How to Look Older as a Teenage Guy (10 Tips That Work!)

Want to be taken more seriously as a teenager? Here are 10 ways to look older as a teenage guy to get the respect you deserve!

Let’s face it. As a teenager it’s hard to feel heard because you’re not yet seen as an adult.

There are ways to overcome this whether you’re looking for respect or to just attract someone a year or 2 older than you.

Either way, the same rules apply.

Let’s dive in!

Hit The Gym

teenager working out

Hitting the gym and growing your muscles will not only teach you discipline and hard work, but it will also make you look bigger.

Because a teenager’s body isn’t fully developed yet, extra muscle mass can easily make you appear more grown.

Growing your muscles is a steady process that doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s arguably the best way to look older as a teenage guy.

Grow Your Beard

If you have the genetics to grow somewhat of a full beard, consider growing it out.

Facial hair on young guys is a common physical trait to show older age.

Keep in mind that this only works well if you can actually grow a beard that doesn’t look like a bunch of stray hairs on your face.

Dress Neatly

black and white spring outfit for teenage guys

The clothes you wear directly represent your maturity level and can easily gain you respect as a teen.

Here are a few ways to dress more maturely:

  • Wear well-fitting clothes
  • Ditch the graphic tees and crazy designs
  • Replace tees with button ups (when necessary)
  • Stick to solid colors (especially whites, blacks, blues, and grays)

Realistically, you probably already know what makes outfits look more or less adult-like.

The more you carry yourself in better outfits, the older you’ll look.

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Wear A Watch

how to look older as a teenage guy wear a watch

Wearing a watch is the one accessory that can separate you from the rest of your peers in high school.

We’re not talking about some high-tech looking watch either. We’re talking about a simple and elegant watch that screams “I’m responsible”.

If you want to look older as a teenage guy, wearing a watch is definitely the way to go!

Stand Up Tall

Body language has a lot to do with how you’re perceived by others.

By standing up tall, keeping your chest and chin high, and acting like you have something important to do, you can appear much older.

In general, you should practice confident body language for whatever situation you’re in. 

As long as you’re not slouching around and seeming disinterested in everything, you’re on the right track.

Speak With Maturity

Your body isn’t the only thing that carries your adult-like energy.

You have to speak with maturity as well.

Here are a few ways to speak with maturity:

  • Avoid slang terms
  • Avoid cursing 
  • Act engaged in conversation
  • Respond with more than “one word” answers
  • Learn to listen to others
  • Speak with confidence (aka don’t be too quiet)

By using these tips, you can impress so many adults. They’ll have you around like you’re one of them.

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Keep Proper Hygiene

It’s pretty common to see younger teenage guys slack off when it comes to hygiene.

If you want to stand out as the mature teenager, keep proper hygiene by:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Floss after you brush
  • Shower everyday
  • Use deodorant
  • Shave or clean up beard
  • Work on skin imperfections like acne

If you look like you don’t care about yourself, what makes you think other people will give you attention?

Get a plan in place so that these acts of hygiene become second nature.

Clean Up Your Hairstyle

messy vs neat hairstyle for teenage guys

Your hairstyle says a lot about your youth.

While it’s totally acceptable to have long and crazy hair as a teenage guy, it doesn’t give off a put together message to others.

Men who have more cleaned up hairstyles usually go for a short hairstyle with the top combed in a certain direction.

Consider switching up your hairstyle when you need to look older for specific situations.

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Upgrade Your Shoes

white shoes

Those super sporty shoes are oftentimes seen as childish, except for situations where you’re exercising or playing a sport.

Instead of wearing those, try opting for a more classic white sneaker or even a chukka boot of some sort.

The point is… when you’re trying to dress more maturely, be sure that your shoes are properly matching the occasion.

Get Rid of Hats

Hats are very commonly a teenage guy thing to wear because of the “cool guy” feeling it gives most of us.

This is a very young way of dressing. Again there’s nothing wrong with this if you’re not trying to look old.

However, for these purposes, ditching the hat and rocking that short and clean hairstyle is the better way to go if you want to look older as a teenage guy.


Hopefully these 10 tips help you look a bit more mature and allow you to gain more respect in whatever aspect of life you’re looking for.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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