7 Beer Hacks You Should Know – Beer Hacks To Make Life Easier

There are many ways to upgrade your beer game. These hacks will make your beer usage much easier and more efficient. Here are 7 Beer Hacks You Should Know:


  1. Wet Paper Towel

Wet a paper towel and wrap it around a beer. Throw it in the freezer for 15 min and you’ll have a freezing cold beer ready to drink. Great hack to get your drinks cold faster.


  1. Edge of Counter Opener

Open a bottle without an opener by placing the edge of the cap on the edge of a hard counter/table and smacking your hand down on the bottle. Use the picture above for reference.


  1. Raise Attractiveness

A study shows that men who held a bottle at the neck of the bottle with their first 3 fingers looked more attractive.

You will also look more attractive if you hold the bottle at the height of your belly button. Use both of these hacks and you’ll be the most approachable man in the room…Just don’t dress like Zac Efron did.


  1. Binder Clips

Take a binder clip and attach it to your fridge rack. Now you can stack your bottles more efficiently without them falling and rolling around everywhere. Great for a mini fridge to save space.


  1. Open with Another Bottle

If you have nothing around you but beers, use them to open each other. Grip the neck of a bottle leaving a little space between your fingers and the cap. Take the other bottle and flip it upside down so the cap is sitting in-between the other bottle’s cap and your fingers. Use the leverage of the upside down bottle to open the bottle you’re holding right side up. Use the picture for reference.


  1. Frozen Cubes

Instead of putting ice cubes in your beer and making it taste horrible, freeze the drink itself. Pour some beer into an ice tray and freeze it for the next time you drink. When you want to cool your beer down, throw some frozen beer cubes in it so the taste doesn’t change. Works great with ice coffee too.


  1. Super Salt Freeze

If you need to keep your bottles freezing cold, throw all your beers in a container with a bunch of ice, but add salt to the ice. Yes, salt. It will lower the temperature of the ice and make the drinks even colder. It also makes the ice last a little longer before it turns into cold water.

There you go, 7 Beer Hacks you can use anywhere to make your life easier. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below! Thanks for reading!

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