7 Clothing Hacks Every Man Should Know – Clothing Tricks for Men

There are always problems with clothes. There are many tricks that can help care for them or make you look more stylish. Here are 7 Clothing Hacks Every Man Should Know:


  1. Reverse Hangers

Turn all your hangers backwards. Every time you use a piece of clothing, put it back facing the other way. After about 6 months, check to see which hangers still haven’t been turned over yet. These are the clothes that you don’t wear any more and you can get rid of them.


  1. Key Ring to Zipper

This is for the pants with the zippers that always fall down. Attach a key ring to the little hole in the zipper. Now zip up your pants and put the key ring over the button of the pants. Now button up your pants and the zipper won’t be going anywhere.


  1. Shoes in Freezer

If your shoes always smell bad with that odor that doesn’t seem to go away, throw them in the freezer. The cold in the freezer will kill all of the bacteria that causes the horrible smell. Put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and check if the smell went away. If not, throw it in for another 30 minutes.



  1. Unwrinkle Your Shirt

If you don’t have time to iron your wrinkled shirt before you leave, use the shower. Hang the shirt near the shower and go take a hot shower. The steam from the shower will unwrinkled the shirt by the time you’re done. This saves so much time when you’re in a rush.


  1. Tape Your Collar

Keep your collar down and looking sturdy by adding tape to it. Make your tape double sided and place it under your collar and stick it to your shirt. This will keep them standing where they should and make your shirt look more expensive.


  1. Remove Gum from Clothes

If you have gum stuck on your clothes, freeze the gum. Put an ice cube on it, an ice pack, or throw the clothing in the freezer. Freezing the gum will make it solid and it will come off in one piece. This way the gum doesn’t leave little sticky pieces to the clothing when you pull it off.


  1. Deodorant Marks

When you apply deodorant, you will get those white marks all over your shirt once in a while. To get rid of them, use fabric softeners. Yes, the fabric softeners that you put in the dryer. Used fabric softeners actually work better to rub off the deodorant marks.

There you have it. Seven incredible clothing hacks to help you make life easier! If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below! Thanks for reading!

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