10 Ways To Tell If A Girl Likes You – Signs She’s Into You

Men will never truly understand girls, but there are a few things we’ve learned about them to make them easier to understand. Here are 10 Ways to Tell If a Girl Likes You:

She’s Flirting with You

It’s pretty clear that a girl who flirts with you is attracted to you. However, most guys don’t even notice that she is flirting.

Pay attention if she teases or tests you about certain things to act playful.

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She Touches You a Lot

Girls who like you will do anything to get closer to you or make physical contact. You will instantly be able to tell that she likes you if she tries to sit really close and touches you often. It will be for the dumbest reasons, but she does it anyways because she wants to touch you.

She Texts You Often

If she is initiating conversation by texting you first, you win. Nobody randomly texts someone just “to talk” unless they like you.

If they text you because they need something for class or work, that’s a different story, so don’t get the wrong idea.

Keep an eye on her response time. The more involved in the conversation she is, the more likely it is that she’s into you.

Emoji’s are a great sign to tell if she’s flirting over text.

She’s Mostly with You at Events or Parties

If there is a fun party going on and she just wants to chill and talk with you, she likes you. Especially if she went to find you first in order to be with you, it’s almost a guarantee she’s attracted to you.

This means that she is sacrificing having a bunch of fun to come hang out with you instead.

She Asks Personal Questions

Humans who don’t want to get to know you, won’t try to. So, if she asks you personal questions that can get a little deeper than average conversation, she’s interested.

Even if she doesn’t like you at that exact moment, she’s trying to find out if she does. If you’re interested too, this is your chance to connect with her on a deeper level.

Pay attention to how much she’s listening and curious about your life.

She Seems Nervous

When she talks to you, does she mess up her words? Is she blushing a little? Does she get embarrassed about little things? If the answer is yes to any of these, she’s nervous to talk to you.

If you’re nervous to talk to another person that’s not career or school related, you probably like them.

Help her out and make her feel more comfortable with you. Guys that make girls feel more comfortable get instant points for understanding.

She Laughs at Things You Say

Some girls might not even think you’re funny, but they’ll laugh anyways. Why? Because they like you! They usually don’t even notice they do it, but it’s a natural response to get you to like them back.

Laughter that is shared creates very strong bonds, even at an early stage.

She Seems Interested in Things You Say/Do

If she likes you, she will be very engaged in the conversation. Notice that she will ask you a question and then ask you further questions based off of your response. She is interested in what you have to say.

Think about when you’re really interested in what someone says. It’s either because they’re actually interesting, or mainly because you like that person or want that person to like you back.

Friends Hint It

Whether it’s your friends or her friends, someone might catch it before you do. Third parties can tell if someone is attracted to another person much easier than the victims themselves.

If someone tells you that she likes you, you’ll already be aware and try to point out other things to see if she truly does.

Overall Body Language

Is she licking her lips? Looking at yours? Making lots of eye contact? Facing her body towards you? Playing with her hair? Touching you? Closing the distance between the two of you? These are all signs that she may like you.

Humans talk with so many other things before a word is ever spoken. The body plays a huge role in telling attraction. Keep an eye out for some of this body language when you talk to her. If you like her too, then send that same body language back.


Now that you can identify the signs, go test it out and see if that girl really likes you. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below! Thanks for reading!

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