How to Have Fun in College (Without Partying)

How to Have Fun in College

Want to start off college the right way? Here are 6 ways to have fun in college without being in a frat or sorority!

A lot of the information on this topic shows methods to have fun that are not practical or realistic for most people, especially for introverts.

Hopefully after reading through this, you will find a few things you can implement into your life to actually enjoy college and make the most out of your experience there!

Let’s get started…

Join Clubs

You’ve probably already come to the conclusion that joining clubs can be an excellent way to socialize and share common interests.

You should note that joining clubs in college is not the same as joining them in high school. There is a lot more opportunity and fun that comes out of it in college.

Keep an eye out during the first few weeks of the semester to see if there are any clubs of interest. You should also check online sources such as Facebook to see if there are any groups to join through there.

Some clubs are not necessarily organized with the school, meaning there are tons of people who just want to make friends around the same interests or hobbies.

If you want to have fun in college, push yourself to join clubs. It’s your best bet to make friends right off the bat.

Put Yourself in Friendly Environments

College is the perfect opportunity to reset yourself… to start from a blank slate.

Use this to your advantage when you start your first few semesters of college by being exactly who you want to be and by working on yourself.

To put yourself in friendly environments, start doing things outside that you would normally do alone indoors.

For example, eat lunch on the grass instead of in your dorm. Study outside, workout with friends, take walks during your breaks.

The point is to surround yourself with people and environments that get you comfortable with exactly that!

Naturally you will become more open to making friends, feeling happier, and staying outside of your room most of the time.

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Take Part in Sports

Now I know what you’re thinking. You might not have the athleticism to join an actual sports team at your college or simply don’t have the time.

The great thing about most universities is that sports can be played without joining any sort of team or club.

Check your college’s Facebook pages and search for groups that collectively agree on meeting times to play a certain sport.

For example, you can search up “insert college here volleyball group” on Facebook and you will most likely find a few groups of various difficulties who meet up and play volleyball in the evenings.

If there is a specific sport that you can’t find anywhere online, you can create a group yourself! With enough effort, you can find people who are interested in playing the same thing you are.

You can clearly see a correlation between having fun in college and friends. A social life will really help you feel comfortable and happy during your semesters.

Stay Up to Date on College Events

Once in a while, your college will post about events, competitions, groups, and news that you can be part of to have fun in college.

What you should not do in college is join any sort of politically related events since things can get pretty heated in college.

Steer clear of those rallies and definitely make sure you form your own opinion before listening to all the loud noise college students can tend to make.

Back to the main point, going to events such as sports games is an awesome way to enjoy college. Spirits of college teams are powerful and contagious so absorb all of that positive energy.

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Study in Groups

When you have a small group of friends, studying in groups is a great way to ease tension and stress amongst everyone in the group.

You don’t have to be studying for the same class. Just being next to each other while learning provides a comfortable, safe, and friendly environment to get work done.

There are usually study groups that you can find online if you haven’t quite made friends yet or they’d prefer to study alone.

You’re probably wondering how studying is fun at all. Well it’s not, that’s true. However, the benefits of what comes after studying is what makes it all worth it.

When you study, you take breaks and eventually you finish studying at some point. During these breaks and endings, you can use that time to grab lunch with friends or go do something fun without having to plan anything in advance.

If studying in groups is what it takes to get people around you and have fun in college, then it’s definitely worth meeting up. Not to mention the benefits of being able to quiz each other.

Get Off Campus

When you get into the normal routine of your day-to-day college life, it starts to feel like your campus is your world.

You have food on campus, places to study, workout, try new things, and meet new people.

You should remind yourself that there are still things to do and places to go outside of your campus. Take advantage of that fact and get off of campus often.

This way, you’ll never feel like your school is holding you down or making you feel like there’s nothing for you outside of that realm.

There are just as many clubs, food spots, people, etc. outside of campus as there are inside of it. Since you’re young, use this time to explore and expand your knowledge on new things… new experiences.

College is all about finding yourself and finding your people. I 100% guarantee that you will not find yourself fully from only within your campus grounds.

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What You Should NOT Do in College

Here are 5 things you shouldn’t do in college to have fun:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Let yourself go
  • Get peer pressured
  • Conform to other people’s opinions

There is a time and a place to drink and do drugs. Experimenting is okay! Just don’t do it in excess because it leads to a dark path that is the total opposite of joy.

Don’t let these things become the deciding factor of whether or not you have fun in college.

If you were never about doing these things in high school, definitely do not change who you are going into college just to “fit in”.

You will find the right people eventually if you remain true to yourself. That is the only proven way to make real friends and have long lasting relationships.


Hopefully these tips will help you have fun in college without joining any frats, sororities, or other crazy ways of partying.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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