25 Weird Hairstyles You Have To See in 2024

Weird Hairstyles

Looking for a crazy hairstyle to try out and need some help? If so, here are 25 weird hairstyles you have to see in 2024!

Whether you are looking for motivation to make a statement at a fashion event or want to appreciate the creativity of the industry, you will find something to like here.

No matter the style, each one interferes with conventional appearance standards. Whatever look you find interesting, you’ll be able to pull it off with the right attitude.

And you’ll love these product recommendations to get your hairstyle right:

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Let’s dive in!

Sunglasses Hairstyle

Weird hairstyles

This takes wearing your sunglasses to a whole new, more permanent, level.

What would your true reaction be to these types of weird hairstyles for men if you saw it in person?

One thing for sure, it works well in summer!

Hello Kitty Mohawk

Best interesting haircuts to try

Talk about a Hello Kitty fan, weird mohawk hairstyle will definitely be turning heads no matter what room you walk into.

We just hope Sanrio is paying him for this product placement every time he steps out of the house.

Starry Night Buzz Cut

Easy haircut for teenagers

Short weird hairstyles are usually not as creative as weird long hairstyles, but this one is a true exception.

We aren’t sure if Van Gogh had this in mind when he painted Starry Night, but this weird hairstyle for guys proves that anything can be your canvas, even your head.

Weird Pineapple Hairstyle

Short hairstyle for teens

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob – oh wait, this guy?

We really hope this guy is either the world’s biggest Spongebob fan or that he just really loves pineapples.

Chameleon Mohawk

Best interesting haircuts to try

There are so many ways to get creative with a mohawk for guys, but this one might just be one of our favorites.

Not only is the chameleon colorful and unique, but the eyes make it look kind of cute.

We’re sure kids love this weird hairstyle!

Slice of Hair

Best interesting haircuts to try

Were you looking for a slice of pizza or a slice of hair? Because we have both.

Pizza lovers, don’t be fooled by this delicious, and weird hairstyle for guys, it’s not exactly the type of pizza you had in mind.

Plastic Bun

Weird hairstyles

There is such a thing as too much hair gel, and you’re looking at the byproduct.

This weird hairstyle for women takes hair gel use to a whole new level, a plastic level.

We know you want to tame your flyaways, but this much gel is not the way to do it.

Buzz Cut Mullet

Easy haircut for teenagers

We get the mullet is making a comeback, but this is not the one we had in mind.

This weird long hairstyle for women definitely takes the cake for most creative mullet, if you can call this creative?

Super Trimmed French Bob

Short hairstyle for teens

The crossover between helmet hair and a super trimmed French Bob we didn’t realize existed until now.

If you were looking for a weird short hairstyle, this might be it, but we’re warning you, you’ll definitely be feeling a bit more breeze on your face than you’re used to.

Cheeto Puff Hairstyle

Best interesting haircuts to try

Listen, we love cheetos just as much as anyone, but this takes that love to a whole new level.

And really, when you think about it, this hairstyle is just cruel because it looks just like cheetos puffs, and now we want some.

Doordash it is.

Mustache Hairstyle

Short hairstyle for teens

We mustache you a question, would you rock a weird hairstyle like this?

When you said you could grow a thick mustache, we weren’t expecting it to be on your forehead…

Rainbow Cornrows

Easy haircut for teenagers

This is the exact rainbow hairstyle we drew for ourselves when we were also six years old, this is just if that drawing became a reality.

Even though it’s weird, it’s kind of cute for kids, just maybe not as a permanent hairstyle. Definitely one of the most unique weird hairstyles in this list.

Leopard Print Hair

Short hairstyle for teens

This girl should’ve 100% auditioned to be one of the Cheetah Girls.

This weird long hairstyle is one that we’ve definitely dreamed of as kids, but never had the guts to try.

So go her for being bold and letting her creativity shine!

Brain Braids

Weird hairstyles

We aren’t sure what to call this crazy weird hairstyle, but “brain braids” seems fitting, right?

You’ve got to give it up to this girl, it’s not easy for women to rock a buzzcut, let alone a half shaved buzz cut that looks like your brain.

We can totally see this on someone who changes up the colors depending on the time of year or their mood.

Color Block Abstract Bob

Best interesting haircuts to try

Bobs are making a comeback in 2024 and we’re here for it, even the cool weird bobs like this one.

In fact, this is the perfect hairstyle for modern artists who want to be creative and use more than just paper as their canvas.

Newspaper Weird Hairstyle

Cool hairstyles

Did you read the morning paper? No, well we’ve got a copy right here!

You’ll definitely be making headlines, not just wearing them, with this crazy weird long hairstyle.

Rainbow Mohawk

Short hairstyle for teens

Mohawks in our mind will always be considered a weird hairstyle, but some are more weird than others, like this rainbow mohawk.

The craziest part about this weird hairstyle is not how it looks, it’s how much time, and money, it takes to make this hairstyle come to life.

Buzz Cut and Braids

Easy haircut for teenagers

Can’t decide between a buzz cut or braids? Why not do both?

If this weird hairstyle can prove anything, it’s that you can always find a middle ground.

Weird Abstract Hairstyle

Weird hairstyles

We’re curious on how exactly someone is to describe this hairstyle to their hairdresser in order to get to this point.

“Hi, yes, I want a blue bob with colored layers underneath and make it look like someone took a big chunk of hair out.”

Is that how that conversation went? Oh to be a fly on the wall…

Sushi Roll Hairstyle

Easy haircut for teenagers

We love sushi as much as anyone else, but to model your hairstyle after it? Well that’s one thing we never thought of.

Rainbow Box Mohawk

Cool hairstyles

These types of crazy weird hairstyles are somewhere between an exaggerated 90’s box cut and a rainbow mohawk.

Either way, it might be one of the most crazy weird haircuts we’ve seen for men, or women.

Two Face Haircut

Weird hairstyles

Hey, who are you calling two faced?

This weird haircut for men will definitely take anyone by surprise the minute he turns around and walks away.

If your parents ever said they have eyes in the back of their head, we hope this isn’t what they meant.

Neon Green Spikes

Best interesting haircuts to try

The emo 90’s punk spikes are back, and somehow they’ve gotten even taller!

This is one weird throwback hairstyle that will truly defy gravity and use all of your hair gel in one day.

Tomato Hairstyle

Short hairstyle for teens

The debate has always been if tomato is a fruit or a vegetable, but what about if it’s a haircut?

A third option has now officially entered the 2024 group chat…

Horse Hairstyle

Cool hairstyles

Are you really a horse girl if you don’t have a horse inspired hairstyle?

This weird hairstyle is for the true horse lovers.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite hairstyle after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!


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