25 Best Air Force 1 Outfit Ideas for Men in 2024

Air Force 1 outfit ideas men

Are you looking for some outfit inspiration to match your new Air Force 1s? Here are the 25 best Air Force 1 outfit ideas for men in 2024!

These ideas will include outfits for low, mid, and high Air Force 1s, so you’ll be able to match with any shoe type.

Whether you’re looking to dress up or down, summer or winter, street style or minimal, you’ll be sure to find an outfit that matches your preferences!

Want more outfit inspiration? Check out our favorite picks:

Let’s dive in!

With a Bomber Jacket

Air Force 1 outfit ideas

Bomber jackets are one of our favorite Fall and Winter accessories, especially when paired with low top Air Force 1s.

This easy outfit for men is a great example of how to style Air Force 1s in a simple and effective way.

With a Graphic Sweater

Air Force 1 outfit ideas for men

Graphic Sweaters have become more and more popular for men in 2024, especially as a layering piece for Summer.

So the next time you want to style your white low top Air Force 1s, grab a fun sweater.

Air Force 1s With a Summer Suit

formal Air Force 1 outfit

Who said Air Force 1 outfit ideas for men can’t be formal or classy?

When paired with a tan suit for summer, Air Force 1s can look stylish, elevated, and cool.

With Green and Black

black Air Force 1 high top outfit

Green and black has become one of our favorite color combinations, and it’s perfect for a black Air Force 1 high top outfit.

With green jeans, a simple black tee, and a matching watch, you’ve got yourself a cool Summer/Fall outfit.

With a Pop of Color

Air Force 1 with colorful outfit

Add in a pop of color to your Air Force 1 outfit to take it to the next level.

Although a white tee and cargo pants already looks great with your white Air Force 1s, the added color just makes it that much cooler.

With a Linen Button Down

how to style Air Force 1s

Summer is coming which means you need to add a simple beige linen button down to your wardrobe.

When paired with black slacks and mid or high top Air Force 1s, this formal outfit might just become your new favorite.

With Brown Trousers

best Air Force 1 outfit ideas

Who said trousers weren’t cool? Definitely not us.

If you’re wondering how to style Air Force 1s, just grab a white graphic tee-shirt and brown trousers for a look you’ll love.

With Cargo Pants

Air Force 1 outfit ideas for men

One of our favorite Air Force 1 outfit ideas for men will always involve a plain black tee and a pair of cargo pants.

This simple outfit can be worn anywhere, any time, and during any season.

With Baggy Jeans

Air Force 1 outfit ideas with jeans

If you’re jumping on the baggy jeans trend of 2024, then you should definitely try this Air Force 1 outfit idea. 

Just add your favorite black or white graphic tee to your white Air Force 1 look.

With Khaki Shorts

Air Force 1 outfit ideas with shorts

Khaki shorts can be cool if you make them cool with the right outfit. 

This Summer inspired Air Force 1 outfit is perfect for any guy who wants to be more fashionable without trying too hard.

With a Neutral Outfit

high top Air Force 1 outfit

No outfit idea list for men would be complete without a neutral outfit paired with white high top Air Force 1s.

This look is a Spring and Summer staple in 2024.

With a Hoodie and Jeans

Air Force 1 outfit

If you’re looking for a casual, but still stylish, Air Force 1 outfit idea, then you have to try this easy look.

Just grab a neutral hoodie, a pair of tapered jeans, and white or black Air Force 1s for a simple look that any guy can pull off.

With Skinny Jeans

white Air Force 1 outfit ideas for summer

We promise skinny jeans are still in, contrary to what Gen Z might think.

Pair your favorite Air Force 1s with light-washed skinny jeans for an easy everyday Spring or Summer outfit. 

With Athletic Shorts

man with shorts and AF1

White high top Air Force 1s will always look good with athletic shorts and a simple white top, no matter what.

This outfit can work for all seasons depending on whether you want to wear a tee-shirt, or you want to layer on a sweatshirt.

Air Force 1s With a Simple Tee

low top Air Force 1 outfit ideas for men

Keep it simple and easy for Summer in 2024 with an outfit that you can put together in less than 60 seconds.

Just pair your mid top Air Force 1s with shorts and your favorite simple tee.

With a Black & White Outfit

black and white outfit

You don’t need color to look cool. In fact, this simple black and white outfit just might be one of our favorites.

Even though it’s so simple, the black hat and shorts bring this whole look together to create the perfect Summer outfit.

With a Gray Outfit

all grey outfit with Air Force 1s

We’re all about a comfy and easy outfit in 2024. 

This gray sweatsuit outfit looks surprisingly good when paired with fresh mid top Air Force 1s.

With a Summer Blue Outfit

Air Force 1s with jeans for men

This Summer inspired blue monochromatic look has to be one of our favorite Air Force 1 outfit ideas we’ve ever seen.

Going for a monochromatic look with blue jeans and a teal shirt is such an easy way to take your look to a new level.

With a Black & Brown Outfit

black and brown shorts outfit guys

Brown has become the go-to color for fashion in 2024, and we’re here for it.

This black and brown outfit paired with white Air Force 1s and crew socks is a look we can get behind all year round.

With a Vintage Outfit

streetwear Air Force 1 outfit ideas men

If you’re looking for a vintage inspired outfit to go with your Air Force 1s, then you’ll love this look. 

From the turtleneck, to the trousers, and down to the two-tone Air Force 1s, we surprisingly love this look.

With a Checkered Shacket

checkered shacket for men

A checkered shacket (sweater/jacket) is a must-have for every guy’s closet, no matter the season.

When paired with black jeans and two-tone Air Force 1s, you’ve got yourself the perfect Fall outfit.

Air Force 1s With a Denim Jacket

Air Force 1 with denim jacket

If there’s anyone you should take fashion advice from, it’s’ definitely Drake.

His courtside and streetside style is always A+.

So when you’re in the mood for some Air Force 1 outfit inspiration, rock a similar Drake look with a denim jacket and black jeans.

With Blue Shorts

Air Force 1 outfit ideas with shorts

Blue shorts are a must have for summer and can be worn with more outfits than you think.

When paired with a vintage band-tee and white Air Force 1s, blue shorts can look pretty good.

With a Cozy Crewneck

street style Air Force 1 outfit ideas

Be cozy in 2024 and pair your favorite soft crew neck with your white Air Force 1s.

This simple and comfortable outfit is perfect for an everyday look that can be worn anywhere.

Air Force 1s With a Monochrome Outfit

Air Force 1 outfit ideas

Monotone outfits have become more and more trendy in 2024, and for a good reason.

These monochrome sets are incredibly easy to pull off, you just need one color, and they make you look well put together.


Hopefully you found your favorite Air Force 1 outfit that you can wear to look stylish when you go out.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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