6 Triceps Workouts – Best Tricep Exercises for Beginners at the Gym

Grow your arms the fastest with building the triceps. They make up two-thirds of the arm. Here are 6 Triceps Workouts to Do at The Gym:

Rope Pushdown

Grab the rope attachment and stand up with good posture. Bring your arms down and squeeze the triceps at the end. Slowly let your arms bend back up to feel the stretch on the way up.

Pick a weight that keeps the focus in the triceps and not other muscle groups. Lower the weight if you feel it in your back/traps or if you are swaying. Very effective with the straight bar attachment as well.

(5 sets) (12-15 reps) (30 sec rest)

Skull Crushers

Take a straight barbell or EZ bar with a comfortable weight. Find a bench to lay down on. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the bar. Lay back and have the bar held above and slightly behind your head.

Bring the bar down until it reaches the back of your head. Try to bend only your elbows to bring the bar down and push it back up. You will feel the intensity in the triceps more if you keep your elbows slightly tucked in.

(5 sets) (12-15 reps) (30 sec rest)

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Close-Grip Bench Press

This exercise is self explanatory. It’s the exact same as doing a bench press, except with your hand gripped closer together on the bar.

You won’t be able to use the same weight you use to bench, so don’t try. Experiment with the weight until it feels right.

Keep your back arched, elbows tucked in, control the way up and down.

(3 sets) (12-15 reps) (1 min rest)


If you don’t have a dips machine, use the manual one. These should be done until failure every time.

Failure – The point at which you genuinely can’t continue

Be honest with yourself. If you think you can pump out 2 more reps, then do it. The main focus is squeezing the triceps at the top.

You should keep your elbows tucked in the whole time no matter what. You will start working out your chest or front deltoids if you flare out your elbows.

(3 sets) (To Failure) (1 min rest)

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Dumbbell Kickbacks

Grab a dumbbell and a straight bench. Place one knee and one hand on the bench. Make sure your back is parallel to the bench and your elbow is at 90 degrees.

Kick back the dumbbell so your arm is perfectly straight and parallel to your back. Control your arm back down to 90 degrees without it just falling straight down. Switch to the other arm immediately after doing the set with one arm.

(3 sets) (24 reps (12 each arm)) (30 sec rest)

Overhead Extensions

Grab a heavier dumbbell and grip it with two hands under one of the plates. This exercise can either be done seated or standing.

Bring the dumbbell behind your head so your elbows are fully bent. Raise the dumbbell all the way up so your arms are straight and over your head. Keep your posture up right and your back straight.

(3 sets) (12-15 reps) (1 min rest)


There you have it. Six fundamental triceps workouts you can do at the gym. Take your time and learn how to do them properly. If you have any questions or comments leave them down below! Thanks for reading!

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