5 Things You Should Know About Losing Your Virginity

Losing your virginity is a very interesting experience. You’ll need to know how to go about it to make things easier. Here are 5 Things You Should Know About Losing Your Virginity:

It’s Awkward

So do it with someone you care about. This will make it a lot less awkward if you’re comfortable with the girl you’re doing it with.

Your chances of being nervous will also go down if you’re comfortable with the person. That helps a lot with keeping the “little guy” up before having sex.

It Will Hurt Her

If it’s her first time too, she’s going to be in some pain. It could just be in the beginning or for the entire duration of it. If you know you’re mutually losing your virginity, get some type of lubricant to make the process easier.

Go slow and help her out; you’re in this together after all.

Get condoms with lubrication too in case it isn’t planned. Make sure you are using a condom! It is not worth risking anything.

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The moment you realize that you can be in a situation to start having sex, buy condoms.

Seriously people! Stop what you’re doing right now and buy condoms if you are approaching sexual activity soon!

I don’t care if you are a guy or girl reading this, you should buy a pack either way OR grab them for free at the college you go to. Most colleges have them available in the health department.

First you need to understand how to use them:

Open the top of the package being careful not to rip or poke the condom. Grab the bulb part of the condom that is bulging out of the circle and place the condom on the tip of your penis. The condom can only roll down one way so if it’s not rolling down just flip it around.

Make sure you’re still holding the bulb while you roll the condom down your penis to reduce air pockets, ensuring a good grip. Be sure that you have left room at the top for when you ejaculate.

To dispose of the condom after, remove it by sliding it off from the base and wrap it in toilet paper so it is fully covered, then throw it in the trash. DO NOT throw it in the toilet.

You Will Either Cum Really Fast or It Will Take Forever

Using a condom can make it hard to feel much sensation during sex. Plus, being nervous will make it difficult to stay erect. If these things happen to you, it’s perfectly normal.

You are very likely to take a long time to cum, or you might not cum at all from the sex alone. The only thing that might save you here is fast speed and a lot of friction, but if this hurts the girl, don’t do it.

The other scenario is you’re very sensitive and you’ll feel everything so much that you’ll be trying hard not to cum. If you end up cumming fast, that’s also perfectly normal especially for the first time.

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It’s Not What You Expect

No, it’s not like the movies you’ve seen. Positions are going to be uncomfortable and confusing. At the same time, that’s the beauty of it. No one is perfect at anything the first time they do it. Everyone’s experience is different too, so even the advice you received from friends may not apply to you.

Talk to your partner and learn from everything you try. It only gets better from here! Stay safe and enjoy it when you do.

Losing your virginity only happens once and you will most likely remember it for life. Make sure it’s with someone you trust and care about. Definitely don’t do it just to get it over with, it’s not worth it and you will regret it.

Be safe!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments leave them down below!

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