10 Best Perfumes for Teenage Girls in 2024

best perfumes for teenage girls

Are you looking for new fragrances as a teen girl? Come pick from these 10 best perfumes for teenage girls in 2024!

Finding the right perfume can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to find that perfect scent.

One of the key factors to finding the right fragrance for you is understanding what types of scents you like. 

Are you into the juicy/fruity fragrances like apple and orange?

Do you like perfumes with notes of vanilla and honey?

Once you’ve figured out which scents you like the most, you can narrow down your perfume hunt from there!

We know how difficult it can be so we’ve lined up our top 10 perfumes for teenage girls with detailed descriptions so we can make your perfume adventure easy and fun! 

It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to stick with just one.

Have fun and experiment with different perfumes that you can play around with during the week or for different occasions.

Let’s dive in!

Thank U Next Perfume by Ariana Grande

best perfumes for teenage girls

If you’re a teenage girl looking for the perfect perfume to wear to school, events, or hanging out with your friends, then leave it to Ariana Grande to make the ultimate perfume for you. 

First off, you can’t go wrong with any of her perfumes so whether you love this specific scent, or her other scents, Ariana’s perfumes are always a go-to. 

This juicy and fruity perfume will leave you smelling like sweet pear and raspberry all day long.

Plus, you can’t forget the subtle scent of rose petals which will have everyone around you begging for the secret to your incredible perfume.

Princess by Vera Wang

perfume for teen girls under $25

Not only is Vera Wang one of the most inspiring female high-fashion designers, but her taste in perfumes is impeccable.

Vera created this fruity and strong perfume for girls with all different fragrance preferences because almost everyone likes it!

With fruit-forward notes mixed with sweet vanilla and decadent flower scents, this perfume is a fan favorite, and for a good reason!

What we love most about this fragrance is how perfect it is for everyday wear and how long the scent lasts.

Put this on your list of perfumes to try because we know you’ll love it!

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

best fragrances for teenage girls

Viva La Juicy is easily one of the best perfumes for teenage girls in 2024! This fragrance has been a fan favorite of teen girls for years, and rightfully so.

This perfume is classic, sweet-smelling, and will have everyone around you captivated by your scent. 

Filled with aromas of orange, rose petals, and caramel, this sweet and strong perfume is trendy and will never go out of style.

Treat yourself to this perfume and live life Viva La Juicy.

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Daisy by Marc Jacobs

eau de toilette for teen girls

At the top of the list for trendy perfumes is Daisy by Marc Jacobs and it has been that way for well over 20 years, and will stay that way for 20 more.

I might be biased because this is one of my personal favorite perfumes, but Daisy is a staple for every teenage girl and young woman.

Daisy is a classic perfume staple that that’s scent and fragrance is almost unrivaled. This is the perfect rollerball perfume to take with you everywhere so you never have to worry about your perfume fading in scent.

With fragrances from mandarin, peach, pink pepper, and amber, you will never want to try another perfume again!

1981 by Guess

guess perfume for girls

If you’re looking for a more classic and refined perfume, then this 1981 by Guess perfume is your new favorite.

1981 is essential for teenage girls transitioning into a more refined scent who want a simple, yet delicious smelling perfume.

With hints of pear, jasmine, sandalwood, and amber, you will absolutely love this perfume and will try and wear it anywhere and everywhere.

This perfume is a great go-to if you’re in between perfumes or looking for something a step-up above the rest of the perfumes in your bathroom. 

Lucky You by Lucky Brand

body spray for teenage girls

Lucky You is one of the best fragrances for teenage girls because of its perfect combination of citrus and flowers.

This perfume might not be for every teenage girl. It’s a strong fragrance that is made specifically for girls who love the sweet floral perfumes.

Although it might not be for everyone, we have a feeling you’re going to love it!

So grab yourself a bottle of Lucky You because it will truly be your lucky day.

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Perfect by Marc Jacobs

best perfumes for teenage girls

You might already have Daisy by Marc Jacobs and are looking to branch out. If that’s you then you’re going to love Perfect by Marc Jacobs.

We are so happy Marc Jacobs created this scent as it is close enough to Daisy to be in the same family but it offers a more refined, sophisticated, and sharper fragrance we are loving.

This perfume is made for teenage girls looking to step up their perfume game with a fragrance that is defined by notes of amber, cashmere, and cedar. 

Next time you go on Amazon to find your next perfume, we highly recommend splurging on a bottle of Perfect!

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger 

best Tommy Hilfiger spray for teen girls

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger is a perfume collection must-have for all teenage girls.

This perfume is perfect for casual day to day wear whether you’re going to school or hanging out with friends.

This fruity fragrance is filled with scents of apple tree blossom, mandarin orange, lemon, and rose.

It’s a sweet, simple, and gentle perfume you can wear everyday without getting tired of!

Try this the next time you go looking for a classic everyday perfume.

Heat Rush by Beyonce

best eau de toilette spray for teenage girls

Beyonce is the official Queen of music, fashion, and perfume, and there is no denying that!

Heat rush is an incredible perfume that we’ve been happily wearing since it first was released!

This perfume is gentle, sweet, and the perfect reminder of summer.

With notes of orchid, mango blossom, orange, and honey amber, you will be smelling like the best months of the year.

This fragrance is perfect for teenage girls looking for a trendy perfume that won’t break the bank and will smell delicious all day long.

Thanks Beyonce!

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Dior J’adore In Joy

best perfumes for teenage girls

Last but not least for our list of best perfumes for teenage girls is the classic and popular Dior J’adore perfume.

This perfume is superior to all other perfumes when it comes to a sophistication and maturity.

This fresh, lively, and refined scent makes for the most amazing perfume for special occasion wear.

Whether you’re going to a high school prom or going on your first date, let Dior J’adore be your perfume of choice for the night.


Hopefully these perfumes gave you a bit of inspiration for your next fragrance!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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