Best Deodorant for Teenage Girls in 2024

best deodorant for teenage girls

Don’t know what deodorant is best for you? Come pick from the best deodorant for teenage girls. These 10 deodorants won’t disappoint!

In 2024, the products you use on your body are more important than ever. Finding the right deodorant is just as important as anything else.

Take a look at what makes a deodorant the best for you…

What Makes For the Best Deodorant for Teenage Girls?

Deodorant is a great way to help teenage girls cover up their body odor and smell refreshing for hours on end.

When looking for the right deodorant for a teenage girl, there are five qualities you want to keep in mind:

  1. Price – You want something that’s affordable and still does a good job.
  2. Duration – The best deodorants have at least 24 hour odor protection, but we’ve included some with 48 hour protection.
  3. Benefits – Deodorants can do so much more than just mask the smell of body odor. In fact, they can have multiple benefits like quality ingredients and no aluminum content!
  4. Scent – An appealing and likable deodorant scent is crucial.
  5. Antiperspirant – The best deodorants not only do they mask body odor, but they reduce armpit sweat as well with their strong antiperspirant features.

But why does it matter if your deodorant is good? Take a look…

Why Do I Need A Good Deodorant as a Teenage Girl?

As you get older and start hitting puberty, things in your body start changing, and that’s 100% normal, in fact it would be odd if things didn’t change. 

One of the biggest changes teenage girls is your body will start sweating and smelling more

Having a good deodorant means spending less time worrying about how you smell, and more time enjoying your life and everything happening around you!

Best Deodorant for Teenage Girls

Keeping the five key qualities in mind, we’ve broken down a list of the top 10 best deodorants for teenage girls.

All of these bear in mind price, duration, benefits, scent, and antiperspirant benefits.

Let’s dive in!

1) Native Lavender & Rose Deodorant

best deodorant for teenage girls

Native has become the best deodorant for teenage girls for so many reasons!

Not only are these deodorants aluminum free, paraben free, and cruelty free, but they’re also hypoallergenic and great to use on sensitive skin.

Native also comes in a range of incredible scents that we love to change between and at $11, we know you’ll love this deodorant too.

2) Degree 48 Hour Deodorant Stick

best deodorant for teenage girls body odor

The Degree 48 Hour Deodorant Stick is a great choice for someone looking for an affordable deodorant that actually works!

These antiperspirant deodorants are only $13 for a pack of 6 and are filled with great benefits like helping to reduce armpit sweat and 48 hour smell protection.

So if you’re someone who wants a deodorant that’s actually going to do the trick, grab this pack today! 

3) Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant

prescription strength antiperspirant for teenage girls

You might sweat more than others, and that’s okay, we all sweat differently, but do yourself a favor and get a deodorant that’s meant for you, like this Certain Dri Prescription Deodorant.

This clinical strength antiperspirant deodorant is most effective with those who sweat excessively or have hyperhidrosis.

So enjoy all day sweat protection with a deodorant that will actually work!

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4) Dove Invisible Solid Deodorant Stick for Teenage Girls

deodorant stick for teenage girls

Let an anti perspirant deodorant do the work for you, without showing, with Dove’s invisible solid deodorant stick.

We love that we can use this and not have to worry about sweating, smelling, or having any white flakes rub off onto our clothes.

With soothing technology, an easy glide on application, and at only $20 for a pack of 6, you can’t go wrong with Dove!

5) Teen Spirit Antiperspirant Deodorant

teen spirit antiperspirant deodorant

Don’t be boring, get a deodorant that’s as fun and spirited as you with the Teen Spirit Antiperspirant Deodorant!

It’s become a great deodorant for teenage girls because it’s specifically designed with teens in mind.

With an affordable $4 price tag, all-day extra protection, and a sassy fun fragrance, you can’t go wrong with this deodorant. 

Plus the fresh scent will leave you smelling so good all day long!

6) Nivea Women’s Deodorant Roll-On Double Effect

roll on deodorant for women

A roll-on deodorant is great for girls who want a soft and easy to glide application for their deodorant.

With Nivea, you’re getting antiperspirant benefits, 48 hours gentle care for those with more sensitive skin, and avocado extract for an added smoothness.

With a $5 price tag, this is an affordable, and delicious smelling roll-on deodorant.

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7) Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant for Girls

spray on deodorant for teen girls

There’s nothing more convenient or easy than spraying on your deodorant before you head out the door.

Dove makes deodorant easy with their dry spray antiperspirant deodorant that we know you’re going to fall in love with.

This alcohol free, moisturizing, and natural oil containing deodorant is a must-have for any teenage girl looking to reduce their armpit sweat and smell amazing.

8) Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant

healthy deodorant for teenage girls

Lavanila is a trusted deodorant for teenage girls who want an aluminum free, paraben free, and baking soda free deodorant they can trust.

This natural deodorant is great at getting rid of your body odor with a fresh vanilla scent you’ll love smelling.

And did we mention it’s made with safe, plant-based ingredients? Can it get any better?

9) SweatBlock Everyday Strength Deodorant

best deodorant for teenage girls with hyperhidrosis

It’s 2024 which means you no longer have to feel insecure or embarrassed by your underarm sweat, you can have deodorants that actually help!

The SweatBlock Everyday Strength Deodorant is a great example of a deodorant stick that greatly reduces your sweating so you can stay confident and comfortable. 

You can also be sure to kick out parabens and harmful sulfates when you use this non-irritating, easy to use deodorant. 

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10) Kobi Sport Deodorant for Teenage Girls

best deodorant for teenage girls who play sports

Just because you’re an athlete, doesn’t mean you need to smell like one.

The Kobi Sport roll on deodorant packs tons of benefits into its small bottle.

That includes 24 hour odor protection and a clear roll-on texture that gets rid of all the clumpy white stuff you hate.

With a non-irritating and natural formula, this deodorant is great for any athlete looking to soothe their sensitive skin, and smell incredible.


Hopefully you’ve found the right deodorant for you after reading through this list!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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