25 Old Money Aesthetic Outfits for Men in 2024

old money aesthetic outfits for men

Need some help finding an outfit for that old money look? If so, here are 25 old money aesthetic outfits for men in 2024!

Explore our selection of old money outfits for men, featuring classic styles and timeless elegance.

From tailored suits to refined accessories, discover pieces that exude sophistication and luxury, perfect for making a statement at any occasion.

Additionally, we offer understated grooming options for those who prefer a more effortless approach.

With simple yet refined choices, you can complete your old money ensemble without dedicating excessive time to grooming.

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Let’s dive in!

Monochromatic Old Money Outfit

Old money aesthetic outfits for men

If you’re struggling to find the perfect old money outfit, there’s one helpful word to keep in mind: monochromatic.

It doesn’t get much more old money aesthetic than a single color outfit, especially a neutral color like beige, white, or cream.

Sweater Polos

Best old money outfits for men

We get it, you love polos, but you don’t have to always grab the same golf polo every time you get dressed.

For an old money men’s outfit, grab a sweater polo instead and pair it with matching loafers.

Relaxed Formal

Cool men’s outfits

The old money aesthetic outfits for men are all about an elevated, classy, and formal look, but the key is to not have it be so stiff.

Take your regular suit pants and white button down, but relax it a bit.

The relaxed look is what gives off the air of carefree and rich lifestyle.

Modern Old Money Outfit

Simple men’s style for outfit

You can channel your inner old money style while still being modern.

That all comes down to just adding one trendy modern item to your overall look, like these Jordans.

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Linen Button-Down

Summer Old money trend men

Nothing says old money aesthetic in the Summer more than a white linen button down.

Not only are these super easy to style, but you’ll look classy and put together all day long.

Linens are also perfect for your next Summer vacation.

Knit Sweaters

Simple men’s style for outfit

Rather than grabbing your crusty trusted hoodie which probably has a stain somewhere on it, go for a knit sweater instead.

A knit sweater is an essential old money aesthetic outfit staple that you can wear on colder Summer nights or throughout Winter.

Layered Sweater Vest

Cool men’s outfits

One of our favorite Fall and Winter old money aesthetic layering items will always be a sweater vest.

Layer a sweater vest on top of a white button down and pair it with matching slacks or chinos.

Fall Old Money Outfit

Old money aesthetic outfits for men

It doesn’t get more old money for Fall than a sweater tied around your shoulders.

There’s something about this simple change in how you wear your sweater than can bring most outfits from okay to old money.

Layered Knit Button Down

Cool men’s outfits

If you couldn’t already tell, sweater fabrics are your go-to for most old money outfits for men.

Whether it’s a knit polo, button down, or long sleeve, the sweater material is where it’s at.

For a quick Summer old money aesthetic outfit for men, just layer a short sleeve knit button down on top of your favorite crisp white tee.

Brown Old Money Outfit

Simple men’s style for outfit

The best colors to wear for an old money aesthetic outfit for men are neutral colors, including brown.

Rather than just wearing beige or white button downs, try mixing it up and adding a brown one to the mix.

Contrast Loafers

Summer Old money trend men

Loafers will always be the perfect go-to for old money shoe options, but if you really want to take it up a notch, grab a pair of contrast loafers.

Definitely one of our favorite old money aesthetic outfits for men.

Colored Cardigan

Cool men’s outfits
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 21: Michael B Jordan is seen outside “The View” on February 21, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Although neutrals are the best color for the old money aesthetic, there are exceptions, just take it from Michael B. Jordan.

The pop of color can work when paired with they right clothing items.

Because Michael B. Jordan is wearing a cardigan, slacks, and loafers, the pink works for the old money look.

Old Money Blues

Simple men’s style for outfit

There is something about blue that screams old money to us.

The two-tone blue in this outfit is everything we could want and more for the perfect old money men’s outfit.

All Black Old Money Outfit

Best old money outfits for men

When in doubt, just grab black.

Black should be your fallback whenever you’re struggling to put together an old money aesthetic outfit, but don’t forget to tuck your shirt in.

The tucked in shirt is one of the most important parts.

Old Money Brands

Old money aesthetic outfits for men

An easy way to get the old money look without having to try too hard is to just shop from old money brands.

Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste are all examples of traditional old money brands for men. 

Summer Evening Old Money Look

Cool men’s outfits

The old money trend for men has been gaining popularity the last year, and with Summer approaching, you need to start saving inspiration.

During the Summer nights, we recommend a neutral knit sweater on top of navy chino shorts, a classic old money look. These are the types of old money aesthetic outfits for men that are perfect for the summer.

Old Money Jewelry

Best old money outfits for men

Whether you’re wearing a button down, polo, cardigan, or sweater, there is one accessory you need to add to your outfit.

The key to old money jewelry is a nice watch. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive, but it has to have a classic look to it.

Tailored Old Money Slacks

Cool men’s outfits

Pants are one of the most important pieces to any old money outfit for men, in fact, it’s arguably the most important.

You can rock any shirt, even a simple t-shirt, but if you’re not wearing the right old money pants, like slacks, it won’t give you that aesthetic.

Vintage Patterned Sweater

Simple men’s style for outfit

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the old money aesthetic outfit for men, surprisingly, you can actually save money.

There are a ton of old money items, like vintage sweaters, that can be found in your local thrift store.

Loafers and High Socks

Best old money outfits for men

An old money combination that just can’t be beat: loafers and white high socks.

This is a combination for anyone who wants to blend 50’s rock with the old money style.

Casual Old Money Outfit

Old money aesthetic outfits for men

Old money can be casual and simple too.

This is an example of how a simple black shirt tucked into slack sweatpants can still make an everyday old money outfit.

Tight Polos

Best old money outfits for men

A simple switch you can make with your polos to make them more old money is to just get them a bit tighter.

Tighter polos, especially when paired with slacks, easily give off that old money vibe.

Varsity Cardigan

Summer Old money trend men

We couldn’t write this list without mentioning the varsity cardigan as a part of your old money aesthetic outfit.

The varsity cardigan is quintessential old money style.

Bowling Shirt

Cool men’s outfits

Another prime old money outfit example from Michael B. Jordan that we just had to include.

A bowling shirt is one of the main shirts you should have in your closet if old money is your 2024 aesthetic.

Long Sleeve Polo

Old money aesthetic outfits for men

Okay Travis Kelce, we see you, and that old money aesthetic.

You can never go wrong with a long sleeve polo, especially a striped neutral one, for your old money outfit.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite outfit idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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