

A day at the amusement park is perfect for a thrill-seeking birthday girl. It’s hard to be bored in a place with such a never-ending selection of things to do!

An added bonus: screaming your heads off on the roller coasters or the tilt-a-whirls will bring you even closer to your BFFs. 

Spa Day

Spoil yourself and your girlfriends with a luxurious day at the spa. A relaxing facial or a mani-pedi will help you unwind and leave you looking (and feeling) gorgeous. 

Murder Mystery 

It may seem a little silly at first, but murder mystery parties are always an absolute blast.

Go all-out, really get into character, and get ready to do your very best detective work. You and your friends will be on your toes until the killer is finally revealed. 


Soak up the sunshine and socialize at a backyard cookout. Who could say no to hotdogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob?

Play some outdoor games like cornhole or horseshoes, or just enjoy each other’s company and conversation. 

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Get a Tattoo

This one definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve been waiting to get your ink, now’s the perfect time.

Go with a best friend for moral support, and to tell you how awesome it looks once you’re done. 

Cooking Class

Step up your game in the kitchen by hosting your birthday at a cooking class. You’ll be able to learn something new, expand your palette, and have a delicious meal that you made all by yourself! 


Hopefully these 18th birthday ideas for girls will give you something fun to do when you become a legal adult. Have fun, be safe, and have a very happy 18th birthday!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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