25 Best Renaissance Fair Outfit Ideas in 2024

Renaissance Fair Outfit Ideas

Trying to find a cute outfit for the Renaissance fair and need some help? If so, here the 25 best Renaissance fair outfit ideas in 2024! 

In this list, you’ll find outfit ideas ranging from the simple old-fashioned looks, to the more artsy yet stylish outfits of that time.

Whichever outfit you choose, you’ll be sure to catch people’s attention.

Plus, we’ve included a couple of unique Renaissance looks, that you’ve probably never seen that might catch your eye!

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Let’s dive in!

Boho Renaissance Fair Look

Renaissance fair outfit ideas

Plaid Maxi Skirt, Lace Tiered Skirt, Off Shoulder Top

We can’t stop obsessing over this super cute boho renaissance fair look.

The neutral, plaid, and suede colors pair together beautifully and make this one of our favorite Renaissance fair outfit ideas we’ve ever seen. 

Garden Elf Renaissance Look

Renaissance fair outfits ideas for girls

Green Corset, White Long Sleeve Top, Elf Ears

Channel your inner garden elf with this super cute forest inspired Renaissance fair outfit.

This look is all about the layers, and the more you have, the better!

But don’t forget your elf ears when you’re making this outfit.

Victorian Renaissance Outfit

Best medieval look for fair

Ivory Victorian Dress, Ivory Corset

The Victorian era was an era known for beautiful ivory gowns worn by women of the elite class.

We love this sophisticated and classy take on a renaissance fair outfit idea for girls.

Pirate Renaissance Fair Look

Cool outfit look for festival

Pirate Renaissance Set, Pirate SetPirate Hat, Black Thigh High Boots

Arrrgghh matey, do you know where we can find Jack Sparrow?

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned pirate theme for their Renaissance fair outfit?

Garden Queen

Cool outfit look for festival

Floral Corset, Blue Maxi Skirt, Renaissance Belt

We might’ve stopped wearing flower crowns in 2013, but they still have their place in Renaissance fairs!

You can easily DIY your own flower crown for this Garden Queen look from artificial flowers or real ones.

Just make sure if you’re using real flowers to be extra gentle.

Renaissance Aurora

Creative outfit for festival

Blue Renaissance Fair Dress 1, Blue Renaissance Fair Dress 2

The Frozen and Renaissance fair crossover we never knew we needed.

Channel your inner Elsa with this creative take on the Disney princess for your next Renaissance fair outfit.

Simple Renaissance Festival Look

Renaissance fair outfits ideas for girls

White Steampunk Skirt, Brown Renaissance Top, Leather Belt, Gray Knee High Boots

This simple Renaissance festival outfit idea is perfect for the girl who needs an easy and last minute look.

Most of these clothing items you can get on Amazon, especially the corset, belt, and boots.

Easy Linen Renaissance Look

Renaissance fair outfit ideas

White Tank 1, White Tank 2, White Tiered Skirt

One of the easiest last minute Renaissance fair outfit ideas are to just layer on your whimsical linen clothing items.

Whether you already have a linen top and skirt, or need to buy one from Amazon, this is a simple and affordable option for any girl.

Plus you can rewear these items in your everyday life so they don’t have to sit in your closet collecting dust all year long.

Romantic Renaissance Look

cute look for party

White Tiered Maxi Skirt, Floral Crop Tank 1, Floral Ruffle Tank

If you want a girly romantic Renaissance fair look that’s easy to put together last minute, we’ve got you covered.

Grab a ruffled crop top and tiered white white maxi skirt to create this gorgeous Renaissance look you’ll feel confident and beautiful in.

Mermaidcore Outfit Idea

Creative outfit for festival

Pink & White Skirt, Pink Lace Top, Pink V-Neck Tank, White Lace Kimono

Who would’ve thought a mermaid theme would work so well as a Renaissance fair outfit idea?

We’re obsessed with this look, especially the DIY starfish belt!

Pink Renaissance Look

Best medieval look for fair

Pink Dress Option 1, Pink Dress Option 2, Corset

This cute and whimsical pink Renaissance fair look is everything we could want and more.

You can find a similar corset and dress on Amazon, making these an affordable last minute Renaissance festival option.

Cottagecore Renaissance Fair Look

Renaissance fair outfits

Lace Tiered Skirt, White V-Neck Long Sleeve

Cottagecore is having its moment in fashion right now and we’re all about it.

Cottagecore is all about whimsical flowy clothing items that make you feel like a fairy, perfect for your next festival or wearing out and about.

Medieval Mini

Renaissance fair outfits ideas for girls

Medieval Mini Dress Set

This Medieval mini Renaissance fair outfit is perfect for summertime festivals!

This combines medieval with pirate to create a cute, trendy, and simple Renaissance look for girls.

Pink Renaissance Mini

cool party outfit look

Pink Fairycore Set

This cute pink mini Renaissance look is absolutely stunning.

Although this pink Renaissance fair outfit idea is simple, the color and flowy fabric make this the perfect fairycore outfit. 

White Floral Mini Look

Trendy party look

White Floral Mini Set

A great last minute look for an upcoming Renaissance fair is this trendy white and floral mini fairycore dress. 

It’s super cute, lightweight, and perfect for any Summer festivals. 

Renaissance Rapunzel

Renaissance fair outfits ideas for girls

Rapunzel Wig, Pink & Purple Corset, Floral Corset Top, Pink Tiered Skirt

Another perfect example of how being your favorite Disney princess can work at a Renaissance fair.

This would work so well if you had naturally long hair similar to Rapunel, but if you don’t like most girls, you’ll definitely want to get a wig.

Earth-Toned Renaissance Look

Renaissance fair outfit ideas

Green Leather Corset, Brown Renaissance Skirt

Earth-toned looks are our favorite Renaissance fair outfit ideas for girls.

They’re flattering on every skin tone, look incredible with the surrounding nature, and are easy to put together.

Forest Green & White Dress

Cool outfit look for festival

Green & White Renaissance Fair Dress

This forest green and white Renaissance fair outfit idea for girls might just be one of the best we’ve seen.

It looks like the quintessential Renaissance fair dress while also being readily available on Amazon at only $42.

Black Fairy Elf

Best medieval look for fair

Black Lace Midi Skirt, White Maxi Skirt, Black Corset

If you’re not a fan of color, this black fairy elf Renaissance fair outfit will be right up your alley.

The black layered on top of the white adds the perfect amount of darkness to this outfit.

This is also a great DIY last minute option for anyone who needs to order off Amazon.

Purple Elf Princess

Trendy party look

Purple Off Shoulder Top, Purple Off Shoulder Dress

A common trend you’ll see girls and women dress up as at Renaissance festivals are elfs!

Whether you’re a fairy elf, princess elf, dark elf, or a different variation, you can never go wrong with adding elf to your Renaissance fair outfit list.

This purple elf princess outfit is simple, easy, and looks super cute, especially with the matching flower crown.

Medieval Maiden

Renaissance fair outfits ideas for girls

Brown Tie Corset, Brown Renaissance Skirt

What better way to dress up for your next Renaissance fair than as a true medieval maiden?

The medieval maiden outfit is cute, easy to put together, you can order all the clothing items from Amazon, and looks great on everyone.

Floral Renaissance Look

Renaissance fair outfit ideas

Floral Corset, Pink Ribbon

Nothing beats a gorgeous floral corset as an addition to your Renaissance look.

Whether you want the lacing to match your outfit, or be a standout color, you can DIY your corset lacing with whatever color ribbon you want.

Gothic Renaissance Outfit

Cool outfit look for festival

Deep Red Corset, Black Off Shoulder Maxi

We love a good gothic renaissance outfit, and not only because black is our favorite color.

Channeling your inner goth for a Renaissance fair is easy, practical because you don’t have to worry about getting dirty, and flattering with the darker colors.

Easy Pink Renaissance Look

Creative outfit for festival

Pink Floral Corset, Pink Tiered Maxi Skirt

Being a girly girl doesn’t mean you have to give up your aesthetic to attend a Renaissance fair.

This super cute pink Renaissance look is an absolute dream, and the best part is because of how simple it is, the pieces can be used in your everyday wardrobe.

Talk about versatility.

Cottagecore Flower Girl

Trendy party look

Pink Cottagecore Dress, Woven Flower Basket

This might be one of the easiest Renaissance fair outfit ideas we’ve ever seen, yet somehow it’s still so creative and a fan-favorite.

As the Renaissance fair flower girl, you can hand out stems of flowers to the people you meet, or collect some from others.

Just think about all the cute Instagram photos that can come from this look.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite outfit for the Renaissance fair after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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