10 Food Hacks Everyone Should Know

Food hacks are always helpful around the kitchen. They make life so much easier when we know that little trick to prepare our food. Missing out on these tricks can waste a lot of time making food. Here are 10 Food Hacks Everyone Should Know:


  1. Toaster Trick

If you have a pop up toaster with two slots, but want to toast 3 or 4 things at once, use this handy trick. Instead of waiting for the first batch to come out and get cold, place them on top of the toaster to keep them warm. That way, when the other things are finished toasting, everything is warm and ready to go at once.


  1. Eggs
  • If a piece egg shell gets in your egg, use the shell itself to scoop it out
  • Add a tbsp. of baking soda to the water for hard boiled eggs and the egg shell will come off super easy when they’re done
  • Add an egg yolk in any baking recipe to make it richer (cake, bread, etc.)


  1. Ice Cream Scoop

If your spoon always bends or your ice cream scooper get ice cream stuck to it, run it under hot water. It will glide through the ice cream much easier. You won’t get sore the next day trying to scoop out hard ice cream either.


  1. Pizza Crust

If you want your crust to stay crispy in the microwave, place a glass with a little water in the microwave with it. The evaporated water keeps the crust from getting soggy.


  1. Microwave Citrus

Stick a lemon or lime in the microwave for 15 seconds to get more juice out of it. The heat pops some of the juice pockets in the fruit. You can also roll it around after to break it down even more.


  1. Garlic Shake

If you have a lot of garlic to peel, put all of them in a glass tupperware with a lid. Shake vigorously and watch all of the peels come off the garlic cloves. This saves a lot of time when making a larger meal.


  1. Oil Splash

Put a little bit of salt in the pan to prevent hot oil from splashing everywhere.


  1. Circular Deli Products

If you are making a sandwich with circular cheese, turkey, ham, etc., cut the circle in half and line up the flat edges with the edges of the bread. This way the corners of the sandwich aren’t just plain bread. It will take up the space of the entire sandwich.


  1. Chip Bag

Fold up a bag with any snack from the bottom until the snack starts to pop out from the opening. It will now stand straight and you don’t have to use any bowls. Easy snack set up for a party.


  1. Cereal

When making cereal, don’t put too much milk in the bowl. Instead fill it about half way. When you are eating, only scoop the cereal from one side, and slowly feed the hard cereal into the milk. This way, the cereal isn’t getting soggy all at once and you can make the crispy parts last longer.


All of these food hacks have saved me stress, time, and effort in the kitchen. I hope you guys learned something and can implement these hacks to your life!

Let me know your favorite food hack in the comments section below!

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  1. Putting the milk in the freezer for about 10-15 mins will keep your cereal from getting soggy ….I taught myself this bc I can only drink ice cold milk and I don’t like putting ice in it . So one day I accidentally left milk in freezer to long and they had small milk sickles in it poured on my cereal and every bite was was like the first so now before making my cereal milk goes in freezer alittle longer then my normal time for ice cold milk.

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