16 Things to Check Before Going Out – Must Do Things Before Leaving

Whether you’re going to an interview, date, or out with friends, you should always make sure you have everything in check. Here are 16 Things to Check Before Going Out:


You’re Properly Groomed

Make sure you don’t have a unibrow, stray hairs left from shaving, hair trimmed down there, and any other things groomed before going out



Be ready to have mints or gum on hand for when you leave and while you’re out. Nobody likes bad breath


Body Odor

Take a shower. Clean yourself properly and make sure you’re fresh for your day

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Exfoliate your lips or just put on some chap stick before you leave. Chapped lips shows that you don’t take care of yourself, so go take care of yourself


Fresh Clothes

If your clothes are used, dirty, smell bad, or have holes in them, don’t use them. Plan ahead and wash your clothes that you want for your day out


Face Clean and Moisturized

You can wash your face while you’re in the shower, but don’t forget moisturizer. So many people wash their face and then leave. Guess what happens…your face becomes extremely dry and it’s incredibly noticeable

Shoes Clean

It’s crazy what a simple wipe down of your shoes can do to how you look. Make sure your shoes aren’t super dirty before heading out.

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Bring the Essentials

Don’t forget your wallet, keys, necklace, bracelet, watch, sunglasses, or whatever else you should always have on you



Don’t leave your house without this one. Period.



Even if you’re going somewhere that money isn’t required. Bring cash or a working card with you at all times for emergencies

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Two sprays and no more. You want to give off a small scent. If it’s overpowering, then you end up smelling worse than without cologne.


Phone Charged

Don’t go out until your phone has enough battery. You should be prepared with enough charge because you’ll need it for GPS, making calls, texts, and more.


Teeth Brushed and Flossed

Don’t confuse this with bad breath. They usually have nothing to do with each other. You don’t want to go out with stuff in your teeth.


Hair is Styled

If your hair looks like a mess, you will look like a mess. Get some product in it and make it presentable, even if you don’t care what people think.


Car has Gas

You don’t even know how many times people leave the house and are late to things because they need to fill up gas on the way. Plan ahead.

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Close Windows and Lock Doors

Taking that risk of leaving things open is dangerous. Be responsible and close everything up before you leave

Now that you have everything in check, go enjoy your day! If you have any questions or comments leave them down below! Thanks for reading!

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