How to Deal with a Breakup – 8 Ways to Deal with a Breakup

how to deal with a breakup

Breakups are the worst. They are heart-breaking and make us feel horrible, but they shouldn’t. We need to use them as experience and as a learning curve to feel better. Here are 8 Ways to Deal with a Breakup: 

Let it Out

Whatever you’re feeling should be expressed in some form. Write, type, or talk to someone about your thoughts.

Don’t keep it inside of you, it will hurt more and have you thinking about it for a longer period of time. If you are writing or typing about it, try to go in extra detail about everything. It is known to help get over it faster.

Start Something New

I don’t mean a new relationship. I mean some new activity that you’ve always wanted to try doing.

The whole point of trying to deal with a breakup is by keeping your mind on something else that will better your life. So go sign up for that class, go rock climbing, start drawing, start working harder towards a goal.

Take Advantage

Use your emotions and turn them into a positive. Start going to the gym.

Set up a schedule to exercise and go do it. I’d much rather gain 15 pounds of muscle than to sit around and keep all that energy inside of my body.

The gym is just an example, but you can use this for anything you think that energy can be used for. Just don’t use that energy to take it out on someone else, including the ex.

Do Your Favorite Thing Everyday

We’re trying to be positive here. Being negative doesn’t help with anything in life. Go do your favorite thing all the time.

Whether that’s watching movies, playing games, hiking, writing, shopping for new stuff, etc., go do it as much as possible to better your mood.

One thing I enjoy doing regardless if I’m upset or not, is watching something I know will make me laugh. Give it a try and see if it helps.

Separate Yourself from Them

Don’t try to make it worse by continuing to talk to them after your breakup, looking at their pictures, recalling memories, and whatever else you can correlate with that person.

Block them on social media immediately. I don’t care if you become good friends eventually. You can always unblock them, so do it for now to avoid thinking about the situation.

Listen to Positive Music

As tempting as it is to listen to sad music so you can relate to the breakup, don’t.

Make better use of your listening experience and only play songs that have a more positive vibe. It will naturally improve your mood and boost your confidence.

Sad music will just make the situation worse and keep you thinking about it, so try hard to ignore it at all costs.

Don’t Speak Badly

Don’t speak badly about them or yourself under any circumstances. I know they might have done something terrible, but don’t start going on about how they were always mean or ugly or never worth it.

Save your breath and avoid it. Don’t try blaming yourself for any mistakes you think may have caused the breakup either. It’s going to make you feel horrible and it isn’t worth it.

Things happen and people make mistakes. Don’t make assumptions about anything you or your partner might have done.

Be Grateful

No matter what situation we are in during life, we can always be grateful for something. Start thinking about the things that you are grateful to have in life and use it to motivate you.

It can be something as small as having great friends or family members that have been supportive during the breakup. Be grateful that you have an electronic device to read this advice from.

Being grateful is the first step to being a more positive person in life, so start taking the first step.


Hopefully these 8 tips have helped you deal with a breakup the right way. Things will get better soon… I promise!

Guys, understand that heart breaks are necessary to grow as a person and understand human nature. Humans are emotional creatures, but that are rebuilt into stronger humans by going through things like breakups, failure, and mistakes.

If you want to talk about it personally, feel free to email me by clicking the contact button in the menu. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below and start bettering yourself today!

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