How to Be a More Confident Teenager (10 Tips That Work!)

How to Be a More Confident Teenager

Do you feel like you have low self-esteem as a teen? Here are 10 tips that show you how to be a more confident teenager!

Everybody around you deals with some sort of insecurity, lack of confidence, or low self-esteem.

However, by applying these tips, you can be so much closer to being a more confident person for yourself.

Why You Should Be a More Confident Teenager

Being a more confident teenager comes with many benefits:

  • Higher levels of positivity
  • Makes you appear more attractive
  • Makes you comfortable in your own skin
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Lowers your inhibitions

Confidence is one of the most powerful feelings you can have and it’s for a reason.

All of these advantages are incredibly worth it in the end when you put in the work to increase your confidence.

How to Be a More Confident Teenager

Here are 10 tips that truly help you boost your confidence…

1) Work On Yourself

Take care of yourself before anything else.

Groom yourself, take care of your hygiene, do your hair, wash your face, dress in a style that you enjoy, etc.

Taking care of these things are extremely important to being a more confident teenager.

If you are constantly worried about not looking good, smelling good, or being approachable, then this is a big one to fix.

Working out will also help you like crazy. Exercise can get you back in shape, feeling amazing about your body, and will give you another hobby to talk about. 

2) Present Yourself Confidently

It’s very simple. Every time you’re out, puff your chest out, keep your head up, and walk like you have somewhere to be.

This automatically gives off the illusion that you are more comfortable with yourself

If you are just standing around, stand like you’re comfortable, but make sure you have good posture.

It’s like a “fake it until you make it” type of situation. Using this trick for over a year now has made me naturally do it without thinking about it.

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3) Stay Positive

Keeping a positive mindset is key for many things, being confident is one of them. If you act positive towards people, they will see you as more confident for a few reasons

One is because they will assume that you are comfortable with your life and you take care of yourself.

Another is because you will seem like a person who gets along with others easily and people love that. Some reasons are rather obvious, but you get the point.

4) Stop Caring What Other People Think

Easier said than done, I know. However, there are many ways to trick your mind into not falling for this trap.

A few things to remember to be a more confident teenager:

  • You can’t please everyone so stop trying to please others
  • At the end of the day, no one cares
  • It’s your life and your life only
  • Don’t waste your time valuing other people’s opinions over yours
  • If it makes you happy, you should feel more confident about it
  • People don’t analyze you the way you analyze yourself

Keep those in mind and you will be getting people’s opinions out of your head. You see all the little imperfections about yourself.

Others just see you as a whole and don’t pay full attention to detail. They are probably too busy worrying about the same thing you are in their heads anyways.

5) Friends

If you have friends that lower your self esteem, drop them. It sounds harsh, but it needs to be done.

People with negative influence will turn you into a negative person.

Sure you will have friends that mess with you, but if they purposefully sabotage you about being ugly, fat, stupid, or whatever else, they are not worth being in your life.

Instead, surround yourself with positive friends that make you feel good about yourself. You are who your friends are and don’t ever forget that.

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6) Find Hobbies

Finding hobbies will help you stay busy, give you something to talk about, and enhance your skill set.

Start actively seeking out clubs, sports, or other activities that you’re into (or want to be into).

This ties back into working on yourself. Being comfortable in your own skin is the first step and that’s only achievable through getting busy.

If you always feel like you can never achieve anything or won’t amount to anything, then understand that it’s about what you’ve tried.

By experimenting with more things to do, you’re setting yourself up for success (whether you like the hobby or not)!

7) Act Like You Know What You’re Doing

Go into every new situation in life as if you’ve been doing it for years.

Even if you’re hesitant at first, this will give you more confidence when you jump into new experiences or social situations.

For example, if you’re trying a new sport, play like you’re the best player on the team and give it your all. 

You will not only start playing better, but you will also earn respect from other people around you.

8) Learn From Others

Do you know people who have the confidence that you’ve always wanted?

What do they do with their body? How do they speak to others? How do they approach things in life?

Of course, everyone has different circumstances, so you can’t copy every single thing they do.

The point is… you can learn so much just from watching others and mimicking their actions. After some time, you will start to naturally develop these confident habits.

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9) Body Language

The way you present yourself to people is very crucial to how they perceive you.

Keep a good posture and stay positive as mentioned before. Make sure you are using eye contact.

People who are afraid to keep eye contact are uncomfortable with themselves, so don’t give off that illusion.

You don’t want to have super heavy eye contact, but try to switch off by looking at one eye, then the other eye, and then their mouth. This keeps your attention on them, but isn’t too aggressive.

When you are meeting someone, shake their hand firmly and make eye contact at the same time. When you are standing and talking to people, keep your arms and body open/facing them. Don’t cross your arms or turn your body away from the crowd.

10) Be Grateful

Be grateful for everything you have. It could always be worse.

Grateful people are naturally more confident because they appreciate what they are given and what they have to work with.

Because of this, they don’t care what other people think and it makes them more comfortable in their own skin.

Recognize the good qualities you have and write them down. You can also say that you are grateful for those qualities before you go to sleep every night.


That is how to be a more confident teenager in 10 easy-to-read steps. Hopefully you learned some new tips to start implementing into your daily life!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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