7 Ways to be a Comedic Genius and Make Everyone Laugh – Be Funnier

If you ask anyone of my friends what they like about me, they’ll tell you that I’m funny. It’s something that I’ve always had and understood since I was young. I’m going to share what I do to be funnier. Here are 7 ways to be funnier:


If you need something simple to start doing to be a little funnier, start being more sarcastic. Sarcasm is a useful tool for everything from being funny to flirting. Make more sarcastic comments after someone asks or tells you something. If sarcasm has never been something you use, watch how conversations change for the better once you try it.

Facial Expressions

This one goes really well with sarcasm. Start mastering your facial expressions for any situation, including really silly ones that you can do. It adds an extra layer to the comedy when you tell a story or say something funny. Not many people use this trick either, so you will stand out more than others.

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One of the most important aspects of being funny. It is not the easiest to understand immediately. It is a skill that is acquired over time.

Timing refers to when you should do or say something at the right moment so that the effect is funnier. Things like pausing for a moment before saying something or saying something funny back to someone really fast and unexpected. Those are both examples of how timing can be effective.

Watch and Learn

In my opinion, this is the most important and useful tip out there to get funnier. Watch comedians and actors that are funny and mentally study them as you watch. Take a mental note of how they are using their facial expressions, timing, sarcasm, etc.

For example, my favorite comedian is Kevin Hart, so I have watched his stand ups over 100 times by now. I take a mental note of everything he does and try to implement it when I’m in a situation to be funny.

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Recycle Comedy

There is no shame in using some of the stuff other comedians say for your own comedic purposes. I have used even something as simple as a quick one-liner that I heard somewhere to make a funny remark after someone said something and got everyone laughing.

It is a very useful trick when you’re learning to be funnier. Even when creating your own stories, implement some of that recycled comedy into your craft to make it seem like you really know what you’re doing.

Be Confident

If you look like you’re trying to impress people or you try to make a funny remark while seeming nervous about telling it, it ruins the effect. Be confident in whatever you say and that alone will make you seem funnier. You’ll start to notice that once you are more confident being funny, your comedic potential increases exponentially. Everything will start to seem easier, so practice more and more when you’re out.

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  • Tell jokes, tell stories instead if you are going to share something
  • Over do it or try too hard, it needs to seem like you aren’t trying to be naturally funny
  • Make fun of someone or be rude to try and be funny, make fun of yourself instead or tease someone without being harsh


I believe being funny is something that can be learned and practiced to improve. Utilize these 7 tips to increase your comedic talent. If you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments section below!

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