10 Best Blogs for Teenagers (That Are Actually Useful)

10 best blogs for teenagers

Are you a teenager looking for awesome teenage advice? Here are the 10 best blogs for teenagers to follow (that are actually useful!)

Included you’ll find many different topics such as lifestyle, college, finance, entertainment, and more!

Hopefully after reading this, you end up finding your favorite blog (or at least some valuable resources for your future).

Let’s get into it!

Teens Got Cents

Eva, the founder of Teens Got Cents, started her blog when she was only 16 years old!

She realized that money is such an important topic in life, yet teens are never properly introduced to it. That’s why she started Teens Got Cents… to guide teenagers on everything related to money, saving, jobs, and shopping!

Her resources are simply amazing and I highly recommend signing up for her ebook (7 Days to Centsible Savings).

This blog will always go down as one of the best blogs for teenagers who are eager to start off life the right way!

By Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee started her blog in her teens with the goal to help high school and college students get through life easier.

She claims to be the millennial Martha Stewart and honestly… I can see it!

Sophia even has some resources for getting started in the blogging space if that’s something you’re interested in doing yourself.

Definitely check out her blog for all things dorm, apartment, healthy meals, and blogging.

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College Info Geek

Thomas Frank, the founder of College Info Geek, is an absolute master at being the most efficient person on the planet.

His blog (that he started in college) is fully dedicated to helping young adults become better students with tips on studying, test prep, productivity, career, and more!

If you prefer learning those topics through video, check out his youtube channel (Thomas Frank). His videos are insanely high quality and have helped tons of students all over the world.

Modern Teen

Shameless plug, whoops!

But in all seriousness, I created this blog specifically for teenagers! If there’s one blog you should follow, it’s this one. This is totally not biased at all ?.

You can learn tips on college, teen life, studying, money, fashion, relationships, and more! If this isn’t one of the best blogs for teenagers then I don’t know what is.

Be sure to check around the blog for new tips specified towards modern teens and college students.

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This Online World

Tom Blake, the founder of This Online World, found so much opportunity in the space of making money online.

In this day and age, everything has moved online and teenagers understand that more than anyone. If you want to know how to take advantage of “this online world” then definitely check out his blog!

You’ll learn tips on making money online, saving money, earning passive income, and more!

Check out the Tom Blake Youtube channel if you’d prefer to learn through video instead. Hint: His top post is on ways to make money online as a teenager.

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is possibly the largest blog for teenagers on this list with millions of monthly viewers and a diverse teen audience.

This blog covers all things politics, current events, identity, style, and culture. Clearly different from the other blogs mentioned so far.

If those topics interest you, definitely check out Teen Vogue. Their content is very entertaining, yet informational at the same time.

They also have a large Youtube channel sharing the same sort of topics in a more entertaining fashion.

Plus, teenagers are on Youtube more than blogs so at least some of the sites on this list have channels of their own.

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You’ve probably heard the name before in some way, shape, or form. BuzzFeed is another huge blog and entertainment platform for teenagers to learn new things, take fun quizzes, and engage in movie/tv culture.

Their Youtube channels are incredibly fun to watch for their huge team, bringing on famous celebrities, and trying fun challenges.

Some of their notable watches include the series “Worth It” where two friends try a certain food at 3 different price points to see which food is most worth it.

This is definitely one of the best blogs for teenagers who are interested in just having some fun.

College Life Made Easy

College, scholarships, printables, money, you name it.

Charli, one of the co-founders of College Life Made Easy had the goal to do exactly what the name of the blog insinuates… making college life feel like a breeze.

The resources and knowledge shared on this blog stands out from so many other college blogs because of the true experience that Charli brings to the table.

She knows what a college student goes through, the transitions in young adult life, and all the ways to make that feel so much easier.

Check out College Life Made Easy for the absolute guide on getting through college.

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Although this is not necessarily a blog, I felt the need to include this on the list of the best blogs for teenagers.

The Reddit page, r/teenagers, is a fun and exciting way to relate to teen life on the deepest level possible. These are real teenagers having actual conversations (it doesn’t get more real than that).

Reddit in general is an awesome platform for teenagers to get advice from people on relationships, studying, funny content, etc.

If you haven’t tried this social media before, I highly recommend you give it a shot. Especially r/teenagers, where you’ll find the deep and funny stuff.

Fran Acciardo

Fran, the true teenage lifestyle blogger, has grown her blog to such an impressive point that it’s hard not to like her!

Her blog focuses on college, travel, music, style, and so much more through the eyes of a young adult.

If you want a classic blogger that simply shares her life and what works for her, definitely check out Fran Acciardo’s blog for some inspiration.

Not to mention, her instagram is really cool too!

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Hopefully these 10 best blogs for teenagers have helped you learn some new resources or found a new favorite blogger. Stick around on Modern Teen for more teen advice!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

  1. As a teenager, it’s really hard! But you’ve changed my perspective, thank you!
    I loved it Btw😁😁😁☺️

  2. This is so helpful to teenagers like me, who are also struggling financially or even in college. Thank you for this, love it!

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