25 Simple Baddie Tattoo Ideas in 2024

Baddie Tattoo Ideas

Struggling to find a cool tattoo idea to rock that baddie look? If so, here are 25 simple baddie tattoo ideas in 2024!

Discover our collection of tattoos for girls, curated to complement your style and personality. From delicate designs to intricate patterns, find tattoos featuring shades of blue that harmonize with your attire and make a statement effortlessly.

Moreover, explore easy-to-apply tattoo options for those seeking a more low-maintenance approach.

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Let’s dive in!

Celestial Tattoo

Baddie tattoos ideas

One of our favorite baddie tattoo ideas will always be celestial inspired tattoos, especially small and dainty ones.

Celestial tattoos that include the moon, stars, and planets, are timeless and can work anywhere on the body.

Flash Tattoos

best tattoos for girls

Flash tattoos have become the new baddie tattoo trend in 2023 and 2024, and we are so here for it.

These flash tattoos, or also known as sticker tattoos, consist of small micro tattoos placed all around your bodies, like stickers.

Cocktail Tattoos

Small tattoo for girls

A baddie tattoo idea we’re obsessed with in 2024 is the small cocktail tattoo trend that girls are doing with their BFFs.

You all choose your favorite drink and get that tattooed in the same spot on each of your bodies.

Red Snake Tattoo

Baddie tattoos for women

Snake tattoos are a super popular baddie tattoo idea but a unique way to get it that’s a bit different from everyone else is to get it in red.

Red is a completely underrated color for tattoos and you’ll definitely see more and more of it this year.

Wave Tattoo

Baddie tattoo inspo

For all of our beach baddies, this wave inspired thigh tattoo is calling your name.

If you practically live for the beach air and salty waves, this is one baddie tattoo idea you don’t want to skip.

Koi Fish Spine Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for baddies

Did you know that a koi fish tattoo symbolizes strength, perseverance, and good fortune?

So not only are you getting a super cool spine tattoo with this idea, you’re also getting a tattoo with meaning.

Floral Thigh Tattoo

Baddie tattoos ideas

There are so many different ways to rock a floral thigh tattoo but this garter inspired tattoo might just be our new favorite.

The fine link ink work looks impeccable with this floral pattern. True baddies can appreciate it.

Script Tattoos

best tattoos for girls

Every baddie has a script tattoo somewhere on their body, it’s basically a right of passage.

Whether it’s a quote you love or a line someone meaningful said to you, there are millions of different scripts you can get tattooed on your body.

Italic Neck Tattoo

Small tattoo for girls

We’ve become such fans of italic neck tattoos, especially when they feature just one word and look this good.

So if you’re looking for one of the best baddie tattoo ideas in 2024, this is high up on our list of recommendations, just look at Rihanna and Zoe Kravits for inspo.

Celestial Finger Tattoos

Baddie tattoo inspo

Finger and hand tattoos have made their way into pop culture thanks to icons like Hailey Bieber, Cara DeLavigne, and Rihanna.

Our personal favorite? Star inspired dainty finger tattoos.

Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

Baddie tattoos for women

We might be biased, because we have this tattoo, but there is nothing we love more than a butterfly forearm tattoo for women.

It’s feminine, girly, but still has that baddie tattoo factor we’re looking for.

Forearm Snake Tattoo

Baddie tattoo inspo

We’ve shown you the red snake tattoo idea, but this wrap around forearm tattoo takes that to a whole new level.

Floral Forearm Baddie Tattoo

Baddie tattoos for women

You’ve probably seen this floral forearm tattoo all over your pinterest if you’ve ever searched for a tattoo, and that’s for a good reason.

This popular tattoo for women is stunning, eye-catching, and doesn’t take too long to complete.

Leopard Tattoo

Small tattoo for girls

We love a good animal inspired tattoo, especially when it’s made in a modern art style like this one.

This is for all of our big cat loving baddies out there.

Sticker Sleeve

best tattoos for girls

When you hear the word, “sleeve” in reference to tattoos, you most likely think of the traditional sleeve tattoo that covers every inch of skin.

Well there’s a new sleeve type in town and it’s the patchwork sleeve trend we’re obsessed with.

Traditional Sleeve Tattoo

Baddie tattoos ideas

Traditional sleeves for tattoos are truly for baddies and baddies only.

Sleeves are not for the faint of heart and take a true baddie to pull them off.

Cupid Tattoo

Small tattoo for girls

We don’t know when or how they became popular but we sure have fallen in love with cupid tattoos.

This is one baddie tattoo idea that will give people heart eyes.

Single Line Art

Tattoo ideas for baddies

The single line art tattoo style is a personal favorite of ours and makes for some of the best baddie tattoo inspo.

How could you not look at this and fall in love??

Barbed Wire Baddie Tattoo

Baddie tattoos for women

A barbed wire heart tattoo? Does it get any more baddie than this…

Coquette Chery Tattoo

best tattoos for girls

If you haven’t noticed, the coquette trend has completely taken over, but not just in fashion, in tattoos as well.

We’re seeing more and more bows pop up in tattoos and we fully support this trend, especially with this cherry baddie tattoo idea.

Baddie Bouquet Tattoo

Baddie tattoos for women

Every baddie needs a floral bouquet tattoo somewhere on their body.

We recommend making the bouquet from your birth month flowers to make it extra personal to you.

Large Arm Tattoos

Tattoo ideas for baddies

It doesn’t get more baddie than adding large statement tattoos on your arms.

These are the tattoos for women who want to be noticed and aren’t looking to hide anything. Definitely one of our favorite baddie tattoo ideas for this year.

Sticker Hand Tattoos

Baddie tattoos ideas

It’s 2024, which means you can throw away the idea that hand tattoos are bad.

All of the baddies know that sticker hand tattoos are not only the new trend, but they’re here to stay because of how incredible and badass they look.

Baddie Thumb Tattoo

best tattoos for girls

A finger baddie tattoo idea we’re loving in 2024 is this dainty script running along the thumb.

Give this tattoo meaning by adding inspiring words or a quote from a loved one.

Large Back Tattoos

Baddie tattoo inspo

We will forever and always love large back tattoos for baddies.

Your back is your largest piece of canvas on your body so have fun with filling it up.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite tattoo idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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