25 Best Jordan 4 Outfit Ideas in 2024

Jordan 4 Outfit Ideas

Don’t know what outfit to wear with your Jordan 4’s? If so, here are the 25 best Jordan 4 outfit ideas in 2024!

In this list, you’ll find outfit ideas ranging from trendy streetwear, to elegant and stylish neutral looks. Whatever your preference, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your style.

Plus, we’ve included some cool color-coordinated looks that match the Jordan 4s so the whole outfit becomes aesthetically pleasing.

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Let’s dive in!

Graphic Tee & Cargo Pants

Jordan 4 outfit ideas

If you’re ever on the search for outfits to wear with Jordan 4s, go with the 2024 men’s streetwear uniform: a graphic t-shirt and cargo pants.

This combination is an outfit we see all the time and we’re loving how cool it looks.

Lazy Day Uniform

Best outfit ideas for men

If it’s Spring or Summer, you can catch us in our favorite lazy day outfit, a simple t-shirt and shorts.

This simple Jordan 4 outfit is one any guy can rock. You probably already wear this outfit!

But make sure you match your outfit to the Jordan 4s.

Favorite Team Jersey

Simple outfit for guys to wear

If there’s anyone to take Jordan 4 outfit ideas from, it’s Drake.

Be like Drake and rep your favorite team by wearing their jersey with your Jordan 4 high outfit.

Vintage Letterman Jordan 4 Outfit

What to wear with Jordan 4s

The perfect Jordan 4 outfit idea for winter will always involve a vintage letterman.

Lettermans are a great layering piece to any cool outfit, especially when it matches your Jordan 4 mids.

Neutral Jordan 4 Outfit

Outfits to wear with jordan 4s

Neutrals have become some of our favorite colors, or lack thereof, in fashion, especially in 2024.

If you want a cool and easy Jordan 4 low outfit idea, just grab your favorite neutral clothing pieces and you’re good to go. 

Layered Puffer Vest

Best outfit ideas for men

The layered puffer vest look is truly one of our favorite Jordan 4 outfit ideas for men.

The puffer vest is such a vibe and when paired over a sweatshirt, baggy pants, and Jordan 4s, you’ve got the best look in town.

Flannel & Cargo Pants

Simple outfit for guys to wear

A fall favorite, flannels.

Flannels are the perfect layering piece for a cool Jordan 4 high outfit in Fall.

Wear your flannel with cargo pants and you’re good to go.

Matching Color Look

Jordan 4 outfit ideas

Whatever color Jordan 4s you’re rocking, try wearing a matching outfit with that color.

This red Jordan 2 outfit idea is definitely one you should get your inspiration from.

All Black Outfit

Best outfit ideas for men

You can never go wrong with an all black Jordan 4 outfit.

These off-white Jordan 4 highs are perfectly complemented by the all black look.

Patagonia Winter Jordan 4 Outfit

Simple outfit for guys to wear

Patagonias are a Winter staple for men and women, no matter where you live.

The next time you grab your Patagonia for your Winter outfit, make sure to throw on your Jordan 4s.

Army Pants Jordan 4 Outfit

What to wear with Jordan 4s

Now that cargo pants are in style, we’re pretty sure that means army print cargo pants are too.

The beige and green color combination is what completed this Jordan 4 outfit idea.

Hoodie & Shorts Outfit

Outfits to wear with jordan 4s

Throw on a hoodie on top of your shorts for an easy Fall Jordan 4 high outfit idea.

This is a simple look that can look so much more elevated when you choose the right colors and pieces.

The colors make this outfit!

Simple White Tee

Air jordan 4 outfits

When in doubt, grab a simple white t-shirt for your Air Jordan 4 outfit.

A clean, crisp, and fresh white t-shirt always makes for a good outfit choice.

Summer Jorts Outfit

Best outfit ideas for men

If you didn’t already know, jorts, also known as jean shorts, are back in style and here to stay.

Not everyone can pull off jorts, but if you can, we support you 100%.

Gray and Beige Jordan 4 Outfit

Simple outfit for guys to wear

A gray and beige color combination is one of our favorites for the gloomy Fall and Winter months.

This Jordan 4 low outfit for men is simple and easy to put together. 

Mix Matched Laces Jordan 4 Outfit

What to wear with Jordan 4s

A unique way to rock your Jordan 4s in your outfit is by adding different color laces to your sneakers.

You can match your outfit color around the laces and swap them as often as you want.

By just swapping your laces you can create completely new outfits every time.

All Beige Everything

Outfits to wear with jordan 4s

Beige is the name of the game when it comes to a cool Fall Jordan 4 outfit for guys.

Match a beige sweatshirt to your khakis and beige accented Jordan 4s for an easy outfit you’ll love all season long.

Brown Jordan 4 Mid Outfit

Air jordan 4 outfits

Brown has been the most popular color in fashion for men and women in 2024, and for a good reason.

The color compliments everyone and is easy to match with.

Gray & Black Jordan 4 Mid Outfit

Jordan 4 outfit ideas

Gray and black is an elite color combination for guys, especially if you’re rocking shoes in those colors.

And if anyone knows anything about fashion and style, it’s the infamous Travis Scott.

Pop of Color Outfit

Best outfit ideas for men

One of the easiest Jordan 4 outfit ideas for men is to let your sneakers be in the pop of color in your monochromatic outfit.

Having your Jordan 4 sneakers be the pop of color in your outfit makes them stand out and take center stage of your look.

Baby Blue Jordan 4 High Outfit

Simple outfit for guys to wear

Baby blue is one of our favorite colors, especially in the Winter or Spring when the sky is always a grayish/blue color.

Rock your baby blue Jordan 4 highs with a matching sweatshirt and a simple neutral pant.

If you want to be extra comfortable, rock it with soft gray sweatpants.

Ripped Skinny Jeans

What to wear with Jordan 4s

Skinny jeans might not be your cup of tea, but they do pair well with Jordan 4s.

This Jordan 4 outfit looks great with the layered shirts and camo jacket on top. 

Jordan 4s with Baggy Jeans

Outfits to wear with jordan 4s

If you aren’t into skinny jeans, don’t worry, baggy jeans look just as good when paired with your Jordan 4 high sneakers.

Pair your baggy jeans with an equally as baggy sweatshirt and you’ve got an easy and trendy Jordan 4 outfit for guys.

Flannel & Shorts

Simple outfit for guys to wear

We mentioned a flannel and cargo pants being a great Fall outfit for men, but if you want to make a flannel transitional for warmer Spring and Fall days, pair it with shorts.

Shorts can make any flannel look good and they pair well with your Jordan 4 mids.

Black & White Jordan 4 Outfit

Jordan 4 outfit ideas

If all else fails and you don’t know what to wear with your Jordan 4s, just go with a black and white outfit.

A black and white outfit is a safe and easy go-to and you can probably make this outfit with items you already have in your closet.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite Jordan 4 outfit after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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