21st Birthday Ideas for Girls (Who Drink & Don’t Drink)

21st birthday ideas for girls

You’re about to turn 21 and what could be more exciting than that? Here are a few 21st birthday ideas for girls who drink and don’t drink!

You can finally have all the freedom you want! There’s nothing stopping you now!

Don’t know where to start with planning? This list of epic 21st birthday ideas will get you inspired and in the planning mode!

Whether you do drink or don’t drink, you’re going to have the most fun and memorable 21st birthday. So let’s get started!

21st Birthday Ideas for Girls Who Drink

Because it’s totally your first time drinking, here are a few ideas where you can incorporate alcohol into your day!

1) Night Club

Now that you’re 21, you can party however you want!

Plan a fun trip to the best nightclub in town or even out of town with your best friends!

Get dressed up, take shots, order fun new drinks, and dance the night away under the neon lights!

A night in the nightclub is a fun birthday idea for any girl who loves to party with their friends and make epic memories!

Don’t forget to request the song you want with the DJ since it’s your special day. Ring in your 21st birthday the right way!

2) Night at the Bar

Maybe you don’t want to go to a nightclub and just want something a little more chill?

For those of you who drink, head to your local bar with your closest friends and hang out. Nothing too crazy here! 

Meet some cool new people and make sure your favorite bartender makes you a special 21st birthday drink!

So pull out that fresh 21 year old ID, grab your friends or family, and have fun!

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3) Drinking Games with Friends

This is one of the best 21st birthday ideas for girls who don’t want to go out.

Stay in and play drinking games with friends!

The best part? If you’re someone who drinks and loves cocktails, make everyone bring a speciality cocktail to make!

Each person brings the ingredients and makes cocktails before the game! 

Here are 3 drinking games you can play on your 21st birthday:

No matter what game you play, just being around your closest friends and having a fun night will make your special day memorable!

4) Casino

You’re finally 21 and there is no better way to make it official than gambling at a casino!

Now that you can actually gamble, pull out that ID, take a seat at a Poker or Roulette table, and order yourself a drink, because the night is just getting started.

If you don’t live near a casino, plan a trip to the closest one or go all out for your 21st birthday and head to Las Vegas with your best friends!

No matter where you stay, you’ll be surrounded by casinos. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you familiarize yourself a bit with some of the casino game rules if you’re going to take a seat at a table!

Show up knowing your stuff so that you’re the cool 21 year old no one was expecting to join.

If you want something easier, head to the slot machines and play your night away!

5) Hotel Room Party

Who said you had to leave your hotel to have a good time?

This fun party idea is the ultimate way to spend your 21st with friends and party somewhere that isn’t home!

Rent out a suite in a local hotel and invite all your friends who drink to a night of games, chatting, partying, and music!

Have some of your friends spend the night with you in the hotel and keep the party going in the morning with a bottomless mimosa brunch! 

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6) Pool/Beach Day

Nothing beats these fun 21st birthday ideas for girls quite like a boozy pool/beach day with friends!

Bring your girls, your favorite drinks, snacks, towels, a speaker, and an umbrella (definitely don’t want to wake up with a sunburn)!

Spend your 21st birthday with your friends, some sun, and some even better music!

It’s definitely the best option for those of you who want a chill birthday vibe.

7) Wine Tasting

So you want a classy birthday? Look no further!

Plan a day trip to local wineries and spend your birthday hopping from winery to tasting room with your friends or fam! 

This is the perfect 21st birthday idea for girls who drink but want to be a little more classy.

Don’t forget to make reservations so you’re guaranteed a spot at each winery!

8) 21 and Older Concert

Some of the best concerts are exclusively for 21 and older, so now’s your time to shine!

If you’re a girl who drinks and wants a fun 21st birthday, head to your local 21 and older concert and dance the night away.

It doesn’t even have to be a performer you know! Make it a surprise and bring your friends.

Pull out that fresh ID, order some of your favorite drinks, and dance the night away!

9) Cruise Ship Vacation

One of the all time best ways to celebrate your 21st birthday is with a fun and memorable cruise ship vacation!

Whether you’re headed to Mexico, the Caribbean, or the Bahamas, cruises go to endless destinations and boast the most fun for 21 and older guests!

With casinos, nightclubs, drinking bars, and 21+ older comedy clubs, the boat is tailored specifically for you!

There’s nothing quite like spending your birthday traveling to new destinations and spending those sea days in the nightclubs or casinos.

Get ready to have the most epic and fun 21st with a weekend cruise!

21st Birthday Ideas for Girls Who Don’t Drink

Not much of a drinker? No problem.

These next few ideas will be just as fun and don’t involve a drop of alcohol!

10) Road Trip

A fun 21st birthday idea for girls who don’t drink is to take the road trip you’ve always been wanting to do with your friends or family!

Pack adventurous clothing, sleeping bags, snacks, and get ready to head out on an epic birthday trip!

Don’t forget to bring a good DJ for the car ride, that is crucial!

11) Bowling Night

Have an incredible 21st by heading to your local bowling alley and bowling the night away!

Invite all of your friends and family and make it a fun competition between teams. Get matching bowling jerseys with your bffs and get ready to show off those bowling skills!

With fun music and delicious snacks, you can’t go wrong with this birthday bowling idea!

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12) Themed Party

If you’re on social media, you’ll know these have been trending like crazy. Spend your 21st birthday with a fun themed party!

Make everyone come as a celebrity whose name starts with J, as the cast of Schitt’s Creek, or even dressed up as dads!

The possibilities for themed party ideas are endless.

Make sure to get some inspiration from TikTok as these are all the rage on social media right now!

13) Fancy 21st Birthday Dinner

Get classy with your 21st and host a fancy and fun dinner. Do it at your house with friends and family or head to a local fancy restaurant.

Ring in your special day by getting all dressed up and eating incredibly delicious food and desserts!

It’s your day and you’ll eat what you want!

14) Spa Day

A spa day is one of the best 21st birthday ideas for girls who don’t drink.

It’s relaxing, soothing, and is exactly what you need to relieve stress.

Invite your closest friends or family and spend your day with deep tissue massages and charcoal facials.

We can all use a stress free day in our lives so why not make it your 21st?

Book your reservations ahead of time and get ready to have the ultimate day of relaxing with your closest people.

15) Professional Photoshoot

Like getting your photo taken and want to get dressed up for your 21st birthday?

Plan a professional photoshoot and have your friends help you get ready for your time to shine!

This is great for girls who don’t drink and want to spend their day being the center of attention. Plus, you’ll get perfect new pics to post on social media!

Book a local photographer, or go to a studio, and have the spotlight on you for your 21st birthday!

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16) Kayaking

If you live near a body of water, nothing spells an adventurous 21st birthday more than a kayaking trip!

Make sure you leave all your fears out the door and get ready to soak in the sun and water for an adventure filled day!

Don’t forget to grab your favorite friends and waterproof camera!

17) Break Room

Get ready to smash some plastic and break things of all types in an action packed 21st birthday break room party.

Suit up with your friends and get ready to wreak some havoc!

The best part? You don’t have to clean up the mess! This is truly a day you don’t want to miss!

18) Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is one of the best 21st birthday ideas for girls who don’t drink! It is becoming more and more popular and for a good reason – they’re epic!

And you might surprise yourself with how good you are. 

If you’re someone who wants to spend your special day making epic memories with friends,  this is the birthday idea for you!

Book an axe throwing session, or two, and end the night at a nearby restaurant!


Hopefully these birthday party ideas gave you some inspiration for your 21st birthday. Happy birthday!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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