25 Best Hairstyles for Black Teenage Guys

hairstyles for black teenage guys

Are you a teen boy looking for some inspiration for your next haircut? Here are the 25 best hairstyles for black teenage guys!

If you’re hair tends to get unruly, these ideas will hopefully keep your hair tamed and easier to manage throughout the day.

Either way, you’ll have so many different ways to style your hair, so be sure to bring these ideas to your barber for your next haircut.

Keep in mind that not every image will be of a teenager. Some images are meant for inspiration that you can still copy as a teen.

Whether you are a black teen that has short hair, long hair, or thick hair, you’ll be sure to find a style that fits you! 

Check out some of our favorite hair products to nail any of these styles:

Let’s get into the hairstyles!

Natural Curls

hairstyles for black teenage guys

An easy to maintain and cool hairstyle for black teenage guys is keeping your hair natural and showing off your curls.

To keep your curls volumized and easy to maintain, we recommend using curl control products specifically for black hair.

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best hairstyles for black teenage boys

While this hairstyle might take some time and maintenance to achieve with wolfing, a durag, and a lot of brushing, it’s incredibly rewarding at the end of the day.

There are tons of tutorials for how to get waves at home that you can copy from. Here’s my favorite tutorial:

Again, it takes some work, but it arguably looks the best out of any hairstyle.

Short Afro Hairstyle

short afro hairstyle for black teens

One of the best hairstyles for black teenage guys is a short afro because of its simplicity.

This haircut is really easy to work with and looks good all day long, but it does require going to the barber more often than a full afro.

Two Strand Twist Middle Part

black teenage boy haircuts

One of our favorite hairstyles for black teenage guys is the two strand twist because it’s a fresh take on dreads or braids. 

This hairstyle is super easy to achieve and looks good all day, and night, long.

Tight Curly Black Hair

tight curly black teen guy hairstyle

If you’re trying to be the freshest black teen in school, then go for a long hairstyle with super tight curls like this one.

This haircut is so free and long that it will naturally drop down over your face to create a sick rounded look on your head!

Full Curly Afro

hairstyles for black teenage boys afro

A classic and popular hairstyle for black teenage guys is the afro.

A simple yet cool black teen haircut that involves barely any work, just make sure to get good frizz-control products so your hair looks good all day.

Natural Hanging Curly Waves

best black teen hairstyles

If you have naturally wavy hair, rather than tight curls, keep your hair down in a cool wavy medium-length cut. 

This hairstyle has been trending more and more and has become a quick favorite in 2024.

Black Hair Micro Curls

cool black teenage boy hairstyles

Micro curls have become trendier and trendier and we think it’s one of the best black teen haircuts of 2024.

Micro curls with a smooth hairline is a style you’ll have to add to your list to try.

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Bleached Blonde Tips

black teen haircuts with blonde tips

Brighten up your hair with an ode to the 90’s with a bleached blonde “frosted tips” hairstyle.

This is a haircut we’ve seen more and more on black teenage boy hairstyle lists and we’re loving it, especially in 2024.

Red Hot Hair

black teen guy red hairstyle

Feel red hot during 2024 with a cool and trending black teenage boy hairstyle.

Whether you do it at home, or go to a professional, the next time you feel like changing up your cut, go for the red.  

Black Teen Guy Braids

hairstyles for black teenage guys

Braids are one of the best hairstyles for black teenage guys that keeps their hair in control and regulated easily.

So if you’re an athlete, love to workout, or just want to keep your hair in control, braids are going to be your best bet.

Twisted Buns

twisted buns black hairstyle guys

Aminé is the king of cool and if he’s rocking twisted buns, then so should you.

The twisted buns hairstyle is fresh, cool, and different from your average twists or braids. 

Wavy Braids

wavy braids haircut for black teens

If you’re looking for a middle ground between cornrows and braids, then you’ve got to try the wavy braid look.

This black teen haircut is cool without trying too hard. 

Medium Afro

medium afro hairstyle black teen

Somewhere between a short and super large afro sits the middle ground, the perfect afro for teenage guys.

This is easily our favorite afro length since it doesn’t feel heavy, get in the way, and doesn’t involve too much work.

Long Micro Braids

micro braids hairstyle

If there’s one person we’re always looking to for hair inspiration, it’s Formula 1 legend, Lewis Hamilton.

He’s been sporting the fresh micro braids for a while now so it’s officially your turn to try this hairstyle in 2024.

Side Fade + Short Curls

side fade black haircut

If you’re looking for a cool and fresh hairstyle for black teenage guys, then we recommend the fan-favorite side fade.

Make sure you have a good barber if you want to pull this look off because fades can easily go wrong. 

Blonde Micro Dreads

blonde micro dreads hairstyle guys

Another hairstyle we’ve easily come to love from Lewis Hamilton is the blonde being weaved into the micro dreads.

This is such a cool take on twists and we already know it will be a favorite hairstyle for black teenage guys in 2024.

Fun Buzz

black teenage guy buzz haircut

Get a buzz cut that looks fresh and is easy to maintain for a long time.

However, spice it up with dyed hair or other cool designs that show your personality through your haircut.

Short Flat Top

short flat top black hairstyle

If you want to rock the flat top haircut but don’t want to go all out with the high 90’s look, go for a short version instead. 

This black teen haircut is much easier to maintain and looks cool all year round.

Short Pink Hair

Jaden Smith pink haircut ideas

Just like on Jaden Smith, you too can rock a pink haircut in 2024.

This hairstyle for black teenage guys is cool, modern, and a trendy way to have fun with your hair. 

Medium Dreads

medium dreads black teenage boy

A classic hairstyle for black teenage guys that doesn’t involve too much work, is the fan-favorite medium length dreads.

We highly recommend this for any guy looking for a fresh and easy to control haircut.

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Traditional Cornrows

hairstyles for black teen guys cornrows

One of the best protective hairstyles for black teenage guys are the traditional cornrows.

You can never go wrong with this haircut, especially during the warm summer months.

Zigzag Cornrows

zig zag cornrows hairstyles

If you love traditional cornrows but want to try something new and fresh, try a zigzag look instead.

This is a great way to keep your hair in a protective hairstyle, but still have fun with it.

Clean Fade

black teen haircuts fade

With sharp edges and a perfectly clean fade, you can’t go wrong with this black teen haircut. 

This has to be one of our favorite hairstyles for 2024 and we promise when we say, you’re going to look like the freshest guy in school.

Bouncy Defined Curls

bouncy defined curls black teen guy

If you’ve got defined curls like the guy above, you’re going to love this hairstyle.

Make sure you use the right curly hair products to properly achieve this look and avoid damaging your hair.


Hopefully these 25 hairstyles for black teenage guys have given you some inspiration for your next haircut!

Which one was your favorite?

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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