49 Must-Try Baddie Hairstyles in 2024

Looking for a cool new hairstyle that you want to try? If so, here are 49 must-try baddie hairstyles in 2024!

Ready to level up your style with fierce hairdos? Our guide covers a range of hairstyles that exude confidence and creativity. From large curls to slick ponies, find the perfect look for any event.

Our selection includes versatile and trendy hairstyles sure to turn heads. Whether you want a quick update or a dramatic change, this list has something for you.

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Let’s dive in!

Blowout with Bangs

Baddie hairstyles

If you’re wanting a “wow” factor baddie hairstyle idea, the blowout with bangs look is one you don’t want to miss.

90’s Inspired Updo with Bangs

Best hairstyles for girls

This might be the best recreation we’ve ever seen of the iconic 90’s updo with bangs. Definitely one of our favorite baddie hairstyles from this list.

90’s Baddie Layered Haircut

90's layered haircut women


Another iconic baddie hairstyle we’re obsessed with is this 90’s inspired medium length layered haircut.

Micro Buns

long hairstyle for girls

What better baddie hairstyle idea for school than this slicked back style with micro buns?

It keeps your hair out of your face and keeps you looking like a true baddie.

Micro Bob

cool haircut for teens

This micro bob for short hair will immediately make you a baddie if you can pull it off just right.

Long Half Updo

Baddie hairstyles

This Y2k baddie hairstyle for black girls is one we’re loving for 2024 and perfect for long hair.

Red with Blonde Hair

cool haircut for teens

Talk about a baddie hairstyle, nothing compares to this red and blonde baddie haircut for long hair.

Blonde Box Braids

long hairstyle for girls

Box braids are one of our favorite baddie hairstyles for black girls, especially with the added blonde highlights.

Curly Baddie Updo

Short hair for girls

When you think of an updo you probably think of a stiff updo your mom would wear, well honey, this is not your average updo, this is one for the baddies.

Taylor Hill Messy Bun

cool haircut for teens

Taylor Hill is an icon, a legend, and the moment, and if she’s rocking this messy bun hairstyle on the red carpet, you should be rocking it too.

Half Pulled Back Hairstyle

Best hairstyles for girls

We’re majorly crushing on this half pulled back baddie hairstyle idea, great for long or medium length hair.

Super Long Waves

Best hairstyles for girls

This is one hairstyle for baddies you do not want to sleep on if you’re blessed with long hair.

Wavy Blunt Bob

Hairstyles for baddies

True baddies know that the blunt bob is the “it” girl hairstyle of 2024, and if you don’t know that, are you really a baddie?

Slick Retro Inspired Ponytail

long hairstyle for girls

There are so many ways to do a ponytail for school but this slick 50’s inspired ponytail is the main way any baddie should do it.

Bubble Braids

long hairstyle for girls

For black girls with long hair, bubble braids are that baddie hairstyle you should be rocking for school any chance you can get.

Baddie Multi-Braids

Best hairstyles for girls

It doesn’t get more baddie than adding two different types of braids to your hair at the same time: traditional and bubble braids.

This is one fierce baddie hairstyle idea.

Super Slick Straight Hair

cool haircut for teens

Not a single hair is out of place in this super slick straight baddie hairstyle.

70’s Inspired Headband Hairstyle

Baddie hairstyles

We never thought a 70’s inspired headband look could be considered baddie, but this inspo pic proved us wrong.

Slick High Ponytail

long hairstyle for girls

Hailey Bieber is just that girl, and she’s setting the trends with this slick high ponytail.

The Delany Childs Bun

Best hairstyles for girls

Delany Childs is going VIRAL with her iconic bun tutorial, and it’s the perfect baddie hairstyle for short or medium length hair.

Platinum Blonde Baddie

Baddie hairstyles

Kim Kardashian would be the woman to set the trend of baddies going platinum blonde.

Selena Inspired Updo

cool haircut for teens

For latinas wanting a baddie updo, just take a book out of the icon Selena’s hairstyle playbook.

Asian Inspired Space Buns

cool haircut for teens

We think all of our Asian baddies should try this space bun hairstyle idea, especially if you’re going out in the Summer.

Tight High Bun

long hairstyle for girls

For black girls who want these types of baddie hairstyles that are easy to manage and look STUNNING, this tight high bun is the one for you.

Middle Part Messy Bun

Hairstyles for baddies

The middle part messy bun is a hairstyle every baddie should have in their arsenal.

Bubble Pigtails

long hairstyle for girls

You’ve heard of bubble braids, but what about bubble pigtails? Our new favorite baddie hairstyle for black girls and for latinas with textured hair.

Edgy Platinum Bob

Best hairstyles for girls

For our blondes wanting a baddie hairstyle, we love this look of going completely platinum and getting a blunt bob baddie haircut.

Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Best hairstyles for girls

Pink hair, don’t care should be the slogan for baddies in 2024, and the required hairstyle.

Sabrina Carpenter Bangs

cool haircut for teens

We’re obsessed with the iconic Sabrina Carpenter bangs as the baddie hairstyle for long haired girlies.

Blue Baddie Hair

Short hair for girls

Oh you didn’t like the pink baddie hairstyle idea? Well, what about blue?


Short hair for girls

For black girls who want a baddie hairstyle, that’s also protective of their hair, cornrows should be your new best friend.

Long Hair Half Updo

long hairstyle for girls

For latinas with long hair, this messy half updo baddie hairstyle is one we’re begging you to try.

Clean Girl Bun

long hairstyle for girls

At this point every baddie, and every girl, should know that the slicked back clean girl bun is the baddie hairstyle that will never go away.

Long Baddie Braid

Baddie hairstyles

We are envious of our latina baddies who have long enough hair to pull off this single braid hairstyle.

Baddie Pigtails

Baddie hairstyles

Leave it to Vanessa Hudgens to create this iconic baddie hairstyle for latinas in 2024.

Soft Baddie Waves

Baddie hairstyles

Your baddie hairstyle can be trendy while still being soft and feminine, just like these stunning waves.

Zig Zag baddie Hairstyle

cool haircut for teens

By now if you’re not doing a zig zag part with your baddie hairstyle, you’re not really living up to your full baddie potential.

Micro Braids with Buns

Short hair for girls

If Rihanna, the queen bee baddie herself is rocking micro braids with her buns, we all should be too.

Blunt Short Bangs

Short hair for girls

A part of being a baddie is rocking hairstyles most people won’t rock, like these short, blunt bangs.

Fringe Side Bangs

long hairstyle for girls

And if you just can’t bring yourself to rock the blunt bangs, these super cute fringe bangs are just as great for any baddie.

Modern Baddie Ponytail

Hairstyles for baddies

The modern baddie ponytail is all about having a defined middle part with thick pieces of hair framing your face.

Long Twist Braids

Short hair for girls

For black girls who want a different variation of braids that they haven’t tried before, we highly recommend twist braids.

Low Baddie Buns

Hairstyles for baddies

We’re obsessed with these low buns as baddie hairstyles for school or running errands.

Baddie Pigtail Hairstyle

Hairstyles for baddies

If you have long, thick hair, we’re immediately jealous that you can pull off this baddie hairstyle.

Curtain Bang Updo

cool haircut for teens

We’re forever in love with the curtain bang and updo baddie hairstyle pairing.

Baddie Bow Accessories

cool haircut for teens

With bows being the trendiest fashion, style, and lifestyle trend of 2024, it’s only fitting to add them to your baddie hairstyle ideas.

Braided Ponytail

Best hairstyles for girls

For black girls with braids, putting your hair back into a ponytail is an easy way to change up your look.

Slick Comb Over

Best hairstyles for girls

If there’s one baddie hairstyle we’re dying to pull off, it’s this slick comb over.

Curtain Bang Pigtails

cool haircut for teens

The last baddie hairstyle we’re crushing over is this curtain bang pigtail look that has us swooning.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite hairstyle after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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