7 High School Life Hacks Every Student Needs Freshman Year

School sucks, I get it. A lot of things are just so difficult and confusing during these years, but no more! Here are 7 School Life Hacks Every Student Needs:


Power of the Lock Screen

  • On your first day at school, take a picture of your schedule and set it as your lock screen
  • Take a picture of a motivational quote and put it on your lock screen
  • Take a picture of your locker combo and put it on your lock screen

The point is, the lock screen of your phone is a life saver when you use it correctly.

Free Math Answers

You can get answers to almost any math assignments online by typing in the name of the textbook and then “answers”.

It should look something like this: “Geometry and Lines 12th Edition answers”

For a more specific search, add in the chapter number/name you’re looking for.



  • When taking notes, you are more likely to remember something written in blue ink rather than black ink or pencil
  • Writing something out again is the memory equivalent of reading that same material 7 times!
  • You are also 50% more likely to remember something by speaking it out loud instead of just reading it to yourself
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Hacking School’s Security

If your school blocks out sites like YouTube, clothing stores, or gaming websites: Incognito mode on google chrome will slip right past it all.


Calculator Trick

When I learned this one, my perspective on life changed forever! Did you know that you can swipe left or right on the iPhone calculator to delete the last digit?

No more starting over every calculation because you pushed the wrong button!


If you don’t know what Slader is, you’re missing out on a lot of saved time doing homework.

Slader is an app and website that allows you to find all the answers to every problem in your textbook by scanning the bar code or searching the name of the textbook.

Slader got me through 6th grade and up with math. There are a lot of different textbooks with different subjects as well so check it out and see if your textbook is available with answers.

Not only does it give you the answers, but it shows you how to do the problem with explanations.


Memorize Pi

There is a very simple trick to remember the first few digits in the value of pi (3.1415926):

Count each word’s letters in the sentence “May I have a large container of coffee”

The amount of letters in each word represent the digits in pi

EX: May=3




I love Life Hacks so much and I think everyone can learn something new in this section of the blog!

If you guys have any comments, question, or suggestions please let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

  1. And doing all of this (looking up answers) helped you learn how? I am a high school counselor and thought by the title this might be something to share with my incoming freshmen. Guess not since many of these tips are an exercise in dishonesty! Getting free answers? Hacking school security? Really?!!

    Granted, I do like #1 and #3 and may share these but as for the others, don’t think so!!

  2. Hi there!

    I completely understand where you’re coming from (especially since you’re a high school counselor and want the best for your students).

    Just know that 99% of students already know these tricks by the time they’re sophomores, whether they find out at school or on this blog. Plus, the “free answers” resource is actually a great way for students to learn because the answers include step-by-step instructions on how to solve problems.

    I appreciate you sharing the rest of the tips though! Take care 🙂

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