What To Do Summer Before Junior Year of High School

what to do summer before junior year of high school

Don’t know what to do summer before junior year of high school? Here are 10 awesome ideas to give you a head start!

Before we start, you should note that some of these ideas may or may not be available for you depending on a few factors.

Your location, previous grades, free time, or financial situation can all affect your ability to do some of these activities.

That being said, there are still plenty of options for you to choose from no matter who you are!

Let’s dive in!

Take College Courses

Sign up for college courses at your local community college to gain credits for your future.

Your high school might already be partnered up with nearby colleges and could potentially offer classes within the high school campus.

The credits are extremely valuable for when you actually go to college because you’ll already be ahead of everyone else.

Plus, if you stay consistent with it throughout high school, you can finish college early when the time comes. Some students finish college 2 years early!

Universities also see your ambition to take on more college level classes which looks impressive on your application.

Start a Part-Time Job/Business

Get yourself familiar with working an actual job, having responsibilities, and managing your own money.

If you’re the entrepreneurial type, start putting your ideas to action with a business that you can grow over summer.

If you don’t know what to do summer before junior year of high school, starting a part-time job is one of the best choices.

There are numerous summer job opportunities for teens that you can find online.

As you get older and busier, you’ll develop a laziness that’s hard to climb out of if you don’t start now.

Keep in mind that a business of your own is extremely impressive to share with colleges or even future employers.

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Volunteering is a great way to keep yourself occupied over the summer while doing something good for the community.

It helps with college applications and gets you a few hours to go towards other things like job applications.

It also shows that you’re a good person who cares about the world around them and that’s an impressive thing to show nowadays.

You might also need hours to satisfy high school requirements and build new skills along the way.

You can volunteer at places like summer camps, nursing homes, day cares, community centers, animal shelters, and more!

Study for the SAT or ACT

Studying for the SAT and ACT is one of the most important tips for juniors in high school because you need your scores for college!

Junior year is also the most common year for students to take the SAT. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the material yet, now would be a good time.

Get all the prep you can with books, apps, courses, and more! Of course, ACTs are included as well if that’s the test you decide to take.

If you’re looking for an excellent course that guarantees high SAT and ACT scores, check out Prep Expert for their classes and private tutoring!

Start Looking at Colleges

Just because you finished sophomore year, doesn’t mean that college isn’t right around the corner.

The earlier you start looking, the better. Familiarize yourself with everything that universities have to offer and start figuring out what you like about them.

If you’re super hooked on 1 specific school, consider taking a trip to the campus this summer. Maybe you’ll realize that it’s not for you or that you have to get in no matter what.

One of the best tips that helped me was to talk to people who were already in college.

That’s where you get the real inside scoop on what everything is actually about!

Read a Book

I know… boring right? Well, not exactly.

Reading books is one of the best things to do summer before junior year because knowledge is everything.

I hated reading until I realized that I was just reading the wrong books.

If you have an interest in business, for example, consider checking out a book on some sort of business topic you’re interested in.

By the way, reading comes in many forms. Maybe you’re a blog fanatic who loves absorbing information on the internet.

Either way, use this summer to further expand your brain.

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Stay in Touch With Teachers and Friends

If you had any great teachers during sophomore year, be sure to stay in contact with them so they don’t forget who you are.

You never know. That one teacher who likes you might give the best recommendation letter in the future.

Same thing goes with friends. Summer is still a time for a bit of fun, so have some while you’re still early into high school.

Junior year is going to be a tough one. Keep as many friends and teachers in contact to make your life easier.

Hit the Gym

There’s a big chance that you’ve officially completed your 2 year requirement for P.E.

Congrats, but that doesn’t mean your physical health should stop there. Hit the gym or do a full body workout at home.

Staying active and healthy is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. If you start young and stay consistent, you’ll always be in great shape!

Plus, if you’re on a sports team, getting stronger and having better stamina will only help you more!

Join a Teen Summer Travel Program

Believe it or not, you can “study abroad” during the summer as a teenager.

The reason “study abroad” is in quotes is because you’re not really sitting in a class and studying.

Instead, you’re traveling to certain countries (of your choice) with a group of like-minded teenagers and learning about their culture.

It’s much more of a fun thing than it is an educational thing. Plus, these look extremely good on college applications.

The only downside about these programs is that they’re really pricey (like thousands of dollars), so they’re not for everyone.

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Get an Internship

If you don’t know what to do summer before junior year of high school, getting an internship is your best option!

An internship gives you tons of experience, grows your connections, looks good on applications, and could earn you money too.

A lot of them are still unpaid (which really sucks), but you should definitely check out the unpaid ones if you’re passionate about the work.

An internship will also teach you what you like and don’t like about certain industries, positions, and workflows.


Hopefully these 10 ideas gave you some inspiration for what to do this summer. Remember to stay busy!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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