10 Best Mini Fridges for Dorms in 2024

best mini fridges for dorms

Need a new mini fridge for college? Come pick from these 10 best mini fridges for dorms in 2024! You won’t regret it!

From affordable options to vintage and retro compact fridges, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your preferences.

Plus, most of these refrigerators include freezers or another added feature such as a reversible door.

But first, what kind of mini fridge is good for dorm rooms?

What Makes For the Best Mini Fridges for Dorm Rooms?

The best mini fridges have a few key features:

  1. Compact – The best mini fridges for your dorm room are the ones that can actually fit! You don’t want to worry about a bulky fridge that won’t fit your space.
  2. Affordable – Mini fridges can get pricey so finding one in your budget and price range is key to choosing the next best mini fridge for your dorm.
  3. Durable –  A long lasting fridge can go from dorm to dorm and last all throughout your college years and beyond.
  4. Adjustable – Being able to adjust your mini fridge is key to having it suit your lifestyle.
  5. Extra Features – Ability to make ice, fits the style of your dorm, magnetic, reversible door, etc.

These are the 5 factors we used to determine the best mini fridges for college students.

Let’s dive into the list!

Best Mini Fridges for Dorms

These mini fridges range in size, color, shape, and features.

You’ll find some that are affordable, high end, durable, and everything in between! Take a look…

1) Leuwd Compact Refrigerator 3.3 Cu Ft Mini Fridge with Freezer

best mini fridges for dorms

With 3 temperature settings, a freezer, and 3.3 Cubic Feet of storage space, the Leuwd Compact refrigerator is great for anyone’s dorm!

This mini fridge has adjustable shelves so you can completely customize it to your groceries and make it work for you, without worry!

With little to no noise and a sleek titanium exterior, we’re putting this as the top of our list for dorm mini fridges in 2024.

2) Black+Decker BCRK17B Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

best compact fridges for dorm rooms

If you’re looking to add a mini fridge to your dorm but are worried about having enough space, then try this Black & Decker 1.7 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge.

This mini fridge packs all of the features you want into a small, compact, and easy to move size.

With a freezer and an ice tray, we have been loving this mini fridge in your room, and the best part is that it comes in three different colors so you can make sure it matches your space.

But we’re not done there! This affordable mini fridge rings in at only $120 so you don’t have to break the bank with your purchase.

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3) RCA Black Mini Fridge for Dorms

best mini fridges for dorm rooms

The RCA Mini Fridge is one of the best mini fridges for dorms because it has tons of space for food and drinks.

This dorm fridge is also unique in that it comes in 8 different colors including blue, green, and red.

You can get a funky and fun fridge and ditch the boring old simple colors you’ve seen your whole life.

With a reversible door, adjustable thermostat, and adjustable feet, this fridge can work in any space and is truly the perfect choice for any student!

4) Costway Mini Fridge, 3.2 cu ft. with Removable Shelves

best mini fridge with reversible door

The Costway Mini Fridge is an incredible high quality fridge for any student looking for tons of space and features.

This fridge has a separate freezer at the top, wide angle LED lights, and adjustable glass shelves!

This long lasting fridge will keep up with your lifestyle and will look good doing it.

With a stainless steel exterior and recessed handle, the fridge is not only high quality, but looks high quality too!

5) AstroAI Portable Mini Fridge for Beverages

portable mini fridge for college dorm

If you’re looking for a small, compact, and affordable mini fridge that’s easy to use then you’re in luck. This AstroAI Portable Mini Fridge is perfect for you.

We recommend this mini fridge for the students who are looking to hold a few drinks or snacks or for the skincare obsessed student who needs to be able to hold their skincare in a cool environment. 

This is a great portable fridge that can fit anywhere in your dorm or bathroom and hold a few of the key essentials. Plus, a price tag under $45 is simply unbeatable!

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6) Walsh WSR35S1 Compact Adjustable Single Door Fridge for Dorm Rooms

best mini fridges for dorms

The Walsh Compact Adjustable Fridge was made with the college student and dorm room in mind. 

With the ability to hold 3.5 cubic feet of food and drinks and with a sleek stainless steel finish, you cannot go wrong with this mini fridge in your dorm.

The fridge is packed with features including an adjustable thermostat, separate freezer, reversible doors, and adjustable shelves.

So if you are looking for the ultimate mini fridge for your dorm, get ready to add this to your cart!

7) Galanz 1.7 Cubic Foot Compact Dorm Refrigerator

compact dorm refrigerator

Sometimes compact and small are the way to go when it comes to adding anything to your dorm room.

This 1.7 Cubic Foot Compact Mini Fridge is perfect for the student looking to add some coolness to their snacks and drinks without an overpowering appliance in their space.

With an affordable price tag of only $120, it’s no wonder students all across campuses are using this as their go-to mini fridges for dorms in 2024.

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8) Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

best mini fridges for dorms with reversible door

Simple, affordable, compact, easy to use, and long lasting. Those are our favorite features of the Midea Compact Mini Fridge,

This mini fridge is a great option for college students who want to be able to chill a few of their favorite snacks and drinks. 

Plus, you won’t be taking up a ton of space in your dorm room!

With a reversible door, adjustable temperature, and adjustable legs, this mini fridge can fit almost anywhere in your dorm and at $156 it cannot be beat in terms of price!

9) Frigidaire Retro Bar Mini Fridge for Dorm Rooms with Side Bottle Opener

mini fridge for dorm room with bottle opener

If style is the name of the game for your dorm room then look no further for your next mini fridge! This Frigidaire is truly the most retro and cool fridge you’ll ever find for your dorm.

With 7 color options including red, blue, coral, and white, this fridge will look good in anyone’s dorm.

One of our favorite unique features this fridge offers that we rarely see in others is the built-in bottle opener.

You can open any of your drinks without wondering where you put your bottle opener!

At under $200, you cannot go wrong with this fun and funky mini fridge!

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10) Euhomy 3.2 Cu.Ft Mini Fridge with Freezer

best mini fridges for dorms with freezer

You don’t want a cheap mini fridge that will need to be replaced within a year. We know that, so we’re bringing you the long lasting, high quality mini fridge we swear by!

This has everything you could possibly want in a mini fridge for your dorm including 7 temperature settings, a separate freezer, adjustable shelves, and energy saving technology.

This fridge even looks good too, coming in three high quality finishes including black, white, and silver.


Hopefully these 10 mini fridges for dorm rooms gave you a few great options for your next fridge to bring to college!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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