19 Simple Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

ways to make money as a teenager

As a teenager, you’re probably always looking for a few ways to make money on the side.

Maybe you want some extra spending money to go to the movies, or hangout with friends. Or maybe you’re looking to save up for something big, like a car or college tuition. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive into some of the best ways to make money as a teenager!

How to Make Money as a Teen

Below are some of my favorite ways to make money as a teenager. Try a few options to find a job that fits your personality and schedule.

1) Babysitting

Babysitting is an easy way to make money as a teenager and it’s always in demand.

You can start babysitting for family, friends, and neighbors or you can use online platforms like Care.com to find babysitting gigs in your area.

To be a successful babysitter, you need to be responsible, reliable, and have a lot of patience to watch over children.

The amount of money you can make will vary depending on how many children you’re watching and for how long but it’s possible to make over $100 per night babysitting.

2) Tutoring

If you’re good at a certain subject and love to teach, tutoring can be the perfect option to make money in your free time.

This is also one of the higher paying side jobs on the list as you can charge anywhere from $20-$50 per hour depending on the subject and your experience such as teaching English with this online TEFL course.

There are several different ways you can get started with this method:

  • Using tutoring sites like Tutor.com
  • Partnering with a local tutoring center
  • Offering your services on your own

Tutoring is an awesome option for teens looking to make money on the side. While it might not be for everyone, it’s a great option for those who love to help others learn.

3) House and Pet Sitting

If you love animals, then house and pet sitting might be a great way to make some extra money as a teenager.

This is one of the easiest ways you can make money because you’re usually only responsible for feeding the pets and checking in on them throughout the day.

To get started, you can use a platform like Rover or Care.com to find house and pet sitting gigs in your area.

The amount of money you can make will depend on the length of the job, but it’s not uncommon to make around $50 a day or more.

4) Dog Walking

Dog walking is a simple way to make money as a teenager and it’s a great way to get some exercise while you’re at it.

You can use a platform like Wag or Rover to find dog walking jobs in your area.

The amount of money you can make will depend on how many dogs you walk and for how long, but it’s possible to make $20 per hour with this method.

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5) Blogging

Blogging is a perfect side hustle for teens because it doesn’t require much money to get started and you can do it from anywhere.

When it comes to blogging, you’ll need to buy a domain name and a hosting plan to get started. These should cost around $100 annually.

From there, you’ll need to choose a niche and start writing content.

Once your blog starts getting traffic, you can start making money with display ads, affiliate marketing, digital product sales, and more.

The amount of money you can make with this method will depend on how much traffic your blog gets but it’s possible to make several hundred to several thousand dollars per month with a successful blog.

But you won’t start making money overnight.

Growing a profitable blog as a teen will take some time and serious effort if you want to be successful.

6) Start a YouTube Channel

If you’re creative and love making videos, then starting a YouTube channel might be the perfect way to make money as a teenager.

Similar to blogging, you won’t become rich with just a couple of video.

Oftentimes it will take several months or even years to start making any significant income from YouTube.

7) Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be an excellent way for teens to make extra money.

If you’re good at writing and have a knack for creating interesting content, then you can start your own freelance writing business.

You can offer your services to businesses, bloggers, and even students who need help with their writing.

A freelance writer can make anything between $0.03 – $0.15 per word.

8) Taking Online Surveys

If you’re in need of some quick money, using survey sites is one possible way to make a few bucks.

While this isn’t the quickest or most profitable way of earning money, it is relatively easy and requires very little effort.

There are a number of different survey sites available, such as Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks.

Many of them will also offer free money when you create a new account and complete a few surveys.

The amount of money you can make with this method will depend on how many surveys you’re taking and the length of each survey.

Doing surveys consistently can make you $3-$10 per day.

Using these side hustle apps is a great way for teens to make money whenever you have a few minutes.

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9) Car Detailing

Car detailing is a great option for teens looking to make money in the summer months.

With car detailing, you’ll clean the inside and outside of people’s cars to help them keep their vehicles in good condition.

You’ll need some supplies to get started with this method, but most of the equipment you’ll need should cost less than a couple of hundred dollars.

Some of the tools and equipment needed include:

  • Vacuum
  • Sponges
  • Buckets
  • Towels
  • Car soap
  • Wax
  • Polish
  • Hoses

There are plenty of pieces of optional equipment that you can purchase after you begin making money from your efforts.

So, how much can you make?

It’s possible to charge over $100 per car you clean but ultimately it will depend on the city you live in and the amount of work needed to get the job done.

10) Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is another awesome option for making money during the warmer months.

To get started with this method, you’ll need a pressure washer, which can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

You’ll also need a variety of other supplies, such as a ladder, extension cords, and hoses.

There are many different things you can pressure wash but some of the most common are:

  • Driveways
  • Home siding
  • Fences
  • Decks

The amount of money you can make will depend on the size of the job and the city you’re located.

In most cities, you can charge over $30 or $40 per hour for your time making it one of the more profitable ways to make money for teens.

11) Lawn Care

If you don’t mind working in the heat, lawn care is another popular option for teens to make money.

You’ll need a lawn mower, trimmer, and blower to get started – which can add up. But if you already have these pieces of equipment, then you’re in business.

To find customers, you can drive around your neighborhood and look for houses with lawns that need to be mowed.

You can also place flyers in people’s mailboxes or post them on community bulletin boards.

The amount of money you can make with this method will depend on the size of the lawn, how often it needs to be mowed, and your hourly rate.

In most cases, you can charge between $20 and $40 per hour or you can choose to charge per yard.

To expand your services and make more money, you can also offer landscaping services such as trimming hedges, planting flowers, and adding mulch.

These tend to be even more profitable and they can be a good way to grow your income. If you take on too much work, you can always ask your friends if they want to work for you.

12) Deliver Food

Delivering food with services like Doordash or Grubhub is a great way for teens to make money if you own a car.

It’s also an option that can be done year-round, which is great if you live in an area with cold winters.

With food delivery, you’ll pick up orders from local restaurants and deliver them to customers.

The amount of money you can make with this method will depend on the number of orders you’re able to complete and the size of the tips you receive.

It’s common to earn around $15 to $20 per hour in most locations, which is a decent income for most teenagers.

One of the best things about this side gig is how flexible it is. You can set your own hours and work your own schedule, which many people prefer.

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13) Deliver Groceries

Another delivery option is groceries.

By driving for apps like Instacart or Shipt, you can earn money by picking up and delivering groceries to people in your community.

This is a great option if you live near a grocery store and don’t mind doing a little extra work.

It’s common to make around $20 per hour with this method, which isn’t bad for a teen.

Plus, you can often get tips from customers, which can help increase your earnings.

14) Work as a Lifeguard

Lifeguarding can be a fun way to make money as a teenager and soak up some sun at the same time.

You’ll need to get certified before you can start lifeguarding but the process is usually pretty quick and easy.

Once you’re certified, you can start applying for jobs at public pools, beaches, or water parks.

The pay for this job varies but it’s usually around $12 to $16 per hour, which isn’t bad for a summer job.

You can also often get free or discounted entry to the facilities where you work, which can be a great perk.

15) Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make money online, working as an affiliate marketer is an excellent choice.

While this is a very broad topic, affiliate marketing essentially means promoting products or services in exchange for a commission.

For example, if you have a blog about fashion, you could promote clothing items and receive a commission on any sales you generate.

Or, if you have a YouTube channel, you could promote products in your videos and receive a commission on any sales you generate.

To get started with affiliate marketing, you’ll need an audience of some sort. This could be things like:

  • Social media channels
  • YouTube channels
  • A blog or website
  • An email list

There are many affiliate programs to choose from and you can promote anything you want.

The key is to find what products and services your audience is already searching for and then promote those.

Your income potential with this side hustle is tremendous. Some affiliate marketers make over 7-figures each year!

16) Work as a Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is another great online job for teens looking to make extra cash.

Virtual assistants can be tasked with a variety of items, such as:

  • Posting on social media
  • Updating website content
  • Sending and responding to emails
  • And much more

Virtual assistants are typically paid hourly and you can earn anywhere from $10 to over $20 per hour depending on your skills and experience.

You can use freelance sites like Upwork to find jobs or contact online businesses directly to see if they’re hiring virtual assistants.

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17) Manage Social Media Accounts

Social media management is another great online job for teenagers.

With this job, you’ll be responsible for managing social media accounts for businesses or individuals.

This could involve things like:

  • Creating and scheduling posts
  • Responding to comments and messages
  • Running social media ads
  • And much more

The amount you can earn with this job varies but it’s typically around $15 per hour or more.

18) Make Money Flipping

If you’ve never heard of flipping – there’s a good chance you might be living under a rock.

Flipping seems to have become all of the rage with some flippers making over 6 figures from their efforts.

So what is it?

In short, flipping is the process of purchasing things for a low price and selling them for a larger amount to make a profit.

You can do this with a variety of items, such as:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Antiques

The amount of money you can make is tremendous and it’s a great option for those looking to make some quick cash.

You can start making around $100 per week pretty quickly with some effort.

To get started, you’ll need to find things to flip.

You can do this by going to yard sales, thrift stores, or online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace.

Once you find something to flip, you’ll need to list it for sale online.

The most popular platforms for selling are Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

19) Sell Stock Photos

If you have a passion for photography and want to make some extra money, selling stock photos is a lucrative side hustle for teenagers.

There are a number of stock photo sites where you can upload your photos and sell them for a commission.

The most popular stock photo sites are:

  • Shutterstock
  • iStockPhoto
  • Adobe Stock
  • Dreamstime

Selling stock photos is a great way to make money passively.

This means that you can upload your photos once and continue to earn money from them for years to come.

The amount of money you can earn varies but typically ranges from $0.25 to $5 per photo.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of ways to make money as a teenager.

From washing cars and taking online surveys, to flipping items for a profit – there’s an option for any teen looking to make some extra cash.

You can try a few methods to see what works best for you and then scale your efforts to make even more money.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start making some money!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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