7 Ways to Easily Upgrade Your Style This Year for Men

You might know how to pick out the right clothes, but you’ll look like everyone else without a few upgrades. You will look better than everyone else for implementing these tips to upgrade your style. Here are 7 Ways to Easily Upgrade Your Style:

Get A Belt

There are so many people that don’t understand the potential a good belt can have. It will upgrade your style significantly through matching colors.

When we’re young, a lot of us don’t pay attention to a good belt because we don’t wear them anyways. We just want to sag our pants.

Trust me guys, no one wants to see your boxers. Get yourself a good belt that will last you and will work with a lot of things.

The best belt out there (by far!) is Anson Belts. They have a technology that gets rid of the traditional holes in belts and just replaces them with a clicking mechanism for easy adjustability.

You can check them out here!

Don’t know what kind of color belt to get?

Pick a color that matches most of your shoes. People look more put together and stylish when their belt matches their shoes.

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You’ll never experience more compliments from any other accessory than your watch. Having a watch just gives you that subtle feature that looks so attractive on a man. It’s the ultimate way to upgrade your style.

Go minimal! You don’t want a bulky watch with crazy colors or anything. Get a slim and modern looking watch that can work with all your outfits.

Don’t know what color watch to get?

Go with black for your first watch. It looks the best on younger men.


The amount of young men that don’t utilize sunglasses is sad.

Sunglasses make you look ten times better in any situation. If you’re tired, boom, cover it up with your shades.

They’re also proven to make your face look more symmetrical, which is a very attractive attribute.

Go with a color that you can wear with outfits everyday. They don’t have to be expensive or overpriced. Just grab a nice pair that blocks the sun and fits your face properly.

Quick Tip: Hang your sunglasses on your shirt when you’re not using them. It looks manlier than wearing them on your head.

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I just recently started wearing a necklace and I already feel the difference. Put a necklace or bracelet on and look in the mirror. Instant change!

It’s a head turner and gets people asking about where you got it from. I can’t leave my house without it anymore.

If you never thought about wearing a necklace or bracelet, try it out one time and you’ll see how it can upgrade your style immediately.

Quick Tip: Keep your necklace tucked in your shirt most of the time. It might sound like it defeats the purpose, but it looks better just peaking around your neck(depending on the necklace).

Cuff Your Jeans

Cuffing your jeans is when you roll the bottom of your jeans up a little to show a fold.

This trick is used for so many things:
  1. For one, it adds a little detail to the bottom of your jeans to change the color a bit.
  2. Another trick its good for is to show off your awesome shoes. Your shoes are a lot more noticeable when they have more room to shine.
  3. It looks like an added accessory that you have one like another bracelet when all you did was fold your jeans!

It can’t be used in every outfit so try it out and see if it looks better cuffed or leave it the way it is. Dark blue jeans are usually the best for this trick.

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Cuff Your Shirt Sleeves

Women will tell you that folding back your shirt sleeves on a button up is the sexiest thing a man can do to make their fit look better.

A big trick that you can also utilize though, is folding my short sleeved shirts up. Try folding your short sleeves up one time and watch how much better your arms look in them.

Don’t Over Do It! If your sleeves are already pretty short, leave them alone. We’re trying to look better, not like douchebags. It’s supposed to upgrade your style, not kill it. Don’t cuff them back more than once.


This deserves a separate post on its own because there is so much to know about layering when it comes down to what matches.

Layering is an amazing thing to know if you can do it correctly. It might be hard to do during the summer, but it’s a super useful tool in the winter.

A simple jacket or flannel over a t-shirt can change your entire look for the better.


I hope this post helps you guys out a lot and I encourage you all to utilize these 7 tips on how to upgrade your style!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, leave them in the comments section below! Thanks for reading!

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