50 Coolest Prom Hairstyles for Guys in 2024

Prom Hairstyles for Guys

Need a cool hairstyle for this year’s prom? If so, here are the 50 coolest prom hairstyles for guys in 2024!

Whether you’re a fan of the classic elegance of pompadours and slick side parts or prefer a more relaxed aesthetic, you will find the right look for your prom night.

You’ll easily get a quick hairstyle that will look perfect on your prom day and have people turning heads.

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Let’s dive in!

Slicked Back Look

Prom hairstyles for guys

The slicked back prom hairstyle for guys is super easy and simple, all you need is mousse or hair gel.

Messy Middle Part Flow

Prom hairstyle ideas for guys

The middle part flow hairstyle for men is a look we’re obsessed with in 2024, but add a bit of messiness and we think it’s a killer prom hairstyle.

Medium Height Afro

best hairstyle for guys

A medium height afro is a great go-to for guys who want something that looks fresh and stylish. Definitely one of our favorite prom hairstyles for guys.

Wavy Medium Length Side Part

Easy medium hairstyles

The wavy medium length side part haircut is a great prom hairstyle idea for guys who want something easy and shows off their natural waves.

Blunt Indie Cut

Formal haircut for teenage guys

For a trendy hipster look, try this Jacob Elordi inspired indie cut prom hairstyle.

Distinct Shave

Mens hairstyles for prom

You can’t really call it a fade if the shave line is this distinct, but either way, we love this as a mens hairstyle for prom.

Natural, Medium Length Hair

Mens hairstyles for prom

Keep things super easy and simple with Noah Beck’s inspired natural hair, which works best if you have medium length hair with some natural waves and curls.

Surfer Hairstyle

Prom hairstyles for guys

Whether you actually just came from surfing, or just want to look like it, this messy long hair look is perfect for you.


Prom hairstyle ideas for guys

Cornrows are a great prom hairstyle for guys who want to keep their textured hair out of their face while they’re tearing up the dance floor.

Long Twists with Ponytail

best hairstyle for guys

If you have longer textured hair, try adding in some twists and pulling them back into a ponytail for your cool prom hairstyle.

You can even add beads to the twists that match your prom outfit.

Purple Buzzcut

Easy medium hairstyles

Prom should be about standing out, not blending in, and this is one prom hairstyle for guys that will surely set you apart.

Old Money Haircut

Formal haircut for teenage guys

The old money trend is back in fashion and in hair, and this is one prom hairstyle idea for guys we’re obsessed with.

50’s Greaser Prom Hairstyle

Mens hairstyles for prom

Another great throwback prom hairstyle for guys is this 50’s inspired greaser haircut.

Tucked Behind the Ears

Prom hairstyle ideas for guys

Having long hair can give you the opportunity to rock this cool tucked behind the ears prom haircut for boys.

Half Slick Back

best hairstyle for guys

This half slick back medium hairstyle is great for guys going to prom that want to keep their hair out of their face.

Medium Length Straight Hair

Easy medium hairstyles

Let your straight hair shine with this simple and easy mens hairstyle for prom that will have girls asking what conditioner you use.

Long Surfer Hair

Formal haircut for teenage guys

For the guys who practically live at the beach, you can make your long surfer hair work for prom, just try combing it before you leave the house.

Tousled Medium Haircut

Prom hairstyle ideas for guys

There’s nothing quite like the effortless natural look of these types of tousled prom hairstyles for guys.

Fresh Buzzcut

Prom hairstyle ideas for guys

If you want the easiest hairstyle you can possibly get for prom, go into your barber and get a fresh buzzcut that morning.

Low Drop Fade

Prom hairstyles for guys

A low drop fade is a cool short hairstyle for men that’s easy to maintain and keep up with.

Short Natural Curls

best hairstyle for guys

Nick Jonas is the king of rocking his short, natural curls but making them look formal and clean-cut, perfect for prom.

Wavy Fringe & Fade

Easy medium hairstyles

You can’t go wrong with this wavy fringe & fade mens hairstyle for prom in 2024.

Wet Hair Look

Formal haircut for teenage guys

These types of trendy wet hair looks are prom hairstyles for guys that have been blowing up on social media and are actually easy to do.

Just comb a handful of gel throughout your hair and give it time to set.

Buzz on Bottom, Long on Top

Formal haircut for teenage guys

The buzz on bottom, long on top mens hairstyle is a good option for prom if you’re wanting a haircut that will make you look cool.

Straight Fringe with Fade

Mens hairstyles for prom

If you like the wavy fringe with a fade look but have naturally straight hair, you too can pull of a similar prom hairstyle.

Blonde Highlights

Mens hairstyles for prom

Who said highlights were just for women?

Highlights, when they look this good, are a great idea to spice things up for your prom hairstyle.

Silver-Fox Hair

Prom hairstyle ideas for guys

If highlighting isn’t enough for you, try this cool and alternative silver-fox hairstyle.

Medium Length Twists

best hairstyle for guys

Medium length twists are easily one of our favorite prom hairstyles for guys with super textured hair.

Side-Shave Mullet

Easy medium hairstyles

The mullet has made a come-back but if you’re wanting a more alternative version of it as your prom hairstyle, add in a side shave.

Medium Length Wolf Cut

Formal haircut for teenage guys

Similar to a mullet, but surprisingly a little more tame, the wolf cut had become one of our favorite hairstyles of 2024.

It will definitely give you that edgier look at prom.

Modern Mullet

Mens hairstyles for prom

This modern version of the traditional mullet is as formal as you can get for prom if you’re really wanting to rock the throwback hairstyle.

Fringe with Gel

Prom hairstyle ideas for guys

If you want to have a ton of fringe in your hairstyle, and want it to stay in place all throughout your prom night, gel will be your best friend.

90’s Fringe Bowl Cut

best hairstyle for guys

Believe it or not, this is Leonardo Dicaprio in a bowl cut, and somehow, we actually like it.

Bubblegum Pink Hair

Easy medium hairstyles

If your girl is rocking a bubblegum pink prom dress, you have no other choice but to rock this matching pink mens hairstyle for prom.

Dominic Fike Prom Hairstyle

Easy medium hairstyles

Dominic Fike not only has great music, he has great style, so if he’s rocking the bleached tip look, then you can too.

Short Clean Cut Prom Hairstyle

Formal haircut for teenage guys

If you’re wanting clean-cut and formal types of prom hairstyles for guys, there is no better choice than this one.

Volumized Side Part

Mens hairstyles for prom

Warning, this prom hairstyle idea for guys might just get every girl at prom to ask what your post-shower hair routine is.

Super Short Straight Hair

Prom hairstyle ideas for guys

This clean-cut super short prom hairstyle is simple, easy, and great for guys who really don’t like having hair in their face.

Short Wave with Fade

Prom hairstyles for guys

This proves that you can totally rock the wave with fade prom haircut with short hair, you just have to gel it the right way.

Old Money Side Part

Prom hairstyle ideas for guys

Take the old money hairstyle but make it even more old money by adding in a sharp side part with a slight wave at the top of your hair.

Formal Brushed Back Hair

best hairstyle for guys

Brush back your short, side part hair and add gel to get that formal prom hairstyle for guys every girl will fall in love with.

Super Clean Wave

best hairstyle for guys

Not a hair is loose in this super clean wave mens hairstyle, which makes it perfect for prom.

We’re just telling you now, you’ll definitely need a lot of gel and a good, fine comb.

Iconic Man Bun

Easy medium hairstyles

If you have super long hair, you’ve got to rock the iconic man bun hairstyle for prom. If you wanna try a look from this prom hairstyles list, then this is the one to try.

Long, Wavy Mullet

Formal haircut for teenage guys

Another modern take on the traditional mullet is having a longer, more layered style to it.

Medium Quaff Prom Hairstyle

Mens hairstyles for prom

Not all of us can achieve the amount of volume you need for a quaff like this, but if you have that ability, you should definitely rock these types of prom hairstyles for guys.

French Crop Hairstyle

best hairstyle for guys

Whether you’ve been to Paris, or haven’t, the French crop is a cool alternative hairstyle that is taking social media by storm.

Short High Fade Hairstyle

Easy medium hairstyles

Rather than rocking a low fade, which you might be used to, try rocking a high fade with your short hair for prom instead.

Tousled Crew Cut

Formal haircut for teenage guys

The crew cut is an easy and simple go-to if you have short hair and aren’t exactly sure what you want to do with your hair, but know you don’t want anything too edgy.

Fringe Bangs with Fade

Mens hairstyles for prom

When you hear bangs, you might think of the hairstyle for women, but guys can also rock bangs, and yes, they can look this good too.

Wavy Quaff

best hairstyle for guys

The quaff was a huge hairstyle a few years ago but this modern take is making a comeback, and it’s perfect for prom for boys.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite hairstyle for prom after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!


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