25 Simple April Nail Designs in 2024

April nail designs

Looking for a cute and stylish nail idea for this month? If so, here are 25 simple April nail designs in 2024!

No matter what nail design you have in mind, you’ll be sure to find many to your liking throughout this list. From simple Easter-inspired nails to stylish and elegant pastel-colored nails, the options are endless. 

In this list below, you’ll find links to different nail polish colors or sets that go with that specific idea. There are also links to even more nail designs if you didn’t find yourself in this list.

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Let’s dive in!

Speckled Egg Easter Nails

April nail designs

Because Easter just so happens to be the last day of March, your Easter nails will also be at the beginning of April.

And there is no better Easter nail design than this speckled egg almond shaped acrylic manicure.

With the speckled flower detailing, call us obsessed. This is definitely one of our favorite April nail designs from this list.

Lavender Glitter Acrylics

Simple nail designs

There are two things we’re obsessed with when it comes to nails: nail art is made with flowers and glitter.

This April nail design just so happens to have both, and they’re set on top of perfectly shaped almond acrylics with lavender gel polish.

Micro-Butterfly French Tips

Best design for nails

If you’re looking for the cutest and most unique French tip nail design for April, you should definitely try this inspiration out.

The silver and pink color combination is instantly elevated with the micro-butterfly nail art and silver glitter.

Pink & Gold Foil April Nails

Cute nail art

There’s nothing we love more in April than a sleek, modern, and unique manicure, just like this one.

The elegant pink ombre nail design is perfectly complemented by the gold foil accents. These types of April nail designs are simple and easy to pull off.

Purple Pastel Nails

Elegant nails for spring

We’ve found a cute, simple, pastel April nail design that screams, “Spring” without being too complicated.

With the rose gold foil accent and tiny butterfly nail art, this pastel purple manicure is easily a fan favorite for the season.

Teal Marble Nails

Simple nail designs

We love the creativity that goes into long, almond shaped manicures and the accompanying nail art.

There is no limit to what you can do: just take a look at this beautiful teal and gold marble nail design.

Short Marble Nail Art

April nail designs

You don’t need to have long, almond-shaped acrylics to rock the gorgeous teal marble nail design you just saw.

You can rock it on your short, natural nails too! Just make sure to use a strong gel polish so it lasts more than a few days.

Blue Floral Nail Art

Cute nail art

We love a simple floral nail design, especially when it looks this cute!

This is the perfect spring nail design if you want a simple, cute, and easy manicure for the season.

Lavender Nail Art

Elegant nails for spring

You’ve seen and heard of lavender colored nails, but combining that with true lavender flower nail art? Genius!

This is a one-of-a-kind and unique April nail design we’ve never seen done before but are hoping will become popular in 2024.

Fruit Inspired April Nails

Best design for nails

Have you ever seen a sweeter spring nail design?

This is one juicy fruit inspired April nail art idea.

Buzzing Spring Nail Design

Cute nail art

We are buzzing for this adorable bumblebee April nail idea for 2024. With the bee nail art paired with flowers, you cannot go wrong with this cute April fingernail design for spring.

Colorful Spring Flowers

Best design for nails

Flowers for spring? Groundbreaking.

In all seriousness, this is a classy and elegant twist on a spring floral nail design that’s perfect for the girl who wants an elevated, modern manicure.

Cherry Blossom Nails

Elegant nails for spring

Do you know what April is most known for? It’s cherry blossom season!

The rare occurrence of blossoming cherry flowers should be enough inspiration to try this unique April nail design.

Pastel Chrome Rainbow

Best design for nails

Chrome is the nail design trend of 2024, but it can be hard to choose just one color for your entire manicure.

The best part of this pastel chrome rainbow inspiration, is that you don’t have to choose!

Sunset Ombre Nails

Elegant nails for spring

We are truly suckers for a beautiful sunset.

If you’re like us and have a strong love for a gorgeous spring sunset, why not try this horizon inspired ombre nail design?

It works perfectly on top of a squared acrylic nail shape.

Gel Line Nail Art

Simple nail designs

There are so many ways to be creative with gel nail polish, but this might just be one of our new favorites.

This gel line nail art can be done with any pop of color, although we must say the pink is perfectly fitting for spring.

Terrazzo Inspired Nails

Best design for nails

If you’re looking for a unique and modern April nail design that’s still easy to achieve, why not try Terrazzo inspired nails?

Terrazzo has taken the art and architecture world by storm in 2024, so naturally, it’s only fitting for it to also take over the nail world too.

Floral French Tip

April nail designs

For a simple, cute, and easy twist on a classic white French Tip acrylic manicure, try this inspiration out!

The single flower bordering the French tip is a stunning way to elevate an already gorgeous French tip nail design.

Pastel Rainbow Nails

Simple nail designs

Who can resist this stunning, easy, and simple pastel rainbow nail design for spring?

This might just be one of the best ways to rock a simple gel nail polish in April.

Vibrant Rainbow Nails

Best design for nails

If you love the look of the pastel rainbow nails but want something a bit more colorful, go for vibrant gel nail polish instead!

Rock the rainbow nails on your short, natural nails, or opt for a long acrylic set, like a coffin or almond shape.

Matte Purple Acrylics

Elegant nails for spring

There is no other manicure that has instantly drawn us in like this one.

There is something mesmerizing about the matte top coat on top of the different shades of purple.

Lavender Polka Dot French Tip

Elegant nails for spring

As you can tell, April is all about pastel colors, especially purple pastels, like lavender.

This lavender French tip nail design looks incredible with the small white polka dot detailing.

Multi-Colored Polka Dots

Cute nail art

Another cute way to rock polka dots on your April nails is by using multiple colors.

Whether you do the same and choose pink and purple or use your own colors of choice, there is no wrong way to rock these types of April nail designs.

Muted Rainbow Nails

Simple nail designs

Not a fan of super colorful nails?

Not to worry, this muted rainbow April nail idea is perfect for you!

Pastel Puff Easter Nails

Best design for nails

A new trend in nails that we’re seeing more and more of in 2024 is the use of puff paint.

Puff paint (or some call it 3D paint) is a unique way to have your nail art stand out, and when you have a manicure this cute, you’re going to want to show it off.


Hopefully these 25 nail ideas gave you some inspiration for what nails to rock this month!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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